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If a student wants to indulge in sports, this school is a great one for them. Our drama department is also amazing, but the district does not financially support it nearly as much as they do sports. Most of the teachers for honors and AP classes are great, but some are not as good. Many teachers for the "regular" classes, however, do not care as much about their students as one would hope. We have also had three different principals within the last four years, and there used to be a very large amounts of fights. Discrimination also seems to exist at this school much more than it should, often making me feel uncomfortable or hurt.
I like the community at Del Campo; there are some great students and a lot of opportunities at this high school. The main issues regarding staff are that some are too expressive of political beliefs when they are not supposed to politically influence students, and there is often problems with the master schedule; there are too many core classes that conflict with the times that others are in session.
Del Campo high School is such a good school, our teachers are super helpful and provide the care we need. The enviorment is very safe and caring. we are like a family in between the classes and we are a very comptetive school.
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I enjoyed all the classes offered and most of the teachers, the worst problem was angsty teens who fought and lit fires. otherwise, a great school!
Del Campo is a good school with decent academic and athletic programs. A few of the teachers who I studied under have retired since then but over the faculty is good.
Del Campo is a great place for kids to meet new people and try new things. Many kids from different schools come to Del Campo since we are well known for our homecoming themes and our last year varsity football team that was 10-0. I really like that we have a block schedule compared to all the other schools in our district because it gives us students less stress to worry about having 6 or 7 different classes at the same time. The teachers are amazing and very helpful. The only thing I would change about Del Campo is having my more food options or if they brought back the vending machines with snacks kids actually enjoyed and water bottle machines because not everyone now has hydro-flasks or such to keep them hydrated at all times.
My experience at Del Campo High School has been great. I am a high school Senior now and these past four years have just gone by so fast, I can’t believe I’m going to graduate this year! I’ve had many wonderful experiences here meeting new people, having great teachers, and learning new and fun curriculum.
I enjoyed attending Del Campo High School. The staff and teachers were always attentive to students and provided a safe and friendly learning environment. Something that I would want to be changed is the academics: there should be a bigger emphasis on AP courses and college preparatory classes. However, I always enjoyed the diversity of my school. Students from all over the world would attend it and I enjoyed learning about their experiences.
It’s a great school with teachers that want you to succeed. Has such positive and open student that will welcome anyone and everyone.
I had really cool teachers that kind of made things easier (unless I didn't understand the subject (math)). The school counselors were very involved with the scheduling process every year, whether there were conflicts or they had suggestions for classes they thought would fit you better. What I didn't like was the amount of funding that went to the sports teams and how little the rest went to classes, extra curricular activities, and clubs. One example is the school's Science Olympiad team. We had no funding whatsoever, we tried to turn in a budget to the school administration but it never went through, so us students and some parents had to fundraise and buy supplies ourselves. Our school never gave the team much acknowledgement other than a shout-out on our daily school newscast even though we were more successful than ever this year. I'm pretty sure other clubs have experienced this issue too.
A couple of teachers are really amazing and care. Give the students more options about what type of electives the school offers.
I love the family feel we had, the sports and the school spirit. Wether we won or lost our school supported our athletes. However j soulless them to strive to earn the distinguished school designation.
Del Campo focuses on block program education. This means that a student only takes four classes a day, each class an hour and a half long, and gets an entirely new set of classes after winter break. This allows students to go through classes much faster than would at a regular high school and is overall less stressful to spend more time in an individual class than worrying about rushing through six hour-long classes in a day.

Because of the block scheduling, it is possible for a student to graduate in the winter before their senior graduation year if they take all required classes before then.
I liked how helpful some of my teachers were and how much they cared but there were several teachers who simply didn't care about teaching
I have been with the student government for 4 years. On my senior year, I was school spirit commissioner and we really tried to get all the students from all grade levels to get involved with the school and have some school pride. Our 2018 class really pushed for inclusiveness and I feel that it will carry on with the next's student leaders.
I absolutely loved the school pride and sense of family that Del Campo fostered in its students. The atmosphere was filled with cougar spirit and allowed the population to represent the school with the very best. The community values instilled amongst the students and faculty was significant in the 4 years I spent at Del Campo.
I attended Del Campo from 1988-1992 and all 3 of my children have attended there as well. My youngest child is currently a sophomore. It is a great school with good teachers and support staff.
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I loved how many activities that Del Campo has to provide for everyone. However, I would like if there was more funding for the arts such as the Drama Department.
This school shows an immense show of school spirit which I absolutely love since this creates many memories which I will still remember many years from now. The academic programs involved with the school prepare students with college readiness, however that all depends on if the student is willing to take on a vigorous schedule. This school also boasts an immense show of sports which also boost school morale and team spirit. Finally, Del Campo is the school to go if you like to be involved with the school environment and to stand out from other students.
The environment is safe and welcoming of people from all walks of life. I would like to see the academic classes be more rigorous.
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