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It's a great school. It's second in the state. It's great at the performing arts, and the students are very intelligent. The only problem are the sports. They need sports at this school. Also, the county needs to update this school.
The teachers are very understanding and almost like the students themselves. I have been here since 8th grade and learned more than i thought. I learned how to survive, how to write quickly, and definitely how to remain fast paced. You have to work to stay in this school, i would almost say though getting in might seem difficult because of the audition, staying in the school is rigorous. You learn to cry at night and work in the day. I had to work for my GPA and it will show clearly.
DSA is a very small school, so everybody is like family. There are close relationships with teachers and students and parents are very much involved. The facility is trash, but it's not the schools fault, it's the county's. Academics here are just as important as the arts. The students are active in school and out of school. It is overall a great place to be, especially if you wish to pursue a career in the arts.
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DSA prides itself on having large workloads on top of hours of rehearsals and students who get 5 hours or less sleep at night. I don't think they view life outside of school as being an actual thing that exists. If you miss a day your grades are guaranteed to drop. Overall, 85% draining and 15% feeling like you accomplished something or learned something valuable about yourself that will help with self-growth.
I spent all of my high school years there and my 8th grade year. This school has taught me so much! I do not miss the "high school" experience because I can not see myself at any other school.
I loved that Dekalb School of the Arts was a very small school. Even though it was still a public school, it had a very private school feel to it. I got to explore what I liked to do, and even try new things that I never thought I would be able to do.
Dekalb School of the arts is a great school in aspects of academics but what i would love to see change is respect from teachers. it is a great experience to attend the Dekalb School of the Arts, especially if the arts is what a person intends to study in their future. The teachers sometimes do not treat every student equally and with respect and that is the only downside and the fact that the school is literally falling apart.
I thoroughly enjoyed the college readiness aspect of the school as well as diversity. I felt as though my school heavily prepared me for college time management and the workload. Not only this, but the teachers are very involved in trying to help student who don’t understand material and content.
Amazing school. The arts program here is like no other high school in Georgia. The academics are very rigorous and sometimes overwhelming but what more could you expect from one of the top schools in Georgia.
The school is a school of the arts... but it should be called a school of the academics. Academics are first before any art. If a student here is not a teacher's pet, he/she is automatically a target for the few in the short-staffed teachers. The principal is rude and disorganized. The dress code policies are extremely controversial.
Talk about a unique experience. I loved the passion of the students and teachers at this school. There is singing in the hallways and on the buses, amazing performances put on each year. I could not have wished for a better high school experience.
DeKalb School of the Arts is a very rigourous school to attend. There are many late night rehearsals plus the work load can be big at times. However, the results are undeniable. You will be prepared for the professional world once you graduate.
The environment is very welcoming and people are always willing to lend a helping hand. The teachers are willing to work with you so that you could have the best learning experience.
I have been at DSA for four years now and it is quite the experience. In my time at this school, my self confidence has grown tremendously, and I have blossomed into a diligent musician. The rigorous academic schedule has greatly improved my time management skills. While the school is amazing and I feel I wouldn't be comfortable anywhere else, I think it would be even better if the staff could take mental health into consideration, as many students stress themselves out over balancing academics and arts, which could be a very harsh lifestyle depending on what they're doing and how much pressure they can handle.
This is a magnet school and an art school, so students have to show both artistic talent and academic ability to get in; therefore, everyone here is both intelligent and talented. it's a great community because everyone cares about their future and education. We get good test scores, good grades, and are currently ranked 2nd in the state; however, because of this, we are often ignored by the county. Our school does very well, so the county thinks "They're doing great without any help, so let's just focus on the other schools"

So they throw all their money at other schools, while we have to deal with outdated textbooks, a constantly leaking roof and grossly inconsistent heating and cooling. Our stage is tiny compared to other schools, despite being a performing arts school.

There's been talk of a move in the coming years, but that’s honestly not enough. The administration, teachers and students are all amazing, we just need the backing of our county.
The students of Dekalb School of the Arts are what make this school thrive. They are incredibly committed to their passions while also caring to the others around them. The resources supplied to DSA from the Dekalb County System are lackluster, leaving leaks in the ceiling and lack of performance spaces. The teachers are either a hit or miss. Some are incredibly motivated and flexible, leaving the student well prepared, while others are more a hinderance then a help to the students education. All and all, a gem yet to be discovered.
Though it is #2 in the state, #89 in the country, and #24 as a magnet high school, there is still something to be said about some of the academics. The workload is heavier than most and alumni unanimously agree that they were prepared by their experience at DSA. In fact, some claim college is easier than DSA. The arts teachers are, for the most part, phenomenal, and really cultivate their students' potential. Many DSA students agree that they feel swarmed with work, balancing overzealous academic work, mock-professional experiences in their arts, professional work in their art, and extra-curricular activities.
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DSA is a school that challenges students both academically and artistically. It certainly has its flaws, mostly stemming from lack of funding (and an unfortunate inability to hold onto staff...) it also has many benefits for students. The rigorous arts and academic schedule forces students to learn time management and organization skills. The school's culture promotes both confidence and competitiveness. My experience there has been positive, overall.
I love the school. A good fit for my student. Safe. Students work hard and are very talented. They deserve better facilities and resources from the county . When a performance venue is taken away, a replacement should be provided at the time the decision is made.
Dekalb School of the Arts is an excellent school, it allows their students to express their creativity and artistry through arts and academics.
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