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I would like to see them have a little more order in the way they do things and i would like to see more events take place within the school its self.
There are lots of AP classes available and dual-credit/enrollment courses and good teachers. The music programs get little attention however, and a lot of money goes towards sports programs.
DeKalb High School is over all great school. Like every school, there are small things that can be improved. DeKalb High School is a very clean and well organized school. I highly recommend it.
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The people are okay, but I'd like to see an improvement in food and also we have to sign agreements stating we will not sell our candy on school grounds, but the candy was given to us by the school to raise money for our band program so how is the fair?
Something I would like the school to change is their culture towards sports. Nobody truly wants to win, they are just at practice to play.
I like how personal the teachers are. My teachers know me and even when I am not in a class with a teacher anymore I still feel I could go talk with them. I'd like to see a change in the supporting the music department as much as the sports department.
I liked how they offered college level classes. They could improve on their athletics and the food that is provided.
It was a good public school. I wish they would help prepare for college more and encourage students more. Overall I had a pretty good experience.
DeKalb High school is an overall average place. Our sports teams are average. Our academics overall are average; however, our AP classes are very good. Our administration though is not amazing. Our head administrator has no school spirit and is a detriment to extracurricular activities. He is so overly focused on his precious New Tech program to care about anything else. Our assistant administrators are impeccable, they care about our school and show up to support students.
There is a wide variety of teachers, some care and some really don't care at all. There is a little bit of security, the classroom doors are always locked but other than that there isn't anything we can do to protect ourselves. They give us computers, but have every academic-helping website blocked. They don't do anything about bullying except make you go tell them your problem and then make the bully apologize and say they won't do it again and it never helps. The administration has their favorites and those kids get away with anything and everything.
DeKalb High School is a nice school and I'm glad I was able to attend DeKalb for my 4 years of High School. The teachers are great and take time to get to know you. Many of the classes are pretty average size so you're able to get to know your classmates on a more personal level. I also enjoy that there is a wide variety of classes to choose from at DeKalb. The music department is my favorite part about DeKalb because it's where I feel the most comfortable.5e
DeKalb High School is a very good school. Staying on task and still having fun. The amount of friends you also have makes you still responsible and get your job done as also being social. We all have different learning types and that makes us learn better on which path we take and learning experience.
I think that the school focuses too much on bullying and teaching how to stop and prevent it. In this school there isn't very much bullying at all. Most people get along and if they don't they just try and stay away. Other than that its a pretty nice school.
I really liked the diversity of classes offered and the teachers are helpful and friendly. One thing I would like to see changed is more regulated hallway traffic.
As an Asian exchange student at Dekalb High School, my experience was not the greatest. I find it hard to make new friends there because everyone seems to have their own circle of close friends and did not seems to try to reach out. The teachers, however, are very supportive and patient. Academically, it was very easy to ace the tests because the some teachers already gave the students answers to all test questions. Therefore, the students did not seemed to be of much interested or even try to actually learn anything. One thing I would like to change is that the teachers would find new ways to teach and make the students interested in the lessons.
Overall DeKalb was a good school to attend. The teachers were caring when the student was cooperative (some teachers gave up on students slightly too fast if they were considered more troublesome) and the clubs were enjoyable. The main issue I ran into while attending the school was the favoritism towards the football team and particularly the slight sexist nature of some of the rules and administrators. Some of the administrators also believed that once a student entered the building the parent didn't have rights over their child. This caused some issues amongst many families and the school. However overall this school wasn't a terrible place to attend.
I am part of the New Tech program. I feel like New Tech has prepared me more for college than any of my traditional classes. Sadly this year I had to take a regular math class, not New Tech. But overall DeKalb is a nice school.
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What I would like to see change is the diversity in the school. Also, Students at the school think that the only person or opinion that matters is theirs.
I have a great experience at Dekalb High School the past two years. I have been able to take classes that I would not have been able to take at my old school. I feel like Dekalb is a school that has the student's best interest in mind and they want everyone to succeed. You can tell that by the way the teachers invest in the student and by the information and resourses that they provide.
I liked the teachers and students at DeKalb. I also enjoyed the technology implemented there but one thing about technology specifically is the limited number of sites we could visit. It seems like everyday there would be a new website that is blocked by the internet security. Something else that could change at DeKalb is the school lunches, the portions are too small.
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