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I absolutely loved Dehesa Charter School! I attended from 5th grade to a sophomore in high school. You have an option to attend a "Resource Center", and for me, it was a great experience. Although very small, I made close friends and passed all of my classes. An EF (Educational Facilitator) meets with you once a month to check your progress on your studies and classes. Through Dehesa Charter School, I was able to have free control of what classes I take, and my schooling was personalized to meet my needs at that time. Overall, my experience at Dehesa Charter School was amazing and prepared me to go into traditional school after I moved away from California.
Very kind loving teachers, and excellent learning center classes. I am glad I chose Dehesa as my highschool.
I liked that it gave me the flexibility to pursue my passions. At Dehesa I was able to get an internship in 9th grade. That internship turned into a payed job. I was also able to take classes at the local community college. This experience improved my time management skills and helped me become more confident in my self.
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Dehesa is a wonderful school for student who lead an unorthadox life. It is very flexible if you have an inconsistant schedule. They are very accommodating. Be aware that your experience greatly depends on the Educational Facilitator (basically the teacher for all your classes) you get. It's very easy to fall behind academcially if you're not motivated. However, they have amazing tools to prevent that including optional classes twice a week and $500 a semester to be put towards any outaide resources you want to use. I recommend, but I warn parents that it is very different from a normal, 5 day a week school.
Dehesa has bee such a big help for me. I remember not doing to well in K12 and then I joined Dehesa Charter School, and now I'm doing really good in school.
Dehesa was great! Especially for me, as an independent student looking to catch up on credits I was readily helped. They give you a budget to spend on school supplies and help pay for your books and fees to college classes. This was a great help for me because I was behind a semester and I wanted to graduate on time with the rest of the students my age. It was strict and I saw many students get expelled but as long as you stay engaged in your studies you will be fine. It's a great school for independent students.
I like the small classes and the curriculum. I also like that your parent teaches you! What I would like fixed is more qualified teachers.
Perfect blend of homeschooling and on campus learning. Completely customizable to the students needs and style of learning. This school allowed me to graduate a year early and prepared me well for college. I recommend Dehesa for everyone.
I was in Dehesa Charter from around 3rd or 4th grade until high school graduation. Throughout my time there, I received a very personalized education that catered to my interests and needs. My Educational Facilitator (EF) worked closely with my mom and me in order to best enhance my learning experience and success. This same EF continues to do so for my younger siblings and she has become a cherished family friend. While the primary form of education for Dehesa is homeschooling, supplementary classes are offered by a school-organized "learning center" in our local area. One drawback is that students might have a hard time finding the ability to participate in traditional, varsity-type sports and organizations, as the school does not offer them itself. I feel that I was adequately prepared by Dehesa Charter to do well in university life.
There aren't any health or safety rules because they've never had problems and it is such a small school
A lot of programs, but they are very disorganized
It's a good school for self motivated students
The teachers that I've been with have for the most part been great. They all care and love their jobs!
This school provided me with an option that was not mundane, like most other schools. I loved having the freedom to pick my classes, teachers, and schedule. That freedom I think prepared me for college in a way not many other high schools could.
Awesome extracurricular activities offered, often ones that aren't available at local schools. The participation is great and the support is wonderful.
This school taught me the best qualities on how to succeed in life. I learned how to manage myself, a job, and school- something I may not have learned at other schools. Because of my training and experience here at Dehesa Charter School, I feel well equipped in the real world.
Due to small classroom sizes. the sports aspect of this school is limited. They do offer sports teams outside of school that meet at local parks and athletic facilities. There was little student involvement (most kids already joined clubs outside of school) but the school and parent support was tremendous. Our coach was knowledgeable and helpful. which made for an enjoyable time.
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Everything at Dehesa Charter is pretty well looked upon. No one seems to have problems with the safety of the school, and feel highly pleased with our surroundings.
Rules isn't the main outlook of students at Dehesa Charter. Hugging is mainly frowned upon, and a lot of students have had problems with, but nothing to alter the way we are able to study and learn.
All the teachers are easy going, they help each student understand the topics they are studying. They also understand that each student comes from a diffrent back round.
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