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Overall DeForest high school is a very good school. This school is a relatively large school with lots of academics, clubs, and sport opportunities. Their is a great chance you will find something you will enjoy doing here. Whether it’s sports, clubs, or academics. Their are lots of classes to choose from to see what you might be interested in later on.
Some of the teachers are amazing, but some of them really don’t seem like they care about their jobs, and a few are very rude to students.
DeForest High School is a medium size school of a little over 1,000 enrolled students, grades 9 through 12. It is a pretty average sized school for a rural town and has a constantly growing student population. Overall, the majority of the teachers are fabulous who connect really well with students to get to know them. For class options, DeForest has a few AP College Board classes and Project Lead the Way courses, but the elective choices could be better. Many students are either enrolled in at least one club or sport, and it is easy for a student to start their own club if they're interested in doing so. Most of the student body is familiar with each other and at sporting events, there is a huge sense of pride and community for the DeForest Norskies.
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Some of the teachers are very nice and will help you, but the math department is really a "do it on your own" type of teaching. There are four good bathrooms scattered around the school. As you would expect, lots of money goes into the popular sports and clubs. Block scheduling is hard to understand for the first couple of days, but you'll understand it as the years go on. The principles are pretty chill, but they will call you out if you're a bad kid so don't be.
I really liked the block schedule, it made me less stressed not having every class every day. The teacher are all really helpful and caring. And there were a lot of ways for me to get involved in things I enjoy.
My experience at DeForest High School was nothing out of the ordinary. It's a school in a small town that does the best that it can with the resources provided.
I feel welcomed. During certain parts of the year we really come together as a community and show off our Norksi Pride. Teachers and Administration say the students have a say in what happens in our school, and I know we have tried to have our own opinion, but sometimes, actually all the time, we don't have a voice or a say in what goes on. Having more of a student involvement with schools changes would be awesome.
Admin and teachers provide direction and advice. When issues are presented they are addressed in a timely efficient manner. Sports teams spend to much time trying to be like waunakee.
Most teachers and instructors were very good. The Advanced Placement and honors course selection were somewhat lacking, but the school district seems to be trying to improve this and add more class options. Class rankings were somewhat arbitrary, even in the year after the school supposedly switched from valedictorian ranking to Latin honors. There were a lot of politics involved in athletics and certain sports, most notably girls soccer. There were a wide variety of clubs and organizations associated with the school, giving students many opportunities to get involved.
I try to make the most of my experience here. Some classes are better than others. Lots of students are dismayed at the science and math departments especially but I find that if you self study especially in those subjects you can do well, even though that takes a lot of extra effort. I feel the school could try to implement more AP classes, such as the Capstone program for AP research.
I liked a lot of the teachers. A lot of AP and credit opportunity. I just wish there was more diversity and culture.
It was a pretty good experience. I hope they get rid of CPM because I feel like me and most other students don't like that program. It's supposed to be a student taught program, but that's not how most kids learn. I've heard a number of students say they would like the teacher show us how to solve a problem and then give us more practice problems like that.
It's a good school for students who are already ahead in their grade, but the teacher's are very bad at going around and helping the students who need help. They all pester the kids who don't do anything and the students who really need help can't get anything done because the teachers are pre occupied.
Acceptance is average and for the most part there is not a lot of diversity. The diversity that is there is generally accepted and negative peer pressure is avoidable. Student involvement is strictly event to event and varies widely.
There is a mix of great teachers and a few who don't know what they are doing. Classes vary greatly as to how challenging they are and it really depends on what classes you take and who the teacher is.
There are a good amount of clubs to get involved in but the commitment level is very different for each. There is a club or extracurricular activity for every person and it is easy to find something to get involved with.
There are so many extracurriculars offered at DeForest High School. The students, administration, and community all come out to support at the sporting events.
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DeForest High School is the perfect size. It's not too little, but it's also not too big. Every athlege tic event has packed bleachers. Our students are all very supportive of one another. My favorite experiences in high school were at sporting events and DECA competitions. DeForest High School is unique because every teacher makes it a point to get to know every student. If I could do it all over again, I would absolutely choose this school. I was given so many great opportunities there and the knowledge I needed to succeed in the future.
I loved all of my teachers at DeForest High School. Every teacher took the time to get to know you, whether you were in their class or not. Teachers would say hi to other students during passing time even if they never taught them. Every teacher tries to tailor their teaching styles to what works best for that specific group of kids. The teachers are very knowledgeable and they give teaching their all. It is very clear that the teachers in the DeForest school district care about the future of each and every student.
Pretty cliche high school, with too much attention on football and basketball, and no attendance for low-key sports. Good school spirit (for football only) and most students show respect to other sports as well. I would not choose this school because of my personal preference to not focus on football as much as our school does. But if you are a football lover, this school may be for you.
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