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Deering High school is a wonderful high school to go to. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. I got a lot of help there when I needed help.
DHS proves that in a world of division, that we can all learn simultaneously. I have learned so much at Deering that I wouldn't have learned at a suburban high school, both in and out of the classroom. Teachers and coaches all care about your well being, and the student body is on your side too. My only reservations are the administration and lack of funding. Having kids from all different backgrounds, including socio-economically speaking, doesn't leave copious resources for extracurriculars. However, this doesn't stop us from competing at the highest levels. It only means we have to do a little more fundraising!
Deering High School tries its best. The teachers sometimes know what they're talking about, the homework isn't too hard, the classes offered are average. But still, it is a school with a lot of spirit. The kids are all connected in some way, and there is definitely a sense of community. The schoolwork does not cause lots of stress, and the staff is generally kind and will help you prepare for college when the time comes. The clubs are adequate, and the school is located in a nice area. All in all, Deering High is an alright school.
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my experience at Deering was nothing but positive. I made new friends and gained some life lessons. the school lunch wasn't all that great it only started getting better when I started leaving the place. there is a lot of clubs and activities to do at Deering so there's always something to do there.
Deering HS is such a diverse school, there are a lot of students that represent a lot of the country around the world.
LOVE Deering! High school can be a tough time of life, and you want to feel like your high school is on your side. If you spend any time at Deering, you know it's a place that's about students and works on being judgement free. If you need to be you, DHS is the place to be.
Deering High School offered me an exceptional, world-class education. Most importantly, however, it instilled in me the tools to act as a global citizen. Deering is home to teachers who care about their students' education; Deering is home to a diverse student body that serves as an amazing community to people of all backgrounds; and Deering can, at times, be a home away from home. It truly prepared me for college, and it made me the person I am today.
The culture at DHS is irreplaceable. It have me the best high school experience I've ever had. I love how open the staff is. The academics are challenging and a bit okay, but the social environment is amazing. I'll forever love my high school.
Thought my four years I have been challenged and grown as a person and I am very thankful for that. The close relationships within the Deering community made my high school experience easier, enjoy able ,and fun.
Deering High School is a pretty average high school. The teachers are generally pretty nice and the students are aight too, but it's not an exceptional school by any means.
After four years I would have to say this school is the absolute best! The teachers are great and they understand the students and their needs as a diverse school. They support students so well and are definitely people you can go to for help when stuck. The school overall is surreal! The students are all chill and just vibe with one another. The only issue is the lunch but that’s all the public school. It’s the best and i would do another four years if I could!!
I enjoyed the student diversity, invested teachers, and array of clubs and activities offered at Deering High School. Some suggestions for improvements include better college prep, cultivating stronger community across students, and more enhanced facilities.
Deering really promoted individuality and student activism. There is isn't a pressure to act a certain way or to be something you're not. It's a judgment-free school. If you care about a certain issue then you are encouraged to speak up about it. The administration really goes out of its way to promote dialogues within the student body about important issues. The food could be better but everything else is great!
Deering high school has overall taught me a lot. However, I am detracting 1 star because when I was falling behind in an advanced placement math class, I felt alone and lost and felt as though the class was continuing on with or without me. I felt as though some teachers are not personal enough in this way and did not care if I succeeded in their class.
Deering High School is known for their diversity, which is great because we live in one of the whitest states in America.
I enjoyed my time at Deering. Good school, good overall experience. I had fun and it is the most diverse high school in Maine.
There are many dedicated teachers that will go out of their way to mentor your student in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. Students can also take advantage of many AP and honors classes. My son has mentioned one teacher in the science department that seems to be less concerned about preparing lessons and he says that he had to rely on Khan academy to get through the class. He has also said that the administration looks the other way in terms of discipline for some students. The principal is new this year, so hopefully he will make some positive changes.
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I have had a positive four years at Deering High School. There is many clubs and many challenging classes.
My favorite thing about Deering is the students. There is a very diverse student body and almost everyone I interact with is extremely inclusive. No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, you are always welcome at Deering. While it could have better academics/preparation for college, I still feel very prepared and have learned more about inclusiveness than I would anywhere else.
I think Deering High School is a good school. It has good teachers and I was able to find new friends. They have good healthy lunch choice.
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