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I really like how small my school is because I have been attending Deerfield my whole life and was able to make some really close friends. I wish the diversity was bigger than what it is but we are a small town and people tend to come and go.
It was like any other typical high school. There were strict teachers and bullies, but deerfield was very strict with freedom. Students could not have freedom no matter what their age. During lunch we would have to sit in the lunch room and we could not leave the lunch room to go to our lockers or to go talk to a teacher unless you had a slip. I really disliked Deerfield by my sophomore year, getting through those last two years was very difficult.
My experience at Deerfield High school has been relatively good. I have enjoyed the many opportunities, clubs, sports, events and academic growth here at Deerfield. The teachers have been excellent, I have not had a problem with one of them. The variety of courses is limited due to the size of the school, but what is offered is appropriate and has helped me to grow as an individual. I would say the school is not perfect, but no school is. Overall, I am glad to say my experiences here have been positive and the staff has done all they can to prepare me to do well and wants to see me succeed.
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We have locked doors at all times, although only police when there is an issue. The visitor policy is that they must sign in and wear a visitor identification. There is not any sort of metal detector system.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities provided to the student body. Although, it is often the same kids, whom are involved in everything. I stated before all of the activities I am involved in. There are a few more, but the amount is reasonable for the number of students attending Deerfield. A few other clubs would be, Leo Club (volunteer opportunities), Art Club, Forensics, Academic Decathlon, TREE, GSA, Math Team and the Musical is also an option, which I forgot to state, my sophomore year I was in the chorus, junior year I was a part of the stage crew and senior year I was the student director. There are also many sports offered, volleyball, football, cross country, boys and girls soccer, basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball and track and field.
Attending Deerfield High has been very good for me. It has allowed me to be involved in so much at the same time. I am a part of both the varsity volleyball and softball team as well as captain of the softball team. I am also a member of four different organizations. I am the secretary of our schools Project Unify, a member of the Student Council, True I.D., (promotes abstinence of drugs and alcohol), and a member of the National Honor Society. This school also allows me to take advanced classes and have great relationships with my teachers. There are a few things that would be nice if they were added, although there is nothing that can be done, such as more diversity and a larger student body.
I have not had all of the teachers in the building, so I can not speak for all. This year, a lot of new teachers were hired, and I have not had the chance to be in a classroom with them. The teachers I do have right now, have helped me both inside and outside the classroom. They have helped me succeed in every way possible and I am very thankful for that. They go out of their way to make sure I reach my goals.
It's good overall, but certainly not the best school possible
there is always someone to talk too.
always food available, good quality, and friendly staff.
They give you plenty of opportunities to explore and look into possible careers.
It needs some updates. A lot of the technology has been updated but the building and books are in bad shape.
it's a small school. With what they have they work with, it's not bad but it could always get better.
Our principal is not a good principal. He is not involved in the student's lives, he's not helpful, and is very hard to get in contact with. The guidance counselor is a nice lady. She is always willing to help students with anything and everything, and will always assist in our quest to contact the principal.
Half of our office staff is welcoming and friendly. The other half is not welcoming or friendly. They are often crabby, and annoyed when asked for something simple, such as a piece of tape, or a box of kleenex.

Bullying policy: strong
Dress code: a bit ridiculous at times
Attendance: declined over the year, and administration seems to be hesitant to take action.
Students are involved in multiple clubs and organizations, there is not really any peer pressure around, people are accepting, and very few people experience challenges due to their ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or religion. we are an accepting school.
Most of our students didn't even know we had a school nurse- she's only here 1-2 days a week. The security measures we are now taking in my school seem ridiculous to all students. We are a poor school, so for us to be stretching our budget to accommodate for pointless security cameras fires up even the most relaxed students.

Our school is safe. There are rarely any fights, and those who do fight are usually not asked back to the school ever. There are only a few bullies in the entire school- the majority of students are open and accepting to everyone. There are no police that roam the school.
Our athletic department is stellar. The football team has had extreme amounts of success, the volleyball team is quite successful, the coach bases his players off of favoritism however. I have seen several accounts where the better player will sit the bench because of a family/friend relationship he has with another player.

The student involvement with sports is high. Those who participate in sports don't have one specific sport they play- our student athletes are in as many as 3 or 4 sports throughout the year. The fitness program for our athletes is rigorous most of the time, and the facilities are quite nice.

I may not love everything about my school, but my favorite part about it is the athletic department.
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As whole, the teachers at my school are quite wonderful. During the day they are willing to help you when you don't have a class, however some of them are too involved in other things to stay after school for those who need it after school. The teachers of my school are involved in their student's lives- they help celebrate successes, and comfort during failures. The teachers have a pretty regimented teaching styles. They all use smart boards to assist their teaching. Most of the teachers are extremely knowledgeable, and almost all of these knowledgeable teachers are excellent teachers. They know exactly how to portray their message so high school students can understand it. They are the most friendly people in the school- no one can walk down the hallway and pass a teacher or staff member without getting a hello or at the very least- a smile.
Our school is extremely small. It's hard to make new friends after being separated from old friends for a while. The girls are more welcoming than the boys. Most of our boys are in sports- and they are always quite cocky. Our volleyball team was on track to make a state appearance, until our coach messed with our stellar line-up: pulling all starters out. We never made it past the regional final.
I wouldn't choose to return to this school if I had to do it all over again. For me, the classes aren't all that challenging, there aren't as many athletic opportunities, and it's hard to be recognized as an excellent athlete by universities. They don't come to recruit from our school.
However, most of our teachers are the nicest people to be around. Most will go out of their way to help, and are always involved with what the students are doing- they attend musicals, sporting events, always showing their school spirit. That's the one nice thing about coming from this small school and this small town- you've got the entire town cheering for you when you're doing well in something- and you've got the entire town supporting you when you've lost everything.
I love my town, and I like my school, but there are definitely better schools around.
The majority of the teachers are very good. Many care about the well-being and quality education of the students.
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