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I took part in the IB program, which has a ratio of 67 students compared to the 2500+ students in the school. Because of our minority, we are often ignored/ left out. Because of that, I, along with many other IB students have next to no school spirit. But with all that aside, the biggest problems i have with the school is the staff. The security guards are incredibly power hungry, and I have video proofs of them doing incredibly distasteful things (such as telling a guy to take off his durag, and then stealing it from him, even though hats and hoodies are worn on the campus all the time)
I love the Deerfield Beach High School International Baccalaureate program. As a member of it, I can personally say that it challenges me to be a better person and a better student.
My experience at Deerfield Beach High School was very average. However I love the diversity at the school and you can meet very interesting people there.
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Needs better lunches and nicer staff. Everyone there is kind of mean and have favoritism. If that is fixed then the school would be better.
School location isnt great with that said I never felt my child safe . IB program teachers are great and knowledgeable.
I was at Deerfield beach high school for 3 years, this school is the best the teacher and faculty were involved with the student's activities. It has a wide variety of sports and clubs student can join. Many magnet programs to pick from. Safety is one their biggest priority, they have gated the whole school to keep the students safe.
I am in my senior year at Deerfield Beach High School. Though I had my ups and downs during my school years, I am still grateful for the lessons I have learned and still am learning. One of the major factors that made my experience is the IB program. The IB program has changed my perception of the world and people from different areas of the world. In addition, the program has made me more literate and articulate in public speaking.
I like the college readiness and I like some of the teachers and the safety however, I don't like the food and they don't appreciate any sports other than football.
I absolutely love being a student at Deerfield Beach High School because of its many programs for students like Hosa, IB and CBA program. One change that I as a student would like to see is a lesser security. Security is great and it helps students feel safe and keeps us safe, but after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, it impacted our security. There are some hallways that as students we cannot pass through and we have to go on the other side of the school. The gates are locked even for after school activities. I honestly understand that they care about the students and they are taking precautions to help us stay safe, and I absolutely appreciate it but I would suggest taking the security measure a bit slower.
I like how most of the teachers were encouraging a pushing you to do better as they should.I hated how disgusting the food in the cafe is.But this year they added different and more exciting thing to the menu.But also i like hoe all most of the teachers were hard on you take make sure that you were always doing good.I also like how the teachers you've had years before still remembered you or still cared about how you were doing.And also the teachers are very supportive and are always willing to help at least most of them.Most of the administration weren't helpful but the ones that were was helpful enough to make up for the others.
I like the feeling of inclusion the school gives the students. At Deerfield, there is something for everyone and everyone is encouraged to join a club or team and get involved in some way. There are over fifty clubs and we also have a magnet program called the Communication Broadcasting Arts program for students involved in anything involving communications and digital design. The school has top-rated sports programs, so students have the option to either play an exciting sport and to watch an exciting game with friends. The only thing that I would recommend to be changed is the physical look of the facility itself.
My experience at Deerfield Beach High School has been life changing and made me open my eyes to many new and different things. It was a big difference from middle school and these last four years have been stressful but a life learning lesson and I enjoyed my time here
Deerfield Beach High School is an okay school, I don't consider it one of the best nor will I consider it one of the worst. For me, I find joining clubs and a sport will make the most out of your high school experience. Especially when it comes to making friends. And, an improvement I will love to see the school undertake is to increase its security. The increase in security will not just improve the school safety but improve the school resources.
Deerfield Beach High school helped me find myself. Entering high school I suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety after the tragic event of losing my mother. The atmosphere of Deerfield beach high was friendly and inviting the teachers their cared for how their students felt and noticed any unuasal behavior that could be a result from stress. Not only were the teachers caring but the campus life was thrilling there was many events to participate in.
My experience in DBHS was like another tab to different world because the school so much diverse people. What I like about Deerfield Beach High school was that they have very good programs to help to get scholarship, prepared for college, and get yourself together.
Deerfield beach high school, isn’t a bad school at all, the environment isn’t the best of the best but it could be better. The counselors are strick and won’t allow the student to have fun with the type of activities we would like to do. But over all, not the worst. But not the best
Teachers were mostly well-educated and went beyond expectations. I didn’t get the feeling that there was a community there or a lot of pride, being in the IB program. The cleanliness of the campus- or lack thereof- and class size is what made me decide to give the school two stars. It is a good school if you’re in a magnet program, though.
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I attended Deerfield Beach High from 2014 to 2018. Although the school is very strong in regards to school spirit and pride, it lacks various resources for students. I was enrolled in the IB program at Deerfield which significantly improved my experience, however, for those who were not, it was somewhat difficult to recieve a top notch education here. I still appreciate the school because of the courses that were offered and the handful of helpful and supportive teachers.
The best thing about Deerfield is definitely the opportunities provided by the IB program. Not only that but teachers and students are very open and accepting about one another, no one ever feels left out.
What i like about this school are the teachers. They try their best to give students the education needed, they do what they are supposed to.
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