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I would like to see more college readiness programs beginning from freshman year. Students would be better prepared for college if they introduced us to college readiness programs as early as freshman year.
I love how Deerfield Beach Highschool has a casual mood and feel to its enviorments. The school is very welcoming and supportive to their students. All the students for the most part seem to always get along 90% of the time and like how small the school is as well.
I attend the International Baccalaureate Programme at DBHS. This program is amazing-- given that you enjoy tedious rigor and self-study. The school, in general, is decent. Far from the cleanest in Broward, Dirtyfield's area of recognition is plainly obvious. Although the campus isn't the nicest, the people are alright. Some can be nasty and clique-ish, but most here are personable and extroverted. Unless zoned for this school or attending a specific academic program (IB, CBA, HOSA, etc.), I would reccommend utilizing your time and gas more efficiently.
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It is an inclusive schools very diverse and multicultural. Teachers really care about their jobs ,the student also our well being. When i first came to the school i was nervous and didn't really know anyone there but i was well received everywhere i had askef for help i got. The sports club are really good and very known everywhere around florida. I have a very pleasant academic experience at deerfield beach. The kids are curious and they want to get to know you and some very nice but i understand not everyone might have the same experience and enconters i had. The school is so diverse there is a spice blend of almost everyone from African americans , latino to caucasian. So there is no predominant race or feeling like you might not fit in because everyone has their place.
Deerfield Beach High Schhol is a wonderful school. We have the best football team, student diversity, and academics.
the teachers/ classes are great. They help you get ready for tests and the real life world. I feel so ready to start my life in 2 years and the classes are great the teachers are so nice and they are taking this covid-19 seriously.
I liked the teachers and the food was good, but I would like to see change in that the school could have been more clean and have even more safety procedures.
The environment, like cleanliness and the way that academics are treated. I think that there could be more resources provided to students.
It wasn't really what I expected. A lot f things happened that I wish I could go back and change and do better on, but then again I can't. So i just look back on it and shake my head and know I need to do better.
The most of the staff members can be a bit judgmental and unorganized. Their focus is usually on the wrong subject.
I found this school to be the perfect match for me because of my interest in Communications and Broadcasting.
Wasn’t superb, but could’ve been worse. Pep rallies were bad, not enough money goes to the arts, trash everywhere (due to students), never any soap in the bathrooms. The magnet programs need more integration into the regular population. The science teachers need a different occupation. The gates were such a nuisance, maybe unlock them in between classes so students can actually get to class on time.
I loved how many after school activities there are. There are over 80 clubs and organizations that are available for you to participate in!
I am a junior and will be a senior this fall and so far Deerfield Beach highschool is great. Being in the McJrotc program brought out my drive and motivation to succeed in the future. It was really hard for me to adapt my freshman year and now I got the hang of things. I feel prepared and ready to go to college and study for my major which Deerfield Beach Highschool helped me with thus far and feel extremely happy.
Deerfield Beach High School is a school of opportunity, you can find your voice, make new friends, and engage in or create a club. The club activity is what makes your high school experience worth it. The football team is great, our band is rated superior every year and orchestra, as well as choir, is a work in progress.
I had the best high school experience up until my 12th grade year where it got ruined . But overall it was pretty nice . One of my dreams of becoming a class president came true for 4 years . I made new friends . I have so much good and bad memories from Deerfield Beach High school .
Academic wise its a decent school depending on some of the teachers. Some teachers will teach you. Others teachers will make you struggle to keep your grade up. The school doesn't really do anything to prepare for college expect for certain programs they offer. The school is average at best with the high peak of the school is the students inside.
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I like the culture and the way that we adapt to our surroundings. Despite having not the greatest conditions due to poor funding; I still feel that everyone in our school makes the most of what we have. Some are even able to achieve great academic and creative feats through hard work and sourcing.
Through out my four years of high school I can easily say I had a good time and I’m definitely proud to have been a Buck
I have been attending Deerfield Beach High since my sophomore year and I am currently a junior and even though it’s only been two years I have learned a lot, made lifelong friends and I also made role models they taught me how to build a great character and also was there for me when I was going through difficult times when I lost my mother . It’s more than just a school to me and I am very honored to experience and build the relationships I had .
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