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I think Deer Valley has good programs and I love that I can earn my associates degree before I graduate high school. I'm currently in the Graphic Design program which is what I plan to major in when I get to college.
Deer valley is a good school overall but brings out the worst in people. Many guidelines are easily broken with little punishments. Teachers also need more CEU’s to keep improving their teachings creating a more effective learning system.
Im currently a junior @Deer valley high school and my overall experience so far was pretty good. Most teachers are outstading and most students are very welcoming.
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Deer Valley High School is home to about 1200 students. The school is home to all types of people, anywhere from at athletes to mathletes. Deer Valley provides an atmosphere for the students and teachers that makes it feel like a family. The teachers are very friendly and care a lot about the students and I think thats why I like Deer Valley the most.
I loved being a part of a school who really takes time to learn the students and doesn't see us as just names in a computer. During the school year, there were lots of things to get involved in along with lots of accepting groups of students and staff everywhere you went. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here.
Deer Valley High School has been a safe place for thousands of kids over the years. The teachers stay late after school, show up early, and meet with students throughout the day to help them out. Many of the Honors and AP teachers genuinely care about their students and do everything in their power to help them succeed. There are many different ethnicities, sexualities, and beliefs at Deer Valley and everyone is allowed to live their life the way they choose. Bullying is not tolerated and is rare at my school making life that much easier for those who may not fit in to any certain group.
I really like Deer Valley High School because all the students and teachers are really kind and always helpful either with simple tasks like holding the door or personal issues like talking through something. There is at leas one person there the I can talk to.
I had an excellent time at this school. There were many choices of fun classes to take and clubs to join as well. The school is very clean and has a great reputation for music and arts, with the choir director Scott Sims having produced some of the most talented singers to come out of a high school setting in Arizona. The teachers here also take a keen interest in your academia and goals. And on top of that the football team is great, and the school spirit is strong.
The teachers are amazing and truly care about the students. You feel as though you truly fit in at Deer Valley. The facilities are amazing such as the weight training room, fitness center, outdoor classroom, etc. the student population is very diverse and each classroom has the materials necessary for a student to thrive in school. Ipads are a recent addition to the campus and allow for access to numerous learning skills. Overall, Deer valley is not only a school but a community.
Deer Valley has a lot of benefits for being the oldest and smallest school in the school district as well as possible weaknesses. Making it such a small school as in the range of level in courses are limited but luckily the faculty are able to compensate for such drawbacks.
An example being until recently, Calculus AB used to be the highest math class a student could take and if they took it before senior year they would either have to take a full year off of math or find a ride to a community college 20 minutes away to take it in the morning before the high school starts just to make it in time for second period. Luckily this year, a very excellent math teacher found a way to teach AB and BC at the same time to the same room of students.
Deer Valley's charming in the sense that there's a fair amount of well qualified faculty that will go above and beyond for their students and handle issues in exceptional ways for a multitude of situations that aren't even necessarily academic.
Next year will be my last year attending Deer Valley High. I am throughly excited for senior year because I know Deer Valley will make it a great experience for me. The teachers are helpful and very interactive. The students are close to each other and support as well.
I just finished my Junior (Class of 2019) year at Deer Valley. After 3 years I'm very happy with the school. As for my Teachers. Well, I haven't had a bad one. I can't wait to see what my Senior will bring me.
My experience at deer valley was one to never forget. I loved how we all came from different schools but then we joined as a family. The teachers are such good role models and have impacted my life greatly, I could not be where I am today without some of the teachers there. They have so much passion and desire to want to teach even though they are the lowest paying district.
The teachers and administrators care and are available and accessible to parents and students. History with this school includes nephews and my own children. Would highly recommend.
It was a great school, with great faculty. My only problem is that some of the teachers deserved better pay given how great of instructors they were. Not only this the teachers that were qualified dual enrolment were not payed respectably.
Deer Valley has been a very good school for me to spend all of my high school years at. The feel of the campus is very inviting and as long as you put yourself out there and attempt to make friends, you'll fit right in. The academics is alright, they have a lot of dual enrollment opportunities to help you with college but that is if you can afford it. I would highly recommend this school but it does have it's ups and downs. Just know that every single school will have the same thing. Enjoy the years while you can!
Deer Valley High School has been my home for almost 4 years now. It has been there in times of fun, and there in times of support. It is a great campus and school overall. Having many academics to participate in, as well as after and before school clubs. There is always something for everyone. No one is ever left out
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Overall, I have been very happy and pleased with Deer Valley High School. There are many changes that could be made. 1) many higher level teachers seem inadequate to actually teach the curriculum. 2) there is a lot of drug abuse on and near the campus. And 3) security.
The teachers are really willing to work with you to get the highest possible score, one thing that needs to be worked on is the teachers being more inviting. I can say 2/4 teachers in my class don’t know my name. On the other hand they aren’t super nice when you ask for there help. I love the diversity here and the different atmosphere in each class.
I had a few teachers that were absolutely amazing. A few. Most were rather dull and seemed to not really understand the material, or they did not know how to teach it. I enjoyed the clubs I was in, but I really wish I'd gone to a school with a better drive for academic excellence.
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