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Deer River Secondary School Reviews

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I like this School bttr then king elementary cause the food and teachers are better 6-12 school no middle school in deer river yet
my school is a small school, everyone knows each other and a lot of my friends parents went to the same school as my parents. A lot of the teachers are past graduates. My school allows for everyone to play more then 1 sport and we have a lot of diversity in students. my education experience at deer river high school is just as good if not better then most. we excel in our reading program and our math/science programs are also very , very good.
I always felt safe at Deer River High School.
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There are many clubs available. There is something for everyone to participate in.
I had a wonderful high school experience. All the staff and students were very kind people.
The teachers at Deer River High School actually care about their students. They are willing to take the time to get to know you on a personal level and they truly care.
Teachers are able to help more because there aren't that many students per grade.
If I could do it all over again I would change some of my choices but I would definetly want to go here again. I found many great people to spend my time with and my teachers really wanted to teach.
I believe I learned a lot from my experiences in high school. I attended the DARE program and this made me aware of what is really out there in the world.
The food was great! The service we got was even better. The lunch ladies deserve an award for caring so much.
I have loved the fact that teachers seem to genuinely care about me. I also like how it's fairly easy to be involved in sports, the arts, and other organizations all at the same time. I wish that we had more classes that prepared us for the "real" world, but it's still okay. If I could do it all over, I think I would still come back and do the best I could here.
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