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Deer Park Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I liked how it was a small district and everyone knew each other. Being involved in school was pretty easy with events and athletics since it was a small school you could do a lot of things. Preparing you for college was not that good though. They really didn't help you at all
The School is better in conditions, opportunities and they take care of everything and the safe of the people who are in the building
I loved going to Deer Park Highschool, there were many different classes that sparked my interest in STEM and the academic aids were very helpful. I go back and visit some and check in with some of my old teachers, but they have made some good and bad choices in new teachers that they have brought in. I've been by and I still have some friends in highschool and they are telling me some things about these new teachers that have come in and it's not that great. I have personally experienced it first hand. They have gone somewhat downhill from where they used to be.
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Deer Park High School provided the best experience possible within me. It cultivated within me the passion to learn, challenged my intellectual ability and encouraged me to forge new pathways in personal education. They equipped me with the skills I needed to succeed in University life and in Career life. Their encouragement to be involved and be active in the community helped to prepare me for a life of servant hood and challenged students to go out of their comfort zone in order to facilitate growth. I am thankful for the education I received at Deer Park High School.
I have gone to this school for all 4 years of high school and have not enjoyed my experience at all. The school is very poorly run and it hurts the everyday education of the school.
I enjoyed my time at Deer Park High School. It is a small school. there were only 80 in my graduating class. I liked the fact that the school was small because everyone knew each other. I played baseball and performed in a variety show. I would have liked to have more elective options and a more updated school. No air conditioning. But we do have a new turf football field and a new gym floor.
Deer Park High School is a smaller school. It has good teachers, athletics, and art programs. The neighborhood might be affecting the population of families that attend this school district. Over the past decade, the neighborhood has increased in bars and decreased in other small businesses. However, many good families live in Deer Park. Most are friendly.
I've been at Deer Park since second grade, and my experience has been pretty good. There are very good teachers at deer park. The thing that I mostly dislike about deer park is the office workers and counselors and nurses.
I love that in our district my children are not numbers! We are small enough that parents and students can get to know their teachers, which fosters great relationships.
it is just high school, no kids really have an incredible experience
It is definitely improving but the attitude in the school is still the same.
This school is great. Although fairness isn't always a thing, I love the extracurriculars.
I love the friends I've made while I went to school here. I'll never forget them. Deer Park may have lots of friend groups, but when tragedy strikes, we come together and love one another.
The teachers at DPHS are amazing. I love how the teaching styles vary.
It was more focused on sports than any other clubs.
The school was like an evil school from a 1950's comic book. It was the tiniest school I have ever attended, and the fact that it was for 7th-12th graders didn't help the level of maturity at all. It was extremely cliche-y and if you were not religious or had a trust fund no one cared about your feelings. I hated it there a lot, but the teachers were so genuinely amazing I never skipped just so I didn't have to cry in the bathroom because no one liked me and would be very verbal about how ugly I was.
The teachers were the reason I would even want to go to school. The student body as a whole were obnoxious and didn't care about learning, but the teachers were always there for students that needed help outside or inside of the classroom.
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We generally have the choice of what we want to take, but for example art or computer classes, it's easy to be in a class full of kids who were tossed in last minute because other classes were already filled. So you may really love art, but are unfortunately surrounded by students less than interested. The scheduling process works well for the most part, and it's not difficult to change classes the first week (though these rules have changed for 2016-17.) The workload differs per class, but in general it is a moderately demanding school. Your average student here gets B/C grades, though it's not uncommon for someone have an A in English and a D in math, or whatever the combination. It's easy to get lost in the amount of homework assigned, and with only some teachers fully utilizing Blackboard or Google classrooms, it's easy to forget what homework you have. We do not have trade classes any longer, so home ec and wood shop aren't available. We have brand new facilities for tech/career-related classes, and are leaning further towards technology incorporation every year. We have a decent selection of science, social studies, and performing/visual arts courses, but are pretty straightforward with one or two different paths for English or math studies.
Though I feel safe in the school, we don't have very extensive measure for safety. Locked doors and a buzzer, cameras (which aren't high-tech by any means and don't cover the whole premises,) and an occasional police officer towards the end of school. We have a new fire alarm system with flashing lights, and practice fire drills fairly often. The school calls home when you are absent, within the first hour of school. Teachers don't always take attendance, but the classes are small enough that you notice if someone is missing. The only place you could skip class at is the bathroom, unless you leave through a side door. The school nurse can be elusive and her office hours are unknown, but it's not like she can do much anyway. Even for a cough drop you have to call your parents and make them bring it. The secretaries are only allowed to offer pads (and hardly a selection at that) for menstruation needs, and can be prudes about it when you ask. The bathrooms are outdated and the sinks hardly work. The school food is far from nutritious or filling, and though we have different selections to choose from, it is generally bad and overpriced.
Band and choir are two of the top most-joined clubs/classes, and they are fairly good. We have a community service organization, various Christian-based clubs, Gay-Straight Alliance, International club, junior-high specific clubs, student council, chess team, dance team, art club, an so-so drama club, INTERalliance, National Honor Society, newspaper, yearbook, and other programs. It is fairly easy to start a student-led club and get it approved. About one-fourth of the school participates in some kind of club, and many do more than one. Some of these meet every day, once a week, twice a month... depends on the director or the demand of the students. Student-led clubs are becoming more popular, though we do have a good base for teachers willing to participate.
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