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Deer High School Reviews

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I personally loved Deer Highschool. I had a wonderful experience and the faculty was very nice. I graduated this year and have been attending this school for 14 years. I learned very efficiently and got a lot of hands on learning with many teachers.
Deer High is a big part of my life. I'm so glad I started there an after this year I'll finish there. I'm glad Deer High was my school education. It's a small school but we are more like family then anything.
With my experience of Deer High school i would tell others that it is a safe and fun school to go to the faculty cares for the students and have a very great work ethic They make learning fun.
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It is a very small school but everyone is super nice. The teachers truly care about their students education! There is people always there for you and if your in a hard situation in your life time they lend an extra hand, to make your life so much easier. I do believe even though Deer/Mt. Judea is a small school it could disposable one of the best around!
The popular classes are Math, Science, and History.
The most popular extracurricular activities are Basketball and Softball.
If i could go to school all over again i would go to Deer, It has good teachers, Parents get involved with the school especially for the Athletes. My favorite experience at Deer was when the Basketball players were leaving for a game and they did a Prep Rally.
At deer high school the teachers are interested in the students, they ask questions about how the students day has been or if the students ever need to talk the teachers will listen, and they will take care of the students.
At Deer high school there is a certain dress code, although it is pretty lax and not too strict. Of course the ladies are not supposed to show a lot of cleavage, and shorts have to reach to the bottoms of our finger tips. Also, kids are not allowed to have "excessive piercings". Although I did know a few girls that had their lips pierced and got away with it. Over all I would say our rules are not too bad and are very lax with the students.
In the small town of Deer Arkansas there is not a lot to do, so high school sports games are a huge attraction for the locals. There is a lot of support from family members and people who know the players. But in a small town everyone knows everyone else. Because of the attraction of the locals there is a lot of fan support which in turn helps fuel our team. Over all our sports teams get a lot of support from their loyal and devoted fans.
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