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Dee-Mack High School Reviews

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At Dee-Mack High School there is such a high focus on sports and how well you do in fitness that the academic portion of schooling is overlooked. The books are falling apart and many of the teachers don't teach their subjects with an enthusiasm for it, nor do they apply their subjects to real life. Also I, personally, have experienced bullying at Dee-Mack and know of many others who have and there hasn't been actions taken to educate the students on the effects of bullying. My favorite part of Dee-Mack is probably Spanish! Though I wish we had some more languages for us to learn.
Deemack is a small school with a lot of great teachers who try and work with children when they need help.
Loved my time at Deer Creek Mackinaw. Being such a small school the teachers were almost always willing to meet with individual students before, during, and after school. Would definitely recommend getting involved in some of the clubs or sports, easy way to meet new friends and to invest more in your interests.
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Dee-Mack high school has a tradition of pride. Yes we are small but we all are a family. This high school has taught me so much. I couldn't have asked for better teachers than the ones I have. Honestly if your thinking about moving to Mackinaw do it. You won't regret it!
Dee-Mack is a small school so there is a good community feel. It is easy to join a club or sport because there are so many to join.
Dee Mack high school provides a great learning experience even though it is a small school. Everyone knows everyone here and new people often feel welcome. The teachers and administrators are very personal and take the time to really get to know all the students and how they learn best. Overall, it's just a great high school and I wouldn't want to change my experiences here.
Dee-Mack gives the opportunity of a small town education. It provides the family feel that creates life long friends. The teachers are dedicated and supportive of all students. They work to make the school enjoyable everyday. If I were able to change one thing, I would like to see more diverse class choice.
Attending DMHS was one of the best things to have ever happened to me. The teachers and administration all genuinely cared about the students, offering them the best education possible. The school was almost like a giant family. I was able to feel confident and ready for college due to the courses DMHS provided. With being such a small school in small town USA, cultural diversity was almost unheard of. But the school was able to do what it could to give students the best facilities and resources possible on a tight budget. Overall, the school is fantastic and gives back to its community on a daily basis. Truly a great school with a safe environment.
The health and safety policies are really good!
The extracurricular opportunities are pretty good. There are many options for students to chose from, and all of the leaders of the opportunities are amazing!
The atmosphere at Dee-Mack High School is like no other! It's a small school so everyone knows each other real well. Everyone also looks out for one another and will support anyone and everyone.
The teachers are great! Every teacher gives respect to the students, and really care for the students as well.
If many of the teachers/coaches don't really know your parents or you aren't in a sport you don't get much attention to push yourself to success.
The clubs need more student involvement. The clubs are nice and the teachers will help make it a great if the students try to attend and work hard within the organizations.
Teachers work hard with their students and show they truly care about us.
From studying to staying late teachers work hard to help us get the best grades in their class or even other classes.
People are very accepting of all ethnic/racial diversity at our school.
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The popular sports get all of the attention at my school. Sports like football and volleyball. Track and cross country have even gone farther even to state to win things but less fan support and no athletic facilities for them hinder performance.
This school is nice. It has given me a chance to try so many different things from marching band and track to scholastic bowl and the drama held play.
The school facility needs upgraded technology. The building is pretty old and needs some help. The college prep resources and parent involvement are very strong though.
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