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Declo High School has a special place in my heart. It was the place where I had the most growing experiences. I felt that people were always around me to support me and help me accomplish my goals. An improvement that I would like to see is that outsiders are looked after more. Unless people are common to the town, they can be outcast.
The teachers were great and the classes that they offered were as well. Small school so the class sizes were smaller and more personalized. The principal and his staff were great and very helpful to me and to anyone that was ever in need.
Poor administration. If you are an athlete or LDS you will be fine at Declo High School. The Jr. High is a great place to attend. The elementary is another story too.
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These teachers truly do to care about these students.
The experience at Declo High School is most definitely a great, positive one. The teachers are easy to work with while the community is very safe and encouraging. The school offers two religious classes: seminary and christian ed.
The teachers here at Declo High School create a good relationship between them and their students. Most attend athletic events and support the student body. They are always willing to make special arrangements to teach a student an objective if the student was absent or did not understand what was taught.
The students and teachers are good people, but are clicky. There isn't school unity as everyone tries to be better that everyone else. A school should attempt to build each other so everyone succeeds.
Lunch time is a good amount of time, similar food options all the time
Staff follows the same rules for all students in their class according to the school handbook and policies
School spirit from the students staff and community is really great for the more popular and successful sports. Not many people support the teams that don't perform as well. Athletic facilities are really nice and well kept for a small school.
Loved all my teachers, take time on subjects that are harder to understand, treat everyone fairly, take interest in each students activities in school and out of school
Many clubs to choose from, certain clubs get priority in funding and attention from staff, the same students are in most of the clubs.
Prepared for college classes, Not prepared to choose a major
Teachers give us average amounts of homework. Most is common sense and can be done if you pay attention.
Our school respects our police's very well. There are only a few incidents per year.
We have a open weights class during first hour every day for both girls and boys. We also have a weights after school program for anyone.
FFA is the best club in our school because I believe we have the best adviser in all of idaho. We have an opening social where we play mud football, a district social where we swim at a local water park, a winter social where we sumo wrestle and have a bouncy houses, and an end-of-the-year banquet. We also participate in fundraisers to help raise money for different supplies we need in the AG shop.
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Staffing follows policies appropriately however some teachers are irate about following policies and they often become unruly.
There are not very many clubs at our school and only certain clubs get the funding they need.
Our lunch ladies are amazing. They travel from the elementary to our high school to bring us our lunches, and I have never had a cold meal.
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