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Deckerville Community High School Reviews

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I'm a senior here, and it is my first year here. It is a relatively small school and its nice and quiet, not much to go in about it, the school is mostly about sports, but it focus' on education.Although as a member of the LGBT+ community I feel very unwelcome here and the use of racial slurs is out of control. I hear them as I walk down the halls everyday,and the staff will rarely speak out about the students use of profanity in the classroom. Many of the classes that you are required to take are online classes, and although that may be useful to some students, they don't even offer an in-class version of the course for most of them. As I've written this I would overall not want my child to attend this school.
I like that Deckerville offers an advanced placement history class each year, and Deckerville has art and Spanish classes. However I would like to see other options for Seniors to take a different science class that is not online.
There are many types of activities to take part in
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I am not sure if I would go back if I could, mostly because some students are very rude and it's such a small school that if one person turns on you, so do many others.
Although there are students here that aren't exactly nice, but the teachers and staff are amazing
this is a great school but there are some people that go here and that are just plain rude and are stuck up and think they are better than everyone else
There are some teachers that just love to be here and help but other teachers are rude at some points
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