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Decatur has pretty good academics, although, I find it weird that the AP classes were more challenging than running start (which involves taking actual college classes). It's definitely a diversed school. From my experience, most teachers are good... I don't think they readied scholars for college very well. They started trying to "help" after seniors have already taken sat tests and trying to apply on own... The clubs and activities are good. I'd say that it's a pretty safe school with a very small occurrence of fights... Actually... There was this one time a kid was being kind of rude and the teacher was there and students... No one did anything... No one tried to jump in... People just watch. I think it needs to prepare people on how to respond to certain situations. I'd say it's a pretty average school...
Decatur High School was on the whole, a very average school. I still do have fond opinions of it however, and would clarify my rating of the school to be three and a half stars. There are segments of it that have greatly impacted my life in a positive way and I am thankful for that, and the school fostered a diverse range of groups that all managed to get along. Every school has its issues, but I feel Decatur has more redeeming qualities than other competing schools. Teachers are hit and miss, as peoples relationships are by nature, but I found Decatur staff genuinely invested in teaching for the most part. Overall, a charming school with a spirit that is above average, even if its statistically as typical as the rest.
Some teachers can be amazing, others can be terrible. It's only just your basic high school, nothing too terrible, nothing too amazing.
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When I attended Decatur there were many teachers that didn't teach, which caused me to not learn much however there were also teachers that always made my day brighter and I thrived in their class. The administration has become strong over the last two years. To get the most out of Decatur I had to find peers that had goals themselves and teachers/administrators that support me unconditionally. The school is overall average and has good and bad, but good experiences can come out of it when the student itself has the motivation to take initiative and get the most out of school.
The students are not very motivated but the teachers put in the work to help the motivated students learn properly.
I liked the family Environment that I encountered, having both of my parents work for the school district made it a very memorable time for me. Although the classes didn’t challenge me enough, so I went to do running start at Highline College for JUNIOR 🍑 environment that I encountered, having both of my parents work for the school district made it a very memorable time for me. Although the classes didn’t challenge me enough, so I went to do running start at Highline College for junior and senior year. I spirited as the student body was I was a freshman and sophomore it started to get very dysfunctional. The staff are very nice but can be too nice to the point where the students take advantage of that. It was honestly a hard learning environment, because nobody was taken serious. Decatur has it been known for their sports for many many years, so it was very easy to become a varsity athlete.
I like how diverse Decatur is, it could improve on the teaching style. I like how the student body tries to get everyone involved in spirit Friday’s. The food could be a little better and could have nicer lunch lady’s. And it could improve on their assembly’s.
The school itself is a bit run down when I went here the teachers were passionate about their job for the most part and the school was really known for their school spirit. People here were overall nice to people and there was a very diverse population of students and teachers.
I love Decatur High School, everyone here makes you feel welcomed and the teachers are always there to help you out even if your not in their class currently
The school was very spirited and it fostered a sense of community and loyalty. I was fortunate enough to have some of the school's better teachers, however the level of education was not as high as it could have been. The school itself was behind times, it was not really technologically or physically up to date. I did really appreciate the diversity of the staff and students. The college and "adult life" preparation was poor. There was emphasis on the 13th year plan, but more about fulfilling the requirements as opposed to truly elaborating and revealing the truths about the college culture shock, independence, financial struggles, and emotional struggles.
I haven't been here long and although I appreciate all the hard work the staff put in. However the staff seems...broken in a way, they no longer desire to push their students or openly help them. Possibly because they've been treated horribly by the student population who don't seem to want to achieve anything higher than what they need.
Decatur High school is a very diverse and welcoming school. Teachers and students are there for each other. Decatur is a place where you feel safe to learn and with all the school spirit Decatur has, you’ll have a blast learning.
My experience with Decatur High School and the Federal Way School District in general was not a spectacular one. As a dedicated student who genuinely enjoys learning, I unfortunately found the education system in place was grueling and stifling to independence and original thinking. There were very few classes that allowed students to branch out and explore potential career paths. I generally found that most of the teachers put a lot of focus in preparing for state tests, and in turn made learning for the sake of a test and not for the sake of student growth.I believe that in order for Decatur High School and the greater Federal Way School District to improve their school system, they must first stop spending all their time on improving test scores, and instead focus on the students themselves. Teachers should take the time to facilitate the growth of the students and encourage creative thought through hands on learning.
Decatur has tons of school spirit and is a safe environment, however some teachers lack motivation. For instance, I feel as if I can miss a few days of school and catch up within two hours of doing the work at home. Administration recently decided to lock the gates for our safety but in reality it just means tons of kids with weird schedules have to detour a lot to get to their cars.
Decatur was an amazing school it always felt like family. This place changed my life, I met my most trusted friends here and my greatest mentor. I will be thankful for my time there forever. No school is perfect but here they make every effort to support you and get you involved in the school and community.
At Decatur High School, each student, teacher, principle, counselor were involved with the sports and academic activities surrounding us. Through the game that were won or lost they were all very supportive. Students respected others as family and bonded with them as family as well. Education is what the school was about leading us towards the gate of college education which bring me here wanting to pursue an education in what I love and enjoy doing. Not only did the educators play a big part so did the people who raised us, our parents. My parents have encouraged me to do pursue this career because they know that I enjoy it. I want to graduate to make them and myself proud of my achievements. Thank you, Rosa
Decatur is essentially a sinking ship. Every year more of the better teachers leave after being taken for granted by a slacking administration and in pursuit of higher wages in other nearby school districts. The kids are taught to adhere to very low academic standards, seeing as merely passing an AP test as something that is completely unheard of. With academics out of the way, though, the culture is very welcoming and the school is known for its overwhelming amount of spirit.
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It's a pretty good school. There's a great choir program and lots of classes to choose from. Teachers are usually good, but some can be a little difficult to adapt to. Lunch can be a bit disorderly.
Decatur high school has poor out reach to parents and is very slow in work ethic and getting things done. I believe Decatur also has a drug problem. i have witnessed kids doing drug deals, vaping, and chewing tobacco illegally in class. Sometimes the teacher was aware of it and did nothing.
Decatur High School is known for amazing school spirit, one of the most diverse student bodies in the state, and sub-par athletics. Throughout my experience I mingled with every social circle there was and met truly great people. My senior year I was also honored with becoming elected the ASB Vice President, out-beating the traditional preppy crowd that usually held student office, and went on to have a blast running the school's events.
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