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What makes Decatur High School a great place to be is that the teachers are willing to help you if needed and that the school caters to individual needs. There are tutoring schedules for almost every class and you can attend before or after school (depending on the schedule of the teacher). Many of the teachers are happy to spend their own time supporting the students as needed. Many students take advantage of this free, one on one, opportunity, and it is great because it is difficult for some students to fully understand a concept within the 50-minute boundaries of one class.
Decatur high school is a pretty good school academic wise. The staff really cares about the education of students they will guide you to success. If you dont understand something they will sit there and make you understand thats why i enjoy it.
I really enjoy studying at Decatur High School. The teachers give attention to requests of pupils and it's a great learning environment.
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I have been going to Decatur since freshman year. I love the school and I have made alot of friends along the way. This school really helped me find what I want to do when im in college. Some the teachers are very supportive and want to see you succed.
Lots of diversity and a great school to go to for in-depth education and/or exposure to other cultures, ideas, and social groups. They have multiple plans for education such as AP classes, Dual Enrollment, and the IB Diploma program.
It was a great experience. There are many programs that will look goof on your transcript such as dual enrollment and the IB program
Decatur High School is located in the 2-mile by 2-mile town of Decatur Georgia. Decatur administration are quite finicky and not very responsive to students and their problems, whether they be social problems or questions about college applications. Decatur is also a very interesting school because they do not give many AP courses while they do give IB courses and provide the IB Diploma. That makes it very difficult for those who do not want to take in the Ib Diploma Program and would like for freedom to choose what they want to learn about. There is also very little variation and very few choices that one can make about core classes. The campus is very nice but it is also riddled with construction sites because the size of Decatur City as well as the number of students who are attending Decatur High School every year is growing exponentially.
I would like to see more preparation for college. Also, the care and attitude for the school should improve.
Decatur High School straddles the intimacy and inflated ego of a private school with all the accessibility and chaotic energy of public school. DHS is great and provides lots of opportunities that aren't provided in most other public schools in Georgia & southeast as a whole. The IB program gives students an edge and approaches education in a 'more global' way- which is variably effective in terms of presenting many different ways of thinking/learning.
The majority of the teaching staff is dedicated & well qualified for their jobs and work hard despite difficult administration.
Overall i'm extremely grateful to attend. DHS isn't perfect, but we make do with the constant din of construction during school hours and the fallout of poor executive decisions. DHS's intimate staff makes it worth the hype.
Decatur High School is a very wealthy school. Lots of opportunities, lots of IB classes, and the like. There aren't any AP classes, which is a problem, and diversity is lacking. Student government does very little. Other than that, DHS is very well funded and has no lack of resources.
Decatur is like a family environment. It's a very liberal community. Everybody is accepting of everybody no matter race, economic class, or sexual identity.
Decatur High is a academically high performing school (ranked first in our district) with amazing clubs, activities, and sports programs. The thing I've loved the most about our school is how accepting the students and staff are. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I was scared of coming into a hostile environment, but I found exactly the opposite.
The teachers are amazing and we have great arts programs. They offer several sports programs as well
Decatur High School has its ups and downs. The steps you take and if you achieve your goals really depends on the teachers you get. It's a growing school. meaning there are many new and inexperienced teachers. But if you get lucky you can get amazing, well-rounded teachers that you will remember for the rest of your life, because of the great impact they had on your academic life. Decatur is also a great place to meet new people with very different backgrounds, considering it's groundbreaking diversity. There are kids from all around the world including myself being from Brazil. People are great and in my opinion, depending if luck goes your way, you are very likely to succeed.
I’m a senior at decatur i play soccer and go to all the football games and id say decatur is a great school
It was a high school. Many times administrative things were difficult to deal with and sort out. The IB program was okay. The clubs were somewhat lacking, however yearbook was a great environment. Some teachers were also really great and inspiring.
My experience at Decatur High School was so bad after all. I believe that they have prepared me very well compared to the school that I was supposed to go to. Change I would like to see is more diversity.
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This is a pretty good school. We take surveys in our advisement classes so that teachers and administrators can see what students are feeling and common things they may be going through such as stress and anxiety. All of me teachers offer tutorial sessions, which is great. I always feel like I can ask my teachers for help when I need it.
I have had the best experience at Decatur High School. The academics are top notch. The teacher take genuine interest in the students, it's not fluff and fake, they really do care. The extracurriculars are on point as well. I've done band, mock trial, NHS, and musicals. They have an annual ROCK CONCERT! I don't think a better overall high school experience could be had anywhere else.
The environment of the school is welcoming. The staff are willing to work with you to get what needs to be done accomplished.
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