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Decatur High School is a small school which makes it one of the best because you know everyone that is enrolled. You make friendships and the teachers are great.
I like that the teachers always have that one on one time with students who could really use their help! It's a small community yet it's full of many opportunities.
Our school does not listen to their student's concerns. For such a small school it should be able to at least acknowledged students' concerns. The people in charge think they know best though. There are many kids at my school that care deeply about their education, but our voices are not heard because our opinions are not asked for.
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Decatur is a small town located in Northwest Arkansas. What I've grown to like at Decatur is the staff. They're all polite and helpful. Decatur staff takes time out of their day to watch each and everyone of their students grow, even the students that feel like they have nothing left. They push you to become the best you can be and won't stop till you're there. I wouldn't change anything about Decatur.
The things I like is that everyone knows each other, and how they ready you to go to college and how much they care about the students so much. The things that I would like to see change is that there would be more opportunities in the school.
Our community is pretty secure and safe, which is why the school is relatively safe. We do not have a great number of students which allows the teachers and other faculty to know where everyone is at, at any time.
We do not many extracurricular opportunities at this school because of financial problems. Many students would like to have a variety of options but the school does not have the means to do it.
What makes this school unique is how diverse it is. We have many cultures intermingling, and this has allowed all the students to be open minded and respectful of each other. All the students in Decatur High School are friendly with each other. My favorite experiences at the school is when we have school events. All the students come together regardless of ethics and stand together as one. I would go to this school again because of how I could learn many different things from different people.
The teachers at Decatur High School are very involved with the students. They try to engage with most of the students and offer a lot of help. They are very encouraging. Communicating with them is very easy-going. The teachers apply real-world examples as much as they are able to because of our limited resources in a small town.
Its not to big, and for the size of the school overall e have a good selection of clubs and groups to be involved in. Not very many classes for electives tho.
Some of the teachers go above and beyond their job as just being teachers, while others barely do their jobs as being teachers and helping the students.
The teachers tend to not work individually with the students which has really put me behind in a lot of classes
I would like the teachers to be involved in any type of clubs that we as students like. We need school Identifcation cards. Newer books should be on the shelves, making up to date textbooks.
Extracurriculars could use some attention and work, but other than that they are good for the size of school that is at Decatur.
This is a very small school, so you would think teachers would have time to tutor with you or help you with any questions you have. While some of the teachers here at this school are amazing and help the students in anyway possible, there are some teachers who seem like they couldn't care less about my education. It seems like the middle and high schools are not doing very well in their academics. The elementary is an amazing school with amazing staff and I hope to teach there in three years after I graduate college!
Teachers try to help students who ask for help every time asked.
Students get engaged and try their to win the game.
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It has been a fun school year and I hope that Decatur continues to thrive as such!
I think that the food is great. It's not the best, but at least it's warm!
My shool was once in jeporady of getting shut down but this year we have a new princlple, new systems, and new rules. Overall I know our school may be more strict than it has been in the past, but it is functioning much better. Our Principle is involved during many school functions as well as sitting in during classes and having walk-throughs all the time. Our policies affect the students because they will learn better when the curiculum is pressed in and required more than in the past years. My school is growing, where as it once was decreasing very fast but with out up to date policies parents like my school more now.
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