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I like the love that the staff and families provide. Each student at DHCA has endless opportunities to be involved in sports, clubs and so much more . This school has shaped my life is many ways, they have prepared me for the real world and how I have to be strong in my faith so I can withstand trial in college in the next few years and just life in general. The teachers are not just teachers here, they genuinely care about their students and want nothing but to see them succeed. This school will forever have a specials place in my heart
Decatur Heritage Christian Academy is a great school! Our children are challenged academically every day through a Christ-centered education. In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities and sports. The students who graduate from DHCA are prepared to be successful in college and life beyond college. For example, we have a graduate who will be attending graduate school at Oxford in England the fall of 2018 and another who was just awarded an Emmy!
DHCA is an academic heavy school. The small classes create a family like environment and foster a unique student-teacher relationship. This is a Christian school so Bible class is required and is really rigorous. I wish that this school had stronger extra-curricular programs such in art, theatre, sports, etc. There are few AP classes but while I was attending two were added and the administration is eager to add more. The diversity of the school is also limited. Academically, this school prepares you for college. Socially, the students can be sheltered from secular ideologies.
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Decatur Heritage has a great atmosphere and takes academics very seriously. The teachers and overall staff are amazing! I was beyond ready to take on college!
I love everything about my school from the students to the teachers and all the activities that I am involved in.
I felt that Decatur Heritage prepared me for college fairly well. Teachers were tough, but very kind for the most part. They disciplined us well and taught us how to live a Christ-centered life.
I'm happy with the facilities; we just built a new building a few years ago, so everything is clean.
We have added several AP classes, and students are now able to take a duel enrollment class as well as go to a community college to get credit. I believe all the classes are rigorous, and I enjoy them. The teachers are great and explain things very well.
The extracurriculars have grown so much in just the past few years! I know it will keep expanding, and I'm excited for the school!
Sometimes the school's policies may be a little strict, but we are a Christian school, so we stand for Christ, and it is definitely made a bigger issue than it really is. Hearing students nag all the time is tiresome. Some random rules are just absurd, but I still think students shouldn't make such a big deal out of them. What bothers me most is that teachers often have "favorites" and only those students can get away with rule breaking.
It's probably a 3.5, but I'll round up. Well, considering I have been here since kindergarten, I am confident that I would go through elementary and middle school at DHCA again. High school is when things became a hassle. It's mainly the student body, though. The entire view of the students has changed since I was in middle school, and I don't think I would want to redo my high school here.
I say we're pretty safe, especially at school. Outside of school, well, we have students who do all sorts of things. I don't get involved with that, but I have heard about some... not so safe activities going on.
I like the food, for the most part. We got rid of a ton of amazing food though. We used to have slushies and all sorts of ice cream! But that was done away with when we moved to healthier options, though we still have vanilla ice cream. DHCA caters most of the main meals, so sometimes the food is cold or soggy by the time we get it.
The food choices at DHCA are the best in the county!
The academics at DHCA are set at extremely high standards, therefore driving students to do their absolute best in each class.
The health and safety of students at Decatur Heritage is very important and well-enforced.
Overall, DHCA has a growing and prosperous athletic program.
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This school is, overall, a great school that has helped in my educational growth process and has bettered my capacity for learning as well as my character.
I feel that the dress code is too strict. Students are going to be exposed to all kinds of people who dress in their own personal ways anywhere they go. I do agree that I can be distracting but the dress code has it's extremities. Also, bullying is always going to be an issue in any one person's life. It is not tolerated at my school and when teachers find out that such actions have occurred it is felt with with severe punishment, yet this does not stop bullying from happening.
The extracurricular activities at DHCA are numerous. Most of them are very different and offer students the ability to choose the activity that best suits them.
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