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it is a good school for the most part. I met all my lifetime friends there. it prepared me for some parts of college. the teachers and faculty were helpful as best as they could. the school wasn't all that diverse, but it was safe.
I like that Decatur Central High School has a lot of outstanding clubs and activities. They even have a variety of classes to choose from. I enjoyed my psychology class and I think that’s what got me to consider it as my major in college. Another thing is how good they are with making sure we are prepared for college and making sure we know what we want for after high school. It is a good school overall.
Decatur is a great school considering it's diversity and extracurricular activities. The academics aren't bad either.
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Attending Decatur Central High School, these past four years, has honestly been some of the best years of my life. It thought me about myself and made me become the person I am today. There isn’t much to change about it since as a senior there’s been a lot of help from the counselors and teachers while I’ve been applying to colleges. That has all helped me get ready for my college life. Something else I like about DCHS is that it even has a program for best buddies which is something that I’m proud about. The fact that the school also offers ivy tech classes to get college credit is a huge advantage and opportunity. Overall, the rate of five stars is very well deserved.
Overall I’ve really enjoyed going to Decatur Central High School and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. However, no school is perfect and there’s always room to improve. For example, at Decatur I wish there was more of an emphasis on mental health. I’m currently a senior and there have been some pros and cons but of course I’ve learned from all of my experiences.
Decatur Central is a really diverse school which is one of the most important qualities in a school for me. As a student, I feel safe in school because safety is always a priority to the Administrators. Although I generally feel this way, there are some aspects that I feel are not as diverse such as clubs, activities, or sports. Moreover is the problem in transportation with some buses full to capacity, some students even riding 3 to a seat. Other students that I have personally encountered, would rather not ride the bus at all due to the number of students filling the bus.
The administration weren't up to standard but the teachers I had were amazing! The administration did things without communicating to parents or taking input from parents. My choir teacher is the reason why I decided to pursue college. Teachers generally cared more for student success than did the administration.
My experience at Decatur Central High School is that it’s a pretty good school. The school and overall academics are great. The only issue is some students are not correctly disciplined for the way they act and behave.
Decatur Central High School is where I will be graduating, as I have been there for 4 years. Overall it's a pretty good school to attend. Majority of the teachers are excellent, as they wish to see you move on to greater things. Resources are everywhere, and if someone can't help you they'll recommend someone who will. Although, school food is a little gross and hard to eat (typical). Safety in my opinion could definitely improve, but it has grown since I was a freshman. Another thing I did not like was feeling as if my parents aren't that involved, but I have stepped in to keep them in the loop. Decatur has been a great school to me, through good and bad, and I appreciate having the staff I have been involved with throughout my high school career.
DCHS has phenomenal fine arts programs but the administration tends to focus more on glorifying sports over the arts. Aside from that, the teachers aren't always given the freedom they need to adequately prepare the students for life and college. I've witnessed too many great teachers leave because of the administration.
This school is very focused on giving their students the best education possible. They have very flexible schedules so students can take many classes to learn many things.
It was a fun sport loving school. The teachers cared about you and the grades you received. I had the time of my life and high school passed so fast. I would love to start it all over i met the love of my life and great friends.
Decatur central is a very well and maintained school to go to. The atmosphere is always great and so is the athletics! The only thing I would change is going back to paper based homework rather than online. But as new generations come through they will enjoy the technology based work!
I've had a positive experience with this school. Many of the teachers were supportive and made my experience here more enjoyable. Most were willing to offer help if we ask for it. The school itself offers a wide variety of activities as well. There are several after school clubs and a great fine arts program. The athletic facilities and programs they provide are also quite good.
I'm a recent graduate and I had a pretty good 4 years here. Aside from your normal teenage issues and the fact not every teacher teaches the best way for each individual, I had amazing teachers(especially the last two years) and the only issues I had with other students was typical teen drama, there wasn't any bullying that I seen or experienced.
I loved my experience at Decatur Central High School. I was able to pursue my extracurricular activities while also striving in academics. The teacher and administrators were all very helpful throughout all four years that I have attended this school.
I graduated in 2017 and I enjoyed being here. The school pride is amazing. The teachers are pretty good and want to be there. The administration is alright, but it seems that they don't care as much about the students by not giving them everything they need, but they are good at getting you ready for college.
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The staff was always very supportive and helpful. The teachers were always involved and focused on helping students maintain a decent and healthy GPA and making sure the students needs came before their own.
In Decatur Central High School I like how easily accessible teachers are. Whenever I need help with a specific problem there are always a lot of teachers available that are willing to help me. Another aspect I like about Decatur Central High School is that the entire school recycles. Well, even though every classroom as a recycling bucket all the trash in the cafeteria is thrown away, which I do not agree with. The final thing I like about Decatur Central High School is the band program. The band program allows me to de stress and work hard with my friends. All these things made my High School experience a great one.
I like how the teachers teach you, I like the classrooms, desks, and boards. I like the stadium, cafeteria and gym. Everything there is better. I think it should be one of the best schools in Indiana.
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