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I've been a student at Bozeman since the last half of my freshman year and am a junior now. It isn't the best place, but it's okay. The parents live through their kids and the kids certainly act the part. The school just got it's first A rating in the years that it's been open, but things are starting to look up. Freshman and sophomore academics are very intense while junior and senior classes are below par. Neither the students or the kids want to be there. Guidance is absolutely terrible at meeting the needs of the students based on my personal experience. I've asked my guidance counselor billions of times to find my middle school transcripts with three high school credits in three years and I've yet to get what I want. Regardless, it's as good as high school is bound to get.
Bozeman was the only school in my district and it was mandatory for me to attend the school. I honestly did not enjoy the school. The students in my classes did not want to be there so they would act up in class which would then prevent the teachers from doing their job. So sitting in class consisted of the teacher always yelling and getting off topic. I was not challenged as much as I should have.
I liked the small size. I did not like the lack of diversity. 99% of student body is white and extremely firm beliefs, very close minded, hard to make friends. My teachers were for the most part very good.
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Bozeman is a k-12 school. The baseball program is very good even 6th graders have the opportunity to play with seniors.
The school makes you feel safe. They have peers in your classes for extra help. There are never any fights at the school. Some teachers are rude and don’t teach but some actually teach. They have many clubs and after school programs for anyone. The school is very big and is pre-k through 12th grade.
Small learning environment with teachers willing to help in any way possible. Small school, almost everyone knows each other making friendships easier to obtain. There are almost no drugs at the school.
No enough space to explain...will continue my review through an online letter to Bay County Distric School Board.

Topics I will emphasize...
#1 FLU-1 day to sanitize a school (r u kidding me!
#2 Backpacks, Lockers, & our children's medical issues directly related to carrying 73lbs of books everyday.
Deane Bozeman staff makes you feel like family. They do everything in their power to make you feel at home. My experience at Bozeman has been wonderful. I would recommend Bozeman to anyone who wanted an amazing school for their children.
At Deane Bozeman school there is such a small population that everyone at the school feels like a family. The teachers really give extra effort into the well being of their students. Everyone at Bozeman truly cares about each other and that is this school's best trait. Bozeman has good academics but not stellar, and the sports are not top notch, but Bozeman overall cares more than any other school I have ever seen.
I transferred to Bozeman my Junior Year and my grades instantly went up. A lot of nice people go there and the teachers help you out to achieve your best grade. I would like to see the administration take it easy on the high schoolers and not be so strict.
I liked how friendly everyone was. I liked that the teachers cared about the students. I didn't like that they didn't offer many AP and duel enroll classes.
I was a new student to Deane Bozeman High School my junior year. I have really enjoyed the campus along with the amazing staff! It is more like a family than a school, and I was welcomed!
Deane Bozeman School prepared me for college. Most of the teachers were knowledgeable in the field they were teaching. The administration is in full support of their teachers and students. They also strive to ensure that everyone is successful in their academic studies. I highly recommend Deane Bozeman School above all other schools in Bay District School because of the high-quality education, teachers, and college preparation they offered me. The only downside is the food that they serve, but they have no choice in that matter because that comes from the Bay District Office.
Bozeman is a good school with a family atmosphere. The agriculture department is awesome. More AP classes need to be offered.
I went to DBS from Kindergarten all the way through my senior year of high school. It was the one and the only school I went to before I went to college. Personally, I loved it there! It was a great small-town atmosphere where everyone knew everyone, teachers included. It was a fantastic place to learn and grow. However, I wish that during my time there, I would have had more classes that were available to me that were going to prepare me for college. I had a pretty good work ethic to start with and that helped me tremendously when going to college but I still feel that there could've been more done in regards to college prep.
Not much bullying, very safe environment!
Many great opportunities and clubs are available!
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We have unique opportunities at our K-12 school that we couldn't receive anywhere else. We have close relationships build with the faculty and staff, the elementary kids get to look up to us, and many clubs. We have our own Agriculture program and have animals on our school campus. It's been a great 13 years at Bozeman!
I feel many of the teachers go above and beyond but there is a select handful that show they would rather be at home watching TV and couldn't care less about the students and their education.
The school lunches are gross, and I've never seen the school nurse but she is always in the front office.
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