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deToledo is such a safe environment and a school like no other. What I love most is the bonds you can form with teachers and how much you can trust them. A great school to send your children.
De Toledo high school is a fantastic school for all of the recourses and opportunities it offers. All the teachers at this school are always available for anything you need. They are always Available for Bonus and lunch.
This is an overrated school. They do an excellent job in marketing their school to prospective parents, but there is very little substance once you join. The Speech and Debate Team is ineffective and provide very little training. Some of their Jewish studies teachers are highly superficial and lack any rigor. The English program fails to teach writing. They are not accommodating to students unique needs. It is highly bureaucratic school environment- sometimes it feels like you are dealing with an LAUSD school. Students' clubs are a sham- not active and simply there for show. Their culture is not supportive of parents , unless you are a big donor of the school. A big waste of money. Stay away.
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Our son has flourished here. He & his friends feel happy to be there & emotionally safe. The teachers are always there for them
love this school, great academics, teachers, clubs and activities, school culture, resources, parent involvement, diversity, college rediness, safety, administration, and facilities
de Toledo High School is an academically enriching school. However, the faculty strives to keep up this show of perfection that it often fails to maintain the communities true ideals.
I loved my experience at de Toledo and I enjoyed it welcoming community. That being said, I wish there wasn't as much turnover of teachers and college counselors guided the students more.
This was a great school. I had lots of fun teachers that cared about how well I did! The headmaster there had this thing about A+ human beings, but it was pretty clicky. The Jewish classes are fun to go to because then you are encouraged to argue with the Torah!
DeToldeo highschool is a very inclusive groups of students and faculty. They help each student to become the best version of themselves.
I love the sense of community and emphasis on character that comprise de Toledo High School. The whole school feels like a family, and the teachers genuinely care about their students' personal lives and success. One thing I would like to see change, however, would be a more balanced approach to politics.
Good teachers, they care about you succeeding. Lots of clubs to join and sports. They provide a lot of good opportunities for students to go on trips and experience other cultures.
My time in high school has been a mix of great academics and a pretty bad social life. Being an introvert at this school is hard, and the kids are all pretty mainstream. There is no diversity within the student body at all.
Academics are one perk of the school. Teachers are friendly and helpful. However the workload is really tough
No diversity. If students want friends they have to conform or otherwise be ignored
After school activities require a lot of commitment (sports, theater, set design)
Not the most friendly environment for students. It's one-way or the highway, so if a kid is a little different and unique it is harder for them to have friends.
Great teachers who care about their work environment and students.
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The security at de Toledo is outstanding; I have never felt like I was not safe. However, there is no school nurse.
There are many clubs and it is very easy to form your own club. There are different sports P.E.'s and teams, science academy, band, theatre, and art.
I have been an active participant in musical theatre since I was a young girl. As soon as I started to attend this school, I immediately felt welcomed and supported by the director and the rest of the theatre community. This continued throughout my entire high school career. Thanks to my supportive director, I have found my passion and my path.
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