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De La Salle North Catholic High School Reviews

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What I would like to see changed at De LaSalle is better communication among parents, experience employees working in the Business Office and one day have a music department.
It is ok it prepares you for college but didn’t give me enough time for scholarships. The work program was good, it gave me a lot of good experience that I wouldn’t have gotten from any other school. The teachers really care about there students. Being at de la Salle is like being with family.
De La Salle North Catholic High School was great in preparing me to find a job and applying to colleges. It stands close to its value of educating students, and that is shown through challenging students in their academics, whether it may be in AP classes or afterschool activities such as Poetry club, Art club, and Philosophy club. Also, in aspects of challenging students, De La Salle grants opportunities for students to reach out to the community by participating in community service on Founder's Day or volunteering as waiters or kitchen bussers at homeless diners such as St. Francis Dining Hall or Blanche House.
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I like how diverse our school is, and how close the community is. Our teachers work hard to prepare us for college. We also get the opportunity to work in corporate offices one day every week and this is unique and nice. This means we will all have work experience before we are even out of high school.
De La Salle is a great school with a great program. Their CWSP ( Corporate Work Study Program ) provides students with the opportunity to go out one day a week and work.
I love this school because this is school is very diverse and small so it is easy to know everybody. There are so many opportunities to explore yourself out side of this school as well.
For me DLSN was like a small family that was always there to give support in achieving in my dreams. Although it is small and might lack some resources the staff and teachers make up for it. I believe all the teachers there put in 110% to help their students succeed.
I love the care that all the staff show towards their students and the corporate work study program where we get to experience real life jobs before we head to college and the next life
I liked that it was a diverse school even though it was a catholic we had all kinds of religions because so many people wanted to be in a private school where we could get more one on one with the teachers and have smaller classes.
I've had a decent experience so far with dlsnc. This school opens up many doors for all its students. De la salle carries a reputable reputation, that many colleges look in favor for. Yes the school is lacking in several areas. However, those are planned to be fixed as they are getting ready to build a new school.
No matter that this is a private school. It lacks basic funding for high education. There is no school nurse. Most of all the policy and teachers are very white. However the education there is better than public school.
I liked that this school had a work study program, also I like that this school was a college readiness school that prepared me for my future.
This school does an excellent job with preparing students for college as well as giving students an internship. This is great preparation for the real world and a great way to help people figure out what jobs are the right fit for them. Also teachers give lots of help with preparing students for test, quizzes, and college. The main issues with this school are food, lack of resources, teacher diversity, overall availability for sports.
My experience at this school is amazing. This school is way different than any other school. I love their Corporate Work Study Program.
I feel that at De La Salle you can get a great sense of community no matter your personal religion or beliefs. While there I had the ability to interact with a lot of people of different races that I would never have gotten to meet if I attended a public high school. And De La Salle does a really good job of not creating race groupings and I feel that is a really great thing because that means people with different views get to understand each other. One of the only downsides I had at the school was the girl's soccer program; in my four years of playing we had a multiple of coach's and not all of them even knew how to play soccer. There was definitely a real difference of effort being put into the girls and boys team. But overall my four years of high school have been filled with a wide diversity of friends and staff who understood and accepted me.
I attended De La Salle since my freshman year and I live this school. It's the perfect school for high school students that like an inclusive, small, diverse community that will feel like family.
We don't have very many clubs and activities. The ones we have are good but we just don't have the budget for the kind of clubs that most public high schools have. I wish we had band.
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I wish that this school had more clubs and activities. However I understand that budget is an issue, and I respect decisions made my administration. Overall, I love this school and how dedicated the staff is to helping us get such a great education.
Teachers at this school try their best. Some teachers are better than others about being consistent with their grading, but if you can make relationships with your teachers, they will respect you.
We were a small school
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