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De La Salle Institute - Lourdes Hall Campus Reviews

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For the three years that I went there before the boys and girls campus combined, I really enjoyed myself. The classes were very enjoyable and the teachers were always helpful and nice. I learned a lot about myself and others going there because that was a big transition from 8th grade to freshman year.
I loved my teachers. My teachers became started to feel like my other friends. I loved my American Literature and British Literature teacher, Mr. Stebelton. He was the friendliest, most understanding and caring teacher I ever had. He helped me thrive in English and writing papers. One thing I didn't like about De La Salle was the girls. I met very nice people there that are most likely going to be friends for life, but there was a lot of drama. Some girls would start rumors, or fight with other girls, or not even want to learn.
Begin at De La Salle for all four years have been great. They help me prepare for college. There was a lot of resources to go to for help. Before I went to De La Salle in really loved how it was diversity. I like how the campus was separated because it allows the students to focus on their work and not having to impress the male or female.
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I am a sophomore at De La Salle. I chose to go here because I was very fimilar with the school and both my mom and sister went here. At first I was hesitant to go to an all girls school but I am glad I did. My teachers are nice and I can tell that they will do all they can to make sure i feel prepared for the future. The school is small so it is easy to find all the classes. There are different personalities so it is not hard to find friends
De La Salle has an outstanding faculty. The teachers are always willing to help a student & accommodate them as best as they can.
I ham Samantha Vicenteno a senior at De la Salle. For the past four years it has been an all girl school, and am the last class to graduate as of 2017 to graduate as an all girls school. Through out my years I have created the best memorize and relationships with my teachers and students. We are all like one big family that all gets along, and help each other out in any ways possible. I believe we are the way we are because we are such a small school. There would be nothing that I would like to change about De La Salle because they have given me the best four years so far.
What I liked about DLS was the atmosphere, overall. All the teachers and counselors are there to help you no matter what you need. Whether it's tutoring or if you just need someone to talk to. The students may have had a few bumps in the role, but we all supported each other. In the end, we are all women and we all support each other. One thing I would like to see changed is it not changing! The girls school is merging with the boys school and I believe it should stay separate. I feel both boys and girls can focus better this way, and everyone would feel more comfortable if it just stayed the way it was now.
At De La Salle, the school is diverse, preparing one well for college, and overall is just a great experience. I'd like to see a little change though. I want teachers to reach out to students to better prepare them. If a teacher sees a student is struggling, it should be their responsibility to be available to help.
I like how your teachers care about as a student and as a person. They offer you help when you are doing bad in a course or just don't understand a curtain topic. Especially as an athlete the coaches help you focus both in academics and athletics. They try to push you to another level to show that you have the potential to be a student athlete. I just wish they had someone that speaks spanish in there main office.
We have many clubs from dance club to fitness club and from fitness club to aviation club. We have a wide range of things to do. Our clubs meet before and after school and each have great involvement and there are so many new clubs sprouting each year.
The school is full of great people that you will share connections with for a life time. The activities we have are amazing and overall school involvement such as clubs and sports are great. The only problem is that the school isn't as strong as it should be in terms of preparation for college. This school produces average ACT scores opposed to other IL Catholic schools nd it is also hard to be able to take Honors classes which can also affect college acceptance.
De La Salle is a great high school for students who are well rounded. The school really focuses on academics and athletics. The teachers are all very kind and welcoming. A majority of the teachers are younger so they are able to reach out to students better since not so long ago, they were students. In terms of teaching styles, the teachers relate assignments to current world situations in order to better understandings. Also, many of the teachers are available before and after school for any questions. De La Salle also has the National Honors Society students help tutor.
There are plenty of clubs that go on at once, clubs are usually flexible in allowing you to rotate your attendance.
I wouldn't want to re-attend because I feel it is a waste of a lot of money for little education.
Some teachers have planned out agendas unlike others. The teachers a knowledgeable, and the interest in the students only usually comes from the teachers that supervise sports or clubs. Their communication skills are okay for the most part, however most do not update EdLine (grades) as they are suppose to.
De La Salle is very strict about bullying and conduct throughout the school. I feel like anyone attending De La Salle will be safe and not have to worry about any violence.
De La Salle only has one main director it seems like for sports. The way the sports are set up is unfair, I feel that kids are only chosen based on family connections. I wish De La Salle had a more proficient way they organised the sports.
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I am currently a sophomore at De and I feel that this school best fits who I am as a person and my needs. De La Salle is not only welcoming but I feel safe in my community. De La Salle is a private Catholic high school but they still accept your religious values if you are Christian or Atheist. I am in the honors program (highest) and I always set the standard of pushing myself over the expected minimum. These classes are very rigorous and they push me to my full capacity. I feel like I have a close connection with many of my teachers and if you don't show them that you are serious about learning they probably will not help you. Overall be a good student and I always know that college is right around the corner De La Salle is just the school to prepare you, so please do not take that for granted.
The teachers at De La Salle are very engaged in their studies. They all make the classroom a fun place to learn and provide future knowledge that can help you with college and beyond. All of my teachers are very approachable and open to any concerns or needs I may have. De La Salle Lourdes Hall is for the most part free from judgement and it's very diverse.
the teachers utilize different techniques of teaching which help the students learn which way is best for them. They make their lessons fun and interactive
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