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De La Salle is an excellent high school. Academically, the school provides the students with highly qualified teachers making the students ready for college. The school offers many extra-curricular activities. No matter what a student's interest is, there is a club for him to join. De La Salle offers so many sports and even if a student is not athletic, being a spectator is a lot of fun, too. Last, but not the least, I am grateful that our school provides us with spiritual guidance.
De La Salle is where boys become men. You will have morals instilled in you that will serve you well in life. Great sense of family amongst the students and faculty.
My experience at De La Salle was rocky but still worth it in the end. I loved the community and the friends I made, as well as many of my teachers. I liked the care some teachers put into the classrooms and the supportive atmosphere for students. At the same time, the atmosphere was often strict and unnecessarily cruel towards students, based on the teachers or administrators in charge.
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De La Salle High School is a private Roman Catholic school for boys, that teaches its students of Lasallian values. It is an incredible school as the courses are challenging and rigorous while also engaging. The teachers at the school are a benefactor to the learning experience for the students as they do not only teach the class but also life lessons. Furthermore, the teachers interact with the students, forming a deep connection which makes the learning experience more fun and more valued for the students. There is a sense of community not only between the teachers and the students but within the students themselves. On a daily basis, the students support one another academically and athletically which strengthens the bonds and strive for what students call at De La Salle "brotherhood." De La Salle is an extraordinary school as it prepares its students for the future and mold a student to become a better individual through scholarship, faith, and integrity.
De La Salle is a private high school in Concord CA. They are known for their outstanding football program that has been consistently ranked in the top 10 for nearly 30 years. The school is run by the Christian Brothers of St John Baptist De La Salle. The academics are outstanding, and the teachers are the most caring people I have ever met.
Prepared me for the next step in my educational process. Directly worked with each student to make sure that they are successful and prepared for the next chapter in their life.
The greatest school ever, experiencing a brotherhood is worth more than anything. Each day I learned to be a better person whether it was being respectful on and off the football or soccer field. This school is where I learned that you can't judge a book by its cover. Just because someone goes to a nice school does not mean they live a nice life. Most of my friends were in the same position that I was in at home and I had no idea until I set my ego aside and opened up how I felt about life. I wish more people had the experience that I was able to get because I learned not only alot about an education but about life and the what the word irreparable means.
The school is very welcoming and offers good college-prep classes. Counselors (for college and social) are professional. Administration is well-organized.
School is pretty good in almost every area. School events are fun to go to and easy to attend. Games are very fun to go to with friends. Some teachers could be hit or miss, but once you learn more about them it becomes easy to deal with the class.
De La Salle is a college prep school in concord california, well known for its football team which won 150 games in a row, which can be seen in the movie made about it: when the game stands tall. The reason behind why the students were able to achive this is the extreme amount of effort that the students and faulty put in, which can be seen in all aspects of the school in addition to sports.
I was pretty nervous when I first started as a freshman at De La Salle, a school of such prestige in academics and in sports. I was hoping that this school would welcome people with open arms and try to help fit every student on what their passions are. And this school does just that. Not one student that I've seen is being shut out or being an outcast. Students at DLS wants everyone to be involved.
De La Salle has a very strong sports program and places a strong emphasis on catholic teachings while not making it imposing. Most of the religion classes center on catholic teaching, but you won't be punished for having an opposing view.
There are plenty of AP classes available, but this tends to lower the bar in the non-AP classes where there is an AP alternative. Students tend to perform amazingly well on the AP tests though. I'd say the median score would be either 4 or 5, and if I had to guess, I'd guess 5.
The school administration is rather controlling on some topics (I'm still salty about how they suddenly stopped us from going to Disneyland for grad night AFTER we organized everything) but overall, it's a very good school.

The emphasis on sports cannot be overstated though; it's a major part of school culture and the sense of community in the school.
I liked De La Salle a lot because it has the Catholic values that I have had since I was a little child. I came from a public school in Arizona and it wasn't the best. Transitioning to this prestigiuos high school showed me how great the teachers and students were. It also showed me how the education was much more challenging then other schools which was good because it prepared me for college.
Great academics, but religion gets in the way of it sometimes. For example, a student's grade should not suffer if they do not feel comfortable partaking in a Catholic prayer. I am not Catholic, and I was marked down many times for refusing to lead my class in a prayer.
I loved De La Salle, and I miss it to this day. The school has a great family aspect that most schools don't have. They use the term brotherhood, and it fits perfectly. I recommend playing a sport here because that is the way to develop great friends, and you're missing out if you're not.
De La Salle is a Lasallian school which promises to build a man of Faith, Integrity and Scholarship along with a quality education. While the school does an amazing job in educating the 'whole person', the academics are hit or miss. Although there are several teachers who have been at the school a long time and are dedicated, there are some very bad/lazy teachers as well. Bad teacher qualities can range from making their job as easy as possible and not teaching the students to grading papers to the point where it is impossible to get a good grade in the class (just because they enjoy watching students fail). One teacher literally made us have book discussions every day with our tables so he could play Clash of Clans. The best part of De La Salle is the senior Kairos retreat. But beyond being Catholic, there is not much that separates De La Salle from a public school.
Although stressful and demanding, the academic and athletic programs at De La Salle have had a major impact on who I am today. Going into De La Salle as a freshman I knew a handful of people at most. I was reluctant to admit it but I was scared and a little angry that I had to go there. However, within the first few weeks of the school year I had made new friends and was beginning to feel more welcomed at the school. Playing sports also had a huge part of it because that's where I met a lot of my friends as well. In conclusion, De La Salle was an amazing experience for me and although tough at first, I love the school and the people there and I cannot imagine my life without it.
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It has been an extraordinary experience attending De LaSalle. Ratio student to teacher is excellent.
De La Salle is a great place that focuses on growing boys into men. They value each individual and strive to provide the best for all academically and morally.
I learned and enjoyed nearly all of high school and I can't say enough good things about the school.
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