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De La Salle was a wonderful place for High School. I truly believe that its academics and how it prepared me for college is second to none. Because of the lessons I learned from teachers and at the school in general, I was a step ahead of everyone else as soon as I graduated.
I have been going to the school for over 3 years now, and have had an extreme amount of fun playing football and participating in activities such as intermural basketball, jeopardy and spirit week activities. Recently, during my senior year, there has been turmoil with the football team and the administration, creating a lot of stress and worry from parents, faculty, and students involved. Regardless of past events, I have loved the school and would send my sons there as well.
The president of DLS is John Knight. This man is a disgrace and should not be in charge of the any students !
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Speaking from experience as a recent graduate, De La Salle Collegiate is one of the best high schools in Michigan. De La Salle has recently adopted the saying, ‘It’s not just for four years... it’s for a lifetime’ and that statement cannot be more correct. When you become part of the De La Salle family you are not only partaking in a great Lasallian Catholic education, you are forming everlasting bonds with every one around you and the countless alumni that regularly engage in De La Salle activities. De La Salle has provided me a solid base for further academic studies at a four year university and a lifetime of connections and memories. De La Salle should be the first option of any family looking to be engaged in their sons education and life.
Only giving it a 3 star for the maybe handful of teachers I enjoyed and the lifelong friends I met. Honestly 80% of the teachers are just there for a small paycheck they get at the end of the week and it is sad. All administration cared about is the kids who passed the drug tests and if you failed you were completely alienated. This is not the De La Salle I want to send my children to. Hate to say it but if DLS is still like this when I have children they will be unfortunately attending U of D or Brother Rice
De La Salle prepares its students to become successful men in society . They give you the guidance you need for college and stress the importance of being involved with school activities. There are ample opportunities to play sports, joins clubs, and to participate in community services. De La Salle takes pride in its high academic excellence and assistance students who need extra help. I started De La Salle in tenth grade and it has been a great experience for me. I would like to see the haircut and shaving policy changed along with the continuing schedule changes throughout the year.
De La Salle is a great all-boys Catholic high school. The teachers are invested in preparing students for a future beyond school, whether it be real life jobs or college.
DeLasalle is an excellent school! It has a great network of teachers that are always interested in your education. They have the SAIL program to help you succeed in your academics. It acts as a tutoring facility where various teachers are involved in the tutoring process. As a 4 year football player and 3 year swimmer it is awesome to have so many coaches that are also teachers in the school. This helps to creates a very family oriented environment.
It is a great school and all the students share a brotherhood and relationship like no other. The school builds character and prepares us for the real world and how to live outside of school.
De La Salle collegiate is a great school. The atmosphere is positive and informative. The faculty is oustanding from teaching to building.
Overall I enjoyed my experience at DLS. The best part about the school is that everybody feels like they are part of a group and you always have a place to fit in.
When I first came here, I was worried about how well I would do. I came from a really small middle school, so I didn't know what to expect. However, I quickly made many friends and had an incredible faculty to help me grow as a student and as a person. I am thankful I go to DLS.
Being a student at De La Salle opened up opportunities I believe I would not have been able to receive at any other high school. During my four years I was able to build a brotherhood that I could be apart of for a life time. De La Salle follows its mission of being "builders of boys and makers of men." On top of the camaraderie the teachers and staff are excellent. Everyone wants to see you become the best person you can be in and out of the classroom.
A wonderful place to learn with an outstanding staff, with teachers always eager to help struggling students.
Great school with teachers who work hard to support and push their students to the next level. The cafeteria food is always well prepared and fresh. Going to De La Salle High School is a great experience.
De La Salle was a great experience, I feel more than prepared for college. You really feel at home there.
Great school really prepared me for college. When I was an upper class man the faculty and staff really helped with my college decision process and made it easier on me. I would recommend this school to anyone.
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Two of my sons went to De La Salle Collegiate and to be honest I was disappointed. The education they received was fine, but the overall feeling of the school and the priorities seemed unbalanced. Sports and the affluent families were given special treatment. My older son was bullied while he was there. The communication between the school and the families was also poor.
I could not be happier with my choice to attend DLS. I can not thing if a better school for academics, sports and social life. It is the one and top hop for all of the best aspects of being a high school student.
De La Salle is the best high school in the area to get your son to the best college. Put in the work and see the school work for you. Our academics are amazing as shown by our more challenging grading scale. The school's reputation is enough to get you anywhere, and if you challenge yourself and succeed you can easily get into any major university. Our sports are successful and we have more than enough clubs to satisfy anyone's free time. I've made lifelong friends since going here and I'll never forget it. You need to go to this school! Go Pilots!
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