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De La Salle Collegiate High School Reviews

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It is a great school and all the students share a brotherhood and relationship like no other. The school builds character and prepares us for the real world and how to live outside of school.
De La Salle collegiate is a great school. The atmosphere is positive and informative. The faculty is oustanding from teaching to building.
Overall I enjoyed my experience at DLS. The best part about the school is that everybody feels like they are part of a group and you always have a place to fit in.
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When I first came here, I was worried about how well I would do. I came from a really small middle school, so I didn't know what to expect. However, I quickly made many friends and had an incredible faculty to help me grow as a student and as a person. I am thankful I go to DLS.
Being a student at De La Salle opened up opportunities I believe I would not have been able to receive at any other high school. During my four years I was able to build a brotherhood that I could be apart of for a life time. De La Salle follows its mission of being "builders of boys and makers of men." On top of the camaraderie the teachers and staff are excellent. Everyone wants to see you become the best person you can be in and out of the classroom.
A wonderful place to learn with an outstanding staff, with teachers always eager to help struggling students.
Great school with teachers who work hard to support and push their students to the next level. The cafeteria food is always well prepared and fresh. Going to De La Salle High School is a great experience.
De La Salle was a great experience, I feel more than prepared for college. You really feel at home there.
Great school really prepared me for college. When I was an upper class man the faculty and staff really helped with my college decision process and made it easier on me. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Two of my sons went to De La Salle Collegiate and to be honest I was disappointed. The education they received was fine, but the overall feeling of the school and the priorities seemed unbalanced. Sports and the affluent families were given special treatment. My older son was bullied while he was there. The communication between the school and the families was also poor.
I could not be happier with my choice to attend DLS. I can not thing if a better school for academics, sports and social life. It is the one and top hop for all of the best aspects of being a high school student.
De La Salle is the best high school in the area to get your son to the best college. Put in the work and see the school work for you. Our academics are amazing as shown by our more challenging grading scale. The school's reputation is enough to get you anywhere, and if you challenge yourself and succeed you can easily get into any major university. Our sports are successful and we have more than enough clubs to satisfy anyone's free time. I've made lifelong friends since going here and I'll never forget it. You need to go to this school! Go Pilots!
De La Salle has been an incredible experience for our son. It's not just a school - it's a lifetime family. The education is top notch with the latest technology.
The academics at this school are above and beyond. Although, the work load at this school is a bit much only because I play soccer and coach a 7/8th grade soccer team with my father.
Everyone is for the most part respective of other orientations and beliefs but there will always be someone with a big mouth.
There are so many extracurricular classes in which even I am involved in and love dearly.
This school is so unbelievably fun and everyone here makes it a great learning experience.
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Very very good teachers and they have taught me a whole lot more than just school related subjects. For example, one of our class mottos is, "This class is 50% American History, and 50% Life skills. I love my teachers.
Not every teacher is amazing. There are a good few: Howay, Legato, and Mukhtar are all good examples. Killingbeck too, I suppose. Most of the professors treat it like a job, while the 4 I mentioned really take pride and passion in what they teach, it's obvious they know what they're talking about.
Most teachers take a lot of time to help the students outside of the classroom.
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