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D.C. Everest High School Reviews

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DC Everest is definitely the front runner for academic changes, trying new things to best fit the ease of students. Unfortunately, the communication between administration and students is nonexistent. Many changes made within the district are not in consideration of the students, but rather upper powers that take many one-sided approaches.
I like the way that everyone has a routine and that there is a certain flow from one class to another. Everyone is friendly, and I encourage people to play in the band. The clubs are good, and the teachers are very nice. Overall, I like the school, and I encourage others to come too.
There are several opportunities available to everyone. This school provides classes and tools that many public schools do not offer.
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Overall good. Lots of AP class offerings. Some teachers inappropriate or inexperienced. Relatively clean. Food okay.
New challenges are great to learn new things such as the world around us today and the past that are important. For an example, trading in China, how each dynasty works or even learning scienctific law or method. Friends and teachers are always making connections. Help from friend and teachers are always there for you and support from them plus your family. Love every day of high school! Can’t wait for college and yes let’s make this year and many years to come amazing!
I would love to see more diversity within the school but that is not the school's fault that is just the nature of the location. The environment and sports at this school were very exciting and inclusive. The Academics definitely got me ready for college. Overall, I am happy with my experience at this high school.
There is opportunity with Everest’s clubs, sports, and classes that fit all students. Everest has made exceptional effort to improve around the school as well. Students are always given the chance to have their voices and opinions heard. As for teachers, they’re role models who will challenge and care for us. I also enjoy seeing the different things Everest is strives to achieve. We have the school newspaper, we have the Literary Magazine, we have new classes like Teachers Change Lives for people who want to learn how to become a teacher and shadow mentors, and Creation and Innovation that allows kids to create their own projects and research their own topics and be graded on individual improvement and learning aspects. We also have classes ranging in different career areas students are interested in such as Medical Terminology, Careers with Kids, Animal Science, Creative Writing, etc. Everest has been keen on caring for their students and helping them reach their goals.
Good overall expirience, most teachers seem to genuinely,y care about you as a person. However there are a few rotten apples in the teacher tree that spoil it for everyone.
The facilities need to be updated however there are opportunities to be well prepared for college (ie AP credits)
I liked that the school had so many AP classes that allowed me to get ahead in my college career. I didn't like the lack of diversity.
I would like more freedom from this school. I feel like we can't go anywhere without a permission from a teacher. High school is preparing students for college, and I think that this school can do more by allowing the students to be more like college students. For example, I think students should be able to create how they want their schedules to be like. I think that D.C. Everest is the only high school in the Wausau community that doesn't allow their students to create their schedule. I believe this change would be nice.
I like how the teachers inspire and encourage other students to succeed & do well in school. Me being a senior in this high school & going to DC Everest has filled me with price & joy to be coming to this school. I’m glad I went through the DC Everest School district & I want to reflect about myself & how this has impacted my life. I made lots of amazing friends that will last a life time & I’ve met great understanding teachers & facilty.
I appreciated the vast varieties of challenging/ advanced courses they offered. The staff is extremely professional and open to working with students outside of class. Their goal of leading every student to success is evident. In addition, the school has notable, and productive resources for the student's benefits, such as computers, ipads, chrome books, scientific calculators, and so on. Most students were equipped for a higher standard of learning.
D.C. Everest is a great school for those who live in central Wisconsin. The location of the school is great for everyone as it is centrally located in the city. The teachers help students achieve their full potential with innovations being made everyday to better the student life and academic experience. The athletic programs are superb. Although competitive the coaches want each player to not only learn the sport but also teach life lessons that can be used later on in life.
DC Everest District is too big. I feel it should be divided into two districts. This would allow for a more personalized experience for the students. I feel the administration and teachers are struggling to meet the needs of the students.
I liked how the school the structured and how the teachers were very involved with you. However one thing they highly lacked was a good IT teacher despite having dual credits with Northcentral Technical College. Most of my tech skills come from me mainly doing my own research and not relying so much on the school. Also there library was much smaller than the one in the junior highschool. Overall, though the school was a good place to hang out with friends and make good connections.
I transferred to DC Everest Senior High in the begining of junior year. The teachers and counselors there were very helpful, which helped me adjust to the changes.
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There are many opportunities within the district, opportunities that aren’t available for kids outside of the district, however it can be a struggle to get teachers that genuinely care about the students and their wellbeing, but academically are very good at their jobs. Administration acts like they care about the opinions of teachers and students, however they do what they want regardless of the feedback. Overall a good school, one of the better ones in the area.
One thing that I really enjoy about D.C. Everest High School is the teaching staff. As a whole they not only care about your success in their class but also in your future. I have had countless experiences with teachers and different staff members that have made a positive impact that will last a lifetime for me. Another thing that makes the teaching staff of D.C. Everest unique and special is that they not only cover a tons of important content but they also make it a fun and engaging experience. For example instead of always having to suffer through lectures all day every once in a while a educational video or game is involved with the learning curriculum. Overall I would recommend D.C. Everest to others because they provide a fun and unique learning experience.
Each teacher that I had was super fantastic and supportive in everything I wanted to do, encouraging me to be better and putting forth significant effort to ensure that I learned as effectively as possible.
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