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Dayton high school is and okay school but I really wish they had more college resources available. They don't really talk much about college or the things to prepare for it. We have a college and career center but it's not open that often, also all junior year they never talked about scholarships or college they just had some college trips and a project. I wish they had more college stuff available.
Even though I have yet to graduate, Dayton High School has been overall amazing. The staff is great and they offer you the help that you need. What I like most about Dayton High is that the whole student body and staff know you. That way, it is way easier to get help because you're friends with everyone and anybody is willing to help you. Something that I would like to see change is that we don't have like cooking class, pottery class, building classes, sewing class. I hope to see that go into action soon. Those classes would be good and helpful to have at Dayton High School.
I love this school because even though it's kinda crappy it is a tight knit small town community. Our FFA program is one of the best in the state and has allowed me to find my niche and excel.
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Some of the teachers I love, others I hate. There is a wide variety of teachers who teach very well and go above and beyond, and those who don't.
My teachers are fun, nice, and amazing. I enjoy them.
Compared to bigger schools, we barely have any security but we also are in a small town where nothing has ever really happened. *Knocks on wood*
Sports is the top out if school activity since everyone wants to be apart of a certain team. We almost always make it to state once or more a year, and all sports are pretty equal as long as we have a good coach.
The sports here are great, everyone knows each other, and we have plenty of choices with the classes we want to join.
Engage students, help out of class, and care a lot.
A lot of cliques, but there are plenty of friendly people who are willing to accept new students and they usually are accepted into a group within a day.
It didn't help me reach my potential in the slightest. The classes are easy for the most part, and kids still constantly fail then blame it on the teachers. The parental bias, especially in the administration is ridiculous. The counselor is extremely unhelpful, her assistant is more so. The only reason I would choose this school again is for the few great teachers, my peers, and if i didn't want to work very hard.
Health and safety is not a high priority in this school, probably because of funding, but they have made improvements to campus security.
I do not eat the school food because I don't find it particularly healthy or tasty.
Don't even get me started.
There are a lot of successful sports teams at this school and everyone has the opportunity to play, whether at the Varsity or JV level. Sports are taken seriously here and it shows in our performance. The only downfall is the many parents who are involved which results in a lot of bias with both coaches in particular sports and the athletic administration.
There are great teachers and mediocre teachers, so my rating evens out to an okay. Some teachers are entirely involved with their students and want them to learn, others are just there because they're being paid. As you get older you get the higher quality teachers, but some elective classes have higher quality teachers than core classes do.
There are about five clubs offered and the same kids participate in all of them for the most part. A few are very involved and successful, like FFA and ASB, but others are not. There are quite a few quality sports opportunities for students and the level of competition is high for a public 3A school.
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Walk right in the back of school
Although, I wish Dayton was academically challenging, I still love this school espically, the bonds I have formed with my class mates and teachers.
I don't eat the school food becasue my mom requiers me to take home made food for lunch.
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