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Everyone at Davis High feels like they are a part of something important, mainly because of the focus on "Defending the Tradition." Most of the teachers are amazing and want to help each of their students grow and succeed. I'd like to see those great teachers I had be rewarded for their hard work, and given whatever they need to keep teaching successfully.
Davis High has great teachers who are willing to go the extra mile and help students. It is very encouraged to get involved with activities and there is a club for everyone at this school.
Academically Davis High School was fantastic. It was huge so it was harder for teachers and students to get to know each other one on one and the faculty didn't know each other as well either. I believe with the new Farmington High being built that will be better for communication with students and teachers.
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Davis High is a great school with so many opportunities. It has over a hundred years of tradition which are defended with Pride, with a very vocal student section. The whole community comes out to support the teams and there is a sense of unity in the town. Whether for sports, music, academics, or the arts Davis highs programs are top notch. A down fall to the school however could be it's layout which segregates the student body into two rivalries. North end, vs southend. Due to the sporting gyms and and athletic facilities being by the south end parking lot and Choir, arts and drama classes being located on the north it has caused two cliques to emerge and if you don't correlate with one or the other you can find yourself lost in a very large school. However, if you are willing to get involved join clubs and get involved Davis high is a wonderful place to go to mold friendships that will last through the years.
This school had great teachers such as Mrs. Bennett, the AP World History teacher and Mr. Frey, the English 10 teacher. However the school had little green area, thin hallways, overcrowded hallways. Since it is in the heart of Utah, diversity was VERY low. Homophobia, and racism was prevelant at this school.
Davis High School is an excellent school that provides a diverse amount of opportunities for all attendees. The schedule, while a little complicated, helped keep students on task and involved.
Davis High School was an Academically inclined school that encouraged success and education for all students. The campus was safe, clean, and friendly. The school was set up to prepare you for the pathways you wanted to pursue in college, and provided the necessary resources to help achieve maximum preparedness. The staff is friendly and well-educated. The culture is ingrained into the community and promotes school spirit through academics, clubs, and athletics.
Davis High School was an amazing experience. There are countless opportunities to be involved. Looking back on my high school experience, I realize the importance of reaching out to everyone. There are currently about 3,000 students attending Davis High. With this excessive number, it makes it hard to meet every single person; however, I feel as though it is worth the effort. Every student has a different high school experience, and mine could not have been better thanks to Davis High School. I received the best education to prepare me for my college experience. I personally loved my high school experience with Davis High and highly recommend it.
Davis was a wonderful school with exceptional teachers in all subject. They provided a very high quality education as well as high quality opportunities in the arts and extra curricular activities.
I learned some of the most vital life lessons within my high school experience. Davis High School is one of the highest academically challenging, yet successful schools in the United States. I was able to participate as a member of several service and academic clubs such as Key Club, Interact Club, the Ultimate Frisbee Club and Team, and Future Business Leaders of America. There are many opportunities to progress in our education as a student at Davis High School.
Something that I did not enjoy about Davis High School was that there were two sides to the enormous school known as the “North side” and the “South side.” Individuals and groups would label themselves as “north siders” or “south siders” which divided the school as a whole.
Davis High is wonderful. There are many sports, arts, CE, AP, BC etc. programs available. It's in a nice community with a kind administration staff, and i wouldn't have wished to attend high school anywhere else. Though... I wouldn't recommend the school lunches... bleh.
Davis High gives a lot of opportunities for every ability level. Whether it is CE, AP, or Early college to give some a head start on life. They have teachers that take their own time to teach a FREE ACT prep course for the students for several days. The school has many clubs and sports for anyone to join, like key club, drama, choir, D' art club, book club, Robotics, yoga, cookie club, laser tag, and more!
Davis high school is one of the biggest schools in Utah. There’s good things and bad things about that. Some good things is there is so many different clubs and activities you can be involved in and so many new people and friends you can meet. There’s more classes and teachers that can help you on your way to higher education. Some bad things could be the fact that sometimes the school can be a little exclusive. So you might not feel like a part of the school since there are so many students unless you are heavily involved with extracurricular activities, but overall it is a good school where you can learn a lot and enjoy a great high school experience!
Davis High School is an amazing place to get an education. The teachers are outstanding and go out of their way to make sure the students understand what is being taught.
Some of my favorite moments of my life have happened right in the hallways of Davis high school. I have learned to grow, socialize and expand my world as a young adult. I have discovered new ways to endure many challenges that have come my way that over all have continued to help me become a stronger more able person as I begin to move into the real world. I look to continue to further my education past Davis High school.
I enjoyed the friends I made. We had so much fun participating classes together, holding study groups, and just hanging out. The teachers there, for the more part, were friendly, encouraging, and professional.
Davis High is filled to the brim with talented kids. People who have become some of my best friends. High school comes with high school challenges, but aside from that, I'd say it was some of the best years of my life.
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The academics are very good and we are always at the top of the schools for sports and for academics. I like the Davis high pride.
Davis High School is an amazing school. The standard at this High School is truly excellence. I had set the goal for myself to graduate high school with my associates degree. The teachers at this school helped me every step of the way in order for me to achieve my goals.
Davis High School has an amazing staff dedicated to ensuring student success. The atmosphere is open to newcomers, whether its incoming sophomores or new seniors. Students at Davis High are driven and inclusive, adding to the overall inclusive atmosphere.
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