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It has a great education program with the best teachers around! It also is one of the top sports schools in Utah.
It's a very good school, but there isn't enough room for one-on-one attention for students who are struggling due to the large class sizes.
One of the things that I loved about Davis high is the tradition that was built into every student who attended. The friendships, dreams, and the families in as which were made while atttending good old Davis high.
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Davis High School is an excellent school with great teachers that really care for their students their student's futures. The teachers and administration not only care about their students but know how to push them so that they can reach their potential.
The school was very impressive academic-wise. The community and mindset of the residents was off-putting. There is a lot of pressure to put on students to achieve and you can see the segregation it makes. There are students who are involved in everything, and then students who are involved in nothing. The staff doesn't really care all that much and isn't very helpful.
I participated in honors academics programs, advanced placement, concurrent enrollment, and sports. The early college credit and experience really helped me out at Utah State. The sports program was also very good.
The education aspect was great, teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed. Peers are great too, they push each other to the best they can be.
This high school is huge. There are upward of 35+ students in each class. The poor teachers struggle to meet the needs of all their students so I feel like most have given up. There are a handful of good teachers but most ignore the kids who are struggling because its too much work. The admin in the main office is great. The Secretary in the counseling center is amazing but mist of the counselors are, again, over worked. Its difficult to get them to respond. The students are bullies and priveladged brats. They bully anyone who is different from them, which isn't many. I've had 3 children go to this school. They all fit in with the students white, priveladged lifestyle but felt terrible about their peers bullying and picking on others.
Overall I believe it is a very successful school! It has cultivated some very successful students and is well known. However, I do think there is room to improve. Because Davis High School is home to thousands of students it is hard for the students to gain a actual relationship with any one teacher. Teachers can be great mentoring, but it can be hard with so many students. I feel like another area of improvement is in the respect of the students. You can tell by the way that the students treat the building, how their levels of respect vary. I have seen Davis trashed pretty badly and it wouldn't hurt to teach the students a little respect. Besides those points Davis is an amazing school!
Davis High has great academics and very high ap pass rates. It also has great sports programs. Almost all of the teachers are amazing and very helpful. This school is rated as one of the top in the state and the nation and it is rightfully so
In my two years at Davis High School I don't have any complaints about staff or students. It's a wonderful school with teachers who push their students to work harder and help them achieve greatness.
Davis High School was a excellent school, especially for those students interested in mathematics and science. The mathematics program here is outstanding.
Davis is a great school with lots of great teachers and tons of unique and valuable opportunities. It does lack diversity but has incredible academics and great athletics. Sometimes it can seem impersonal because of the vast quantity of students that attend Davis.
I loved it there. I learned so much and was so prepared for my first year of college. The teachers are wonderful, for the most part, and I really felt like they cared about me. DHP forever.
Davis High is an excellent school. In fact, better than most in Utah. It has great teachers and an amazing curriculum. This school really helps students succeed and helps for them to strive in future college academics. The only thing that this school, and every high school for that matter, is lacking in is safety from bullies. Personally, I have not experienced it at this school but I know it's an issue. Being part of the HOPE Squad at Davis High I definitely get to see some aftermath of bullying and it's difficult. However, Davis does stand united together. We strive for tradition and it's actually considered very important to a lot to make it stay that way. Also, there's a lot of diversity in many ways. Students of all races, personalities, intelligence, etc. come together in clubs, sports, and other activities. Overall, Davis is a great school and everyone can find a place here.
I really love the academic part of Davis High School. I have enjoyed every class I've taken here. You can really tell that the teachers take their time to plan every detail of their class so us students get the most out of it. The administration is the best of the best. We are the best in the state at many sports. You're guaranteed to see a state champion just walking through the halls. The only thing I dislike about Davis High is the amount of students that attend it. The halls are a mess in between class periods. I've gotten used to it now, but it could use some improvement.
Davis High School is very big and full of a diverse group of students. The layout is very convenient and provides a good learning environment. I love the teachers at Davis.
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The teachers, athletics, and all over education I receive here is amazing, and I'm so lucky to get some of the best teachers in the nation here. However, our school has a huge issue with bullying, cliques, and ignoring students that have depression/anxiety/ mental health issues. Plus, our administration cares more about dress code than real problems. But as to education, it's amazing and has me extremely prepared for college (I've got my associate's degree and I'm graduating a year early, it's fantastic and I couldn't have done it if I went anywhere else).
Academically Davis is a great school. They also have an excellent band program. Certain people will really love it here, but it is not a school that is good for everyone. Students here can be unkind, judgemental, and hypocritical, a culture that is reinforced and supported by many of the teachers and administrators. I'm glad I was able to go to a school that was great academically, but I won't miss it, and I will certainly make sure I live outside of the boundaries when I have kids of my own.
Davis High School was a very decent school. I moved to the school just in time to complete my last year. One of the things I realized I appreciated about my other school was the amount of college preparedness they forced on you. Davis had some things, but there, in my experience, wasn't a lot of talk about getting ready for college. The school is very big, so it's easy to get lost in the crowd. There's so may kids that you often can't get the classes you wanted.
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