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I would highly recommend going to Davis High School. It has helped me in preparing for college by having classes specifically for college preparation. It has helped me earn college credit through AP courses and CE classes. The teachers here are great and if you are ever struggling they are there to help you. Everyone at Davis is very nice and you can always find a friend in such a big school. There are a lot of clubs to join, and if you aren't interested in any of them you can start your own.
I really like Davis High School because of the amazing academics they have, it is a fairly large school but the teachers are all fabulous and caring. I have really enjoyed my time at Davis
The teachers are amazing! I have spent my junior and senior year here at Davis High, and I have not had one complaint about any of my teachers. They are all very dedicated, organized, understanding, and committed to our education. You can tell they love their job! The facility is very clean and spacious. Everyone is super nice, and there hasn't been a fight for years. Student support for sports is phenomenal. The only downfall is that school spirit seems kind of artificial, and the student body is very cliquey. It's hard to break into one of these friend groups.
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This school is amazing. The people I've meet are great and the teachers have changed my life. I've discovered who I am here and who I want to be. This is a high school I'd be proud to say I graduated from.
I really love Davis High because of the academics and the way that the teachers push you to strive to be as successful as possible but also help you along the way so then you become successful and they provide you with all of the tools and resources to become successful.
Great school, but very big with little opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities due to student number.
Many people will tell you that Davis is a very elitist school, or that most of the students are rich kids who don't care about anyone else. But this was not my experience with Davis High School. The students that I knew tried to be good people. We raised thousands of dollars each year in our Secret Santa fundraiser and tried to make the world a better place. Most of the teachers there actually seem to care about their students and their academic growth. You can tell that they like teaching. Although there are some things that could change (every school has it faults), overall its a great school for kids to learn and grow up in.
I love my school! This year as a senior my class has been really amazing at showing school pride and supporting the people and events taking place in our school and community.
I had some incredible teachers at Davis High School. There were many teachers who loved their jobs and enjoyed teaching. Because of them, I might become a teacher. They inspired me to be better and to love learning.
Davis high was a great high school. I loved participating in marching band and in DECA. They have some amaizng teachers here.
The academic atmosphere is excellent. There is a lot of healthy competition amongst students to be at the top. The lack of diversity sometimes isolates minorities, like me. Overall, great school!
Appealing atmosphere, administrators attempt to keep the environment interactive and open as well as making themselves approachable by the studentbody.
Davis High School is so focused on learning and making your future bright. It has so many fun people and clubs to make the school year great. The teachers are always open to improving scores and making your learning great.
Davis High School was a great school for me. I loved the teachers, the environment, and the academics. It is definitely one of the best schools in the state. However, I would like to see the school do more to reach out to students with poor grades. The focus of the school is too much on those that are already excelling, and not enough on those that are falling behind.
Davis High School provided a great education in a comfortable, save, instructive environment. The school has great programs all around, including: musical programs, art programs, academic programs, and athletic programs. Students can be extremely connected and involved with the many great opportunities for extracurricular activities as well.
I liked the fact that teachers wanted to see you succeed but at the same time wanted to give you a challenge to prepare you for college.
I love the academics. I think that they are very strong and competitive, which helps to prepare us for college. The cliques are pretty bad, so that is something I would like to see change. Our athletics are really incredible too and I hope that they just continue to get stronger.
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Davis High School is an academically excellent school with many opportunities for achievement in extracurricular activities.
Davis High is one of the best high schools in Utah. We are known for our outstanding academics, including nationally ranked pass rates of AP tests and a majority of our students in AP and honors classes. The teachers are very helpful and often are willing to meet with students outside of class. There are many clubs for students to get involved in, ranging from Key Club to Chinese Club (which I am a member of, despite the fact that I have never taken a Chinese class). The students are generally kind and motivated, and we usually feel very safe. Students would like more school dances (we currently have 4, all formal or semi-formal) and more school spirit events (such as stomps or pep-rallies). Overall, it is a really great school!
Davis High is a huge high school, but it makes it awesome because there are so many people to be friends with and so many great class oppurtunities!
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