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Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience in high school. I mostly had my classes with upper class-men since I am ahead of most of my class. The upper class-men made my experience in class more enjoyable because I often had to help them. They would talk to me a lot about the experience they had during my year in highschool. They then would talk to me about the teachers I would have my next year, and give me advice on how I can survive my last year. In addition, my highschool has a college center , so I would visit the college center to see what I can improve and participate in. I enjoyed the programs they signed me in , and the summer girls program I went too. I learned how to fish, use binoculars, and tell the different features of plants. I enjoy standing out from the other students. I ask my teachers the first week of school what I may need to prepare for their class. Most of my teachers seemed shock on why I would ask them the question. I just see highschool is a opportunity .
I am a student athlete and as a student athlete I am aware of the favoritism between the different sports no matter how many championships your sports team win. The diversity in my school is unreal which makes me very excited. My school is located in a very low-income community and its hard to tell because on how many great things we have.
I like how in this school you dont really see those high school cliques like jocks, the popular, the nerds, basically we are all friends.
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I really like how everyone helps each other in academics! I would change the pace of our classes, wanting the teachers to teach a bit slower so we can understand the lessons well.
Northside High School is a very good school, i was able to interact with most of my teachers and understand my school work at an better level.
As a student here, my teachers have all been very kind. My teachers are all so friendly and very committed to their work. I like the staff, they are mostly very friendly. Also, teachers are very respectful. However, I would make a change in administration. There is poor communication between the staff that often effects the student body. Administration needs to communicate with students and staff better. I would also change the school. Even though we've been under construction, there hasn't been much improvement. As I walk around school, I notice that materials used for our schools' construction seem like scraps. The construction of our school looks like a poor rush job. There also needs to be a change in the respect between students. My past class period had a student abruptly leave class and disrespect the teacher because she did not like being in our Mexican American studies class filled with hispanics. It is very sad to have students think that way of us fellow latin students.
I’d like to see more teacher involvement. Half the teachers do not support the students when they’re having trouble. More then half are just teaching and nothing more. Most students cheat their way out of high school instead of asking teachers for help because all the students would receive is a “you should’ve paid attention in class”.
I recently graduated Northside High School Class of 2019 and I enjoyed my time attending. The school offfers many AP as well as Dual Credit classes and is home to a wonderful college center that is open to help not just seniors but all grade levels for help applying to universities.
Northside Highschool is usually judged by the students. It is said to have a really bad reputation but honestly they have really great teachers that support every student in the building. They have a very strong team of colleges advisors . Students here have many opportunities they just have to ask .
Northside high school was a great school with even greater teachers and counselors that pushed me to go to college. They prepared me the best they could and I know if I ever have questions on anything, whether it be school related or personal related, I can always reach out to them. I am proud to call myself a Northside high school alumni.
I barged in the experience of being a panther at North side high school the begging of junior year,finding myself surrounded by a hole new atmosphere i was excited to see what this school had to offer my high school experience.I judge the school by the means of witch the institute could provide me in education, to keep me from harms way,and to provide me with a path for future success. The school manged to educate me with some intriguing teachers but was also afflicted by the "easy going not willing to push you" teachers. Coming on the topic of school safety i can assure that protocols and alarm measurements had been practiced and regulatory participated in. North side wasn't shy from trying to provide students with college readiness , scholar ship opportunities and a firm plan for the future after school. school spirit was apparent, having many extracurricular activities involvement with sports .
I liked the fact that the school has uncommon sports in it like tennis, golf, and swimming. The school is mostly known for its culinary arts program and its hotel management program. I also know at this moment it has a new look because when I graduated in 2016 it was going under renovation. Now it has an actual restaurant in the school that's open for the public and its the students who attend are going to be running it. As well we have this amazing teacher
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The experience was good, I had my little circle of friends. The teachers are really nice and care about the students, they will assist you if it is require. The staff itself are really hard on you but it is for a good cause.
I recently just graduated from here as class of 2018 and my experience was good. The school
gives you options to join after school activities and had some resources for college. It also had some negative things; for example the lunch they provided was not the best and did not really offer varieties. The faculty and staff were sometimes not the best people to talk to but there were some teachers that would do a lot for the students so that they could be successful. Finally even though the area in which the school was not the best the security was pretty good. You could feel safe and trust the security members of the school
Overall I enjoyed my time at Davis, but the building itself is old and needs renovations, and there needs to be more oppourtunities for and information on dual credit courses.
I like how most teachers here at Davis care about you and push you to do your best. Most of the population here are color people. But, like every school it has its negatives. We don't get a lot of resources like other schools do.
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It was a good experience nonetheless. I’ve had a lot of memories that I created there that I will always remember. The administration may be terrible but the teachers are some of the greatest you’ll ever meet and they will help you with whatever it takes make sure your prepared for life after high school or college .
It's an okay school. I feel like seniors should be able to have off campus wether we are in co op or not.
What I like about Davis High School is that teachers help in creating the environment for students to learn. Teachers are willing to help if you simply ask and they give you so many opportunities to decide your next steps after high school.
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