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The faculty were top notch, always caring about the students future. The high school is on the older side but has had major updates done to it the past few years. Sports are always fun and usually DC is competitive in most of the sports.
Everyone is friendly and you always seem welcomed. There are plenty of teachers welcome to help you with all things which is reassuring.
I really like the school and the environment that they are trying to maintain. Overall a great school, but some programs just need more funding
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Our family loves Daviess County Schools. Daviess County High School has so much to offer anyone that attends school there. The staff tries to make sure every kid is involved in some kind of activity or club. The staff even knows all the kids names, 1800 kids!
My time at Daviess County High School has been one of pure enjoyment. The students and staff produce a very positive and uplifting culture. It is very hard not to get involved in any extracurriculars.
I moved to Daviess County my sophomore year of high school and have loved it ever since. I'm an actress. Stepping into their theatre program was such a beautiful experience. I was able to be myself and know that nobody would judge me for being me. A couple things that DC could work on is showing more appreciation for the arts. Whenever we have a big accomplishment we are not announced like the sports teams are. Another thing that could improve is the advocating of acceptance for all people no matter race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation.
My experience at Daviess County high school was really great! I completed all my classes to graduate. The guidance counselors were such a great help, they help you in every way possible. The teachers were really nice and chill, if you didn’t know the subject, they taught it another way and the students there aren’t bad. The only thing I would like change is that we should be allowed backpacks because carrying it all day is a pain. Overall it was a great school.
The teachers are really interactive with the students and know how to teach, everyone is kind to each other and I have never witnessed bullying.
I would like to see more diversity and more arts programs! The school has very well rounded programs except when it comes to the arts. I would also like to see more clubs!
Daviess County High School has brought me memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's making new friends, going to sporting events, or learning rigorous content, Daviess County has impacted me in the most positive ways. Here at my school, the teachers and administration make sure that every student is succeeding by providing us with help and care when we need it the most. The bond they create with us puts learning into a whole new perspective. The school is always clean and presentable to the staff, students, and visitors every day. My favorite thing about Daviess County is the murals along the walls. It brings the school to life and creates student involvement because the students of my school get to paint them. Overall, Daviess County is amazing and there is nothing I would ever change about it. I am looking forward to graduating in the spring but I will for sure miss this school. As my principal, Mr. Mason said, "Once a panther, always a panther."
The teachers are very supportive, and the students are very nice to each other. It is a wonderful environment to learn in as a student, and it helped me learn what I want to be for the rest of my life.
I personally enjoyed the atmosphere Daviess County high put off. Positivity always came first! The school gives you plenty of ways to get involved and further upbeat feelings.
Daviess County High School is a great school that i've always felt comfortable in. I've been apart of many clubs and organizations since my freshman year and it always felt good to be encouraged to do more here. Its a place i've never felt safer in. The staff are always so nice and are always open to helping the students.
Daviess County is a very welcoming place. The staff and students are also so nice and open to help. The school itself is a very nice facility. Very clean, very safe, and very artistic. I new class has students painting DC themed murals around the school go give it a more spirited look. Overall, Daviess County is a wonderful school. One thing I would recommend is for a better communication between student off campus and the school. I am a full time off campus student and barely have time to get back to the school. Sometimes, I feel like I miss important information that I would receive if I was at the school full time. I would suggest finding a better way to communicate with the students outside of the school.
DCHS has a lot of great teachers. They really are passionate about teachings and try to help you as much as they can. Dress code policies can be strict.
I would like to see the rules on school dances change as in bringing students from other schools to dances. Overall, I feel safe and I've enjoyed my experiences there.
Let me start with the good things. Many of the teachers are wonderful people who will assist you in any way you can. There is also a wide variety of classes available, from standard subjects to subjects as unique as stained glass and fashion and interior design. The school lunches are good and there are several options. Dress code is not too strict.
Now, the things not too good with DCHS. The school is overcrowded, so the hallways are extremely hard to move around in and are always packed. If you have anxieties with crowds, good luck. Many areas of the school are also dirty. There are problems with bats and mice. If you aren't into sports, you will feel left out. The bells for class have been replaced with songs, fun at first, but now it is obnoxious and often gets in the way of club activities that happen before school. Also, the school is basically all white people, so if you're looking for a diverse school DCHS is not for you.
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The teachers are great, but I would like to see a more hands-on approach to the learning versus textbooks and worksheets.
I liked Daviess County High School because it got me prepared for college and gave me many opportunities to challenge myself academically. I also met lots of inspiring people and made many new friends.
Through out my high-school career I believe over time college was starting to be pushed on the underclassmen more than it was when I was at that point, which makes me happy they are doing so but feeling like I missed amazing opportunities to go on and start my college education.
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