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David Prouty High School Reviews

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This school is truly terrible, they hold us students to a completely low standard and treat us like children. We don’t have enough classes nor resources to be at our best political.
I like the size of it. With very few students compared to other high schools, it feels as though it's easier to get the extra help you need.
I have not attended this school for very long, but I do enjoy going here. Everyone is super nice and I really appreciate everything they have done for me. My guidance counselor has put so much effort into getting me into college, and I find it very helpful. All the students and teachers were very welcoming when I started, and that was awesome.
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What I like about my school are the caring teachers and the education and help that they offer their students. Also, the music department is very good. I learned to read music and play an instrument in one semester and I am currently in the school band performing in concerts and parades. My school offers many academic clubs too. Although I do not participate in any sports, I do attend the games which are so much fun to watch.
I like that David Prouty has lower class numbers, so there is more opportunity for one on one time with teachers. We all know each other and are able to form friendships easily. I'm not the biggest fan of some teachers, but I'm sure it's like that at all schools.
David Prouty High School is a small school where everyone in your class becomes family. With small graduating classes, each classroom course has about 25 or less students which gives to a very intimate learning environment. The teachers all care about their students and develop a relationship with each individual. This is important for students who may feel lost or need direction.
As far as facilities go, the school is older and in rough shape in some spots, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in character and personality. The school is regularly being worked on and is in no way neglected.
As for extra curriculars, they are what students put into them. Though it can be hard for groups to find numbers to form teams, they always have a great time, and that's what it's all about. I'd recommend anyone who wants a small school to go here. The individual attention you'll receive as a student is invaluable.
The teachers were the best part of my experience at David Prouty. Every single teacher is looking out for you and trying to help you.
teachers were the only positive part, administration was awful as well as the physical conditions of the school. Asbestos, flooding, lack of heat and air conditioning were all horrendous.
Our school has gone through some difficult times. The current administration has worked over the past few years to improve the quality of our education and the school we attend. They have been focused on increasing our class choices, improving the education we receive and have now focused on building improvements. There is a common goal to focus on the students and the education we receive. If not for their continued focus on the school and improving our education I would not have become the student I am and have the options for continuing my education and achieving my goals.
David Prouty High School underwent many changes while I was in the system and it created a messy and poor experience. The administration was constantly changing and never did anything that was beneficial to the students. Many programs were taken away due to that issue.
Prouty is a pretty small school, and while many people may view that as a negative, I have always seen that as a positive. The class sized are generally pretty small. This means teachers can individualize learning more easily than they could with a class of 25+. Because of this I have always felt like all my teachers truly do care about their students' success, they want us to learn, grow and become better individuals. A school is nothing without its teachers, and Prouty has some of the best.
This school was very average. The town official who stole the money from the funds definitely screwed over many possibilities for improvement. There was numerous occasion of faulty engineering or teachers that should never have been hired.
The teachers and students held this school together. While many of each transferred to other schools, several stayed and fought for the school. There were protests and sit ins, but there are still many unresolved issues. I think there has been about 5 different principals while I've been going there. It was always a place I enjoyed going, but there were too many issues to consider it a good school.
David Prouty is entirely what you decide to make of it! As a student striving for success in the future and the ability to attend a highly-regarded university, I feel prepared. This school offers what you need to succeed, you just have to be willing to find those things for yourself. Achievement isn't handed over to you at DPHS, you have to go the extra mile to ensure your success, but it can be done. Opportunities are abundant here- if you want to stand out, start a club! There is a 99% chance it hasn't been started yet. If you are a high-achiever, you are bound to stand out and that looks great on your college app!! Great 3 years so far.
I love David Prouty High School. It is where I grew up and became the soon to be adult I am today. The environment at the school is unlike any other that I could fathom. It is truly the definition of one big spirited family and I am proud to be a part of it. Overall the building itself could use a good amount of tweaking as it is an old building and one that has some faults but its whats inside the building, the faculty, the comradery, that really counts. I am proud to be a part of this school and would encourage anyone coming up to high shool to join the family.
Although DPHS is an old school with many physical problems, the teachers were able to overlook that and provide the students with their best effort in preparing them for college and the future. The administration often had issues that unfortunately affected students and staff negatively, but the students and staff collectively worked to overcome the obstacles and push on despite everything in their way. I am lucky to have been a part of the DPHS family and will forever be thankful for the teachers there who helped me in many different aspects of life.
My high school is the run of the mill type of one. Except for the fact that it has ceiling tiles are collapsing, flooring tiles come up. asbestos was found in every surface of the building and was only removed this year. The students held a sit in last year in 2015, which local news stations covered and showed the protest. Protesting the new Superintendent for her rules and managed to set up monthy meetings with her at the building, supervised by a non affiliated parent. The school ran out of paper last year and only started to upgrade past windows X.P (Yes we all know it was wonderful) last year. All in all it wasn't the wore high school experience yet could of been far better.
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The school never had police at the door checking us in unless the day before or that day we had a threat that was placed at the school and put us in danger....on any other given day, the school was a fully functioning school with little to no bullying. Everyone at the school was pretty accepting and there was no clicks...everyone was friends with everyone.
There are many club and extracurricular activities at this school, however there was never enough students to fill teams or make a team sometimes. With the lack of student participation in some sports, there was always a tough time to make winning streaks, but every student that has ever played in this condition learned very well that you can't win them all and you can't lose them all....No matter how difficult the roller coaster was to ride, we always picked eachother up and tried even harder the next game.
David Prouty has always been seen as the underdog and as the "trouble kid school" when the reality of it is that there is no other school you could walk into and feel the passion and heart like you do at this school. Being in such a small community such as spencer, brings everyone so much closer together and in times of trouble everyone was always close and never gave up on what mattered.....Unity is everything at David Prouty and the heart of it all starts with the students and the teachers.
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