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Darby High School Reviews

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Going to Darby has been an overall positive experience for me over the years. For a small school, Darby is relatively innovative and unlike most other schools. I love most of the staff and the freedoms we enjoy here.
I am about to graduate from Darby High School, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed going to school here! Absolutely fabulous. It is a very small school, only about 20 to 30 kids per class, which makes it very tight knit, almost like a family. Everyone from students to teachers and parents watch out for one another, and I always feel welcome there.
Darby High School was a great school for me because it was so small. I liked how the teachers really got to know each of their students on a person level. It created a friendly and welcoming learning environment. I do think there could be improvements within the athletic programs, but it is difficult when there are so few students.
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I wanted to do cheer leading like all the other girls in my family. It is difficult to be eligible when teachers wont grade things all time.
Same things on the menu all the time. You either get something they cooked, or a salad. No other options.
There are quite a few teachers that have made students cry and assign ridiculous amounts of work.
I moved to small town Darby from a big city I had lived in my entire life. The main reason they have so many participants is because its such a small town they need every participant to even play district wise.
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