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The school has handled challenges and change poorly. The administration is lackluster and they are often very dettached from the student body. Just a bigger disappointment that the middle school.
I love attending Danvers high school. Our marching band is top rated nationally and our school spirit is strong. Football team is good but the cheerleaders are awesome!
I think that the school as a whole is beautiful and they have some of the best staff ever. The guidance department is what got me through my years at DHS. I loved the teachers and adults that helped pave the way for me!
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The school is very nice the students are very kind and accepting, the teachers help out a lot they understand when things happen and they try to help.
My experience at Danvers high school was average. They need to work on their food big time. And they also need to get the politics out of sports because it is ruining the teams and ruining kids confidence and out look on life.
I loved Danvers. It was a great experience. I would like there to be other languages offered than Spanish and French however.
A great school that has me feeling very prepared for college and beyond. Almost all the teachers do a great job and are passionate about what they do.
I enjoyed the teachers and the classes. Staff was helpful and friendly and the building is very nice. The food is okay, however I brought lunch to school so I have heard in passing that there should be more options.
I love the community of Danvers, and the high school is an extension of that community. I play on the high school soccer team, and it feels like the whole town comes out to support the team, all of our teams in fact. I love the teachers at the high school, they genuinely care if we understand what is being taught and they go out of their way to make sure that we are doing well. I have had great teachers throughout my entire education here in Danvers and feel very lucky and confident to now move on to college.
Danvers High is a good school. The building is new and has a nice layout. Technology (chromebooks, printers, etc.) often malfunctions, but usually works fine. The teachers are typically quite knowledgeable on their subjects. The guidance department and administration have had issues.
I had recently moved from Brooklyn, NY to Danvers,MA. I had one year left of high school and had to finish it within a whole new environment. Danvers high though lacking in diversity made up for it with an excess amount of extra classes that offered to a wide range of talents. A beautifully built school made to support many talents.
The teachers and administration truly care about each individual student. Teachers challenge and push each student to learn and reach their full potential.
I wish the teachers were not given tenure after 3 years. Although there are a few very excellent teachers at this school, many of them stop doing their job after their career as a teacher is secured, and they begin to slack off, miss days of school, and they expect students to teach the content to themselves. It becomes a very stressful environmnet, and almost nobody that goes to this school actually likes it.
Danvers High School has some of the most dedicated, experienced teachers in this country. They have come from all different backgrounds and push your education further than you could have ever imagined you could achieve.
Danvers High School has a lot of benefits. The teachers are very helpful and allow you to ask any questions and they will answer them. The classrooms and whole school is cleaned and always has a cleaning maintenance. The school work is challenging but there are people to always help any students. Sports are also very well constructed and coaches are previously experienced with the sport. Anyone can play sports too!
The teachers are all very helpful and answer any questions asked. One can go to any teacher even if they are not in their class and ask them questions. The teachers are all helpful and care about students. The school is clean and well organized. Also the sports are all good and anyone is allowed to play on the teams the school provides. The school focuses on students learning and their safety.
The teachers are willing to help students academically and in personal success. The school has a strong course selection.
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The majority of teachers were filled with positivity and taught very well although the English teachers senior year seem to be confused during the third quarter.
I am an incoming senior at Danvers High School and have greatly enjoyed my past three years there. The building is newly renovated and state of the art. Structurally, it is very stable and there are never any problems with leaky ceilings, creaky floors, or drafty windows. We have an awesome snack bar right outside the cafeteria that has snacks that we can buy anytime throughout the day. All the teachers and faculty are so nice and personable. They really care about their students, not only their education but their well being. Every student has an individual Google Chromebook that they use for class and homework. There are dozens of clubs and activities in the school ranging from environmental clubs to baking clubs to Model UN. Our advisory classrooms prepare all the students really well for college. I love this school and am so sad that I will have to leave next year, however I feel confident that I will do well in the future with the preparation I have received from DHS.
The teachers are very accepting but you are sadly looked down upon if you aren't these things: a football or hockey player, a straight a student, or afluent.
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