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Daniel Pearl Magnet High School Reviews

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This is a small school which comes in handy when getting help from your teachers or any type of counselor that is available on campus.
Its a small school, but has great teacher and lots of connection towards fields contributed in the art field, like film, music, and especially journalism.
I've genuinely enjoyed my time at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School. I've met great teachers who have inspired and pushed me to explore a variety of subjects. During my time I have become friends with students who are motivated and focused on accomplishing their goals and pursuing their interests. Although the campus is small in size, there are a variety of AP classes to take. Our campus is also home to a print media news department and visual media news department, The Pearl Post and Pearl News Network. There are opportunities to be involved on campus for students of all grade levels to volunteer or participate in a variety of school events, such as our music shows that take place in fall, winter, and spring . There are no sports teams on campus, but students are able to play for Birmingham Charter (which is next door to our campus).
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Teachers regularly come and go. I can understand that. But it should not be a 50/50 chance when this particular school gets a new administrator or teacher they will make the students miserable. I like this school, and the teachers that complete their job well and the historically loose enforcement of rules created a relaxed environment without hostility between the teachers. As teachers move and retire, however, it is slowly making the school a less enjoyable place to be. Overall, the high points are high enough to balance out the low ones, so you cannot hate or love the school, only exist in it.
DPMHS is a small school with a very friendly and open environment where your opinion matters! Everyone at this school is super chill and willing to hang out if you're in need a friend. I would recommend this school to anybody that wants to have an enjoyable high school experience while getting the top-tier education they deserve!
As a Senior at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, I enjoy the small classes because it involves 1on1 teaching and interaction. I’ve felt close and comfortable with my teachers throughout the years. It feels like we are a family and everyone knows everyone although, some more than others. I would like to maybe see on campus sports and a bit of a change in the cafeteria food.
So far, I have had a great experience at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School. It is a very small school, with only around 320 students attending and only 80 students in my graduating class of 2021. I prefer this small environment because it has made me much more confident. I also know basically everyone on campus which makes things easier. I do wish the school had more school spirit, seeing as often students don't participate.
It's my senior year and I love attending DPMHS. It's a very small school, which is great for those who are overwhelmed by schools with thousands of students. I've also made many great friends and love the teachers. I especially love our music program because of how fun, laid-back and educational it is. I do wish that we had more school clubs and activities to offer.
A small school lacking many resources. When I went here it did not feel like a 'real' high school experiences. Not many teachers so courses are limited which lessens your ability to explore areas of interest. No sports culture and not many clubs which made school spirit hard. Students did not seem very proud of the school.
The small environment creates a space where everyone eventually starts to know each other. The teachers create an effort to help get their students to pass their class and graduate on time.
I am proud to say that this was the best school I could have ever gone to! Without the help of my counselor, I wouldn't be able to graduate a year early (but I did) with the class of 2019! The teachers here were amazing but I'm sad that they had to retire or move to another school. Overall, I will still continue to volunteer there because they need our help and my sister and I are gladly happy to do it. Now that I graduated as a junior, I am . lucky enough to continue my last and final year (fourth year) at Los Angeles Pierce College and will be able to transfer.
My experience with this school is phenomenal! I just graduated a year early (a couple weeks ago) and I just couldn't believe that I made it through! My twin sister and I both graduated as juniors and it was the first time that juniors ever graduated from a small school. The teachers there are very kind and they teach with pride. I couldn't have been more grateful to meet all these wonderful teachers especially with AP courses!
My experience at Daniel Pearl was overall wonderful. I met my best friends and the fact that it's a small school allowed me to easily socialize with other people including the staff and teachers. This made learning and connections better. I also engaged in its journalism program, and it's amazing for such a small body. For instance, we recently won our first pacemaker for our online website! Not only that but our publication competes with other massive publications like USC. We also participate in journalism conventions and many of the staff are recognized and win awards. But the small size of a school does have its cons and one of them is the fact that we become underfunded at times and some programs and classes aren't there. However, the fact that students have a chance to become close to teachers and the teachers do their best, it sort of balances it out. But I truly loved this school and have developed and grown so much throughout my four years.
Overall good experience. Students are limited to a few clubs and sports are of neighboring high school “Birmingham”. There is very little to no school spirit.
After going there for four years, Daniel Pearl has been such a good school when it comes to academics because of how small the school is so the class sizes are smaller whic means that you get more of a teachers attention for help. They do need to add a couple of more various clubs but other than that it’s great!
Not bad for having less then 300 students. I gave my honest opinions. I did not put this school on a pedestal like most teachers there do. It's alright for what they have. If I could change one thing it would be to have less kids smoking in the bathrooms so they could be open for use.
At this school there are a plethora of opportunities for those interested in journalism and communications.
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I had a great experience at Daniel Pearl. All the students and the teachers are super friendly. The staff helped me as I was applying for colleges and they really gave me the resources when I needed them.
It is a very welcoming environment that encourages learning and students to come together in order to make the most out of the high school experience.
I love being a student at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School. Since it is a small magnet, I am able to get the attention I need from the teachers and the staff. There is a greater opportunity to get involved with my school and be able to see the difference I can make.
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