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Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine at DuSable Reviews

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What I like about my school is the teachers and students. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful of each other. But something I would like to see change is more complex and challenging work being distributed throughout the students.
Williams Prep is an Average High School. The school enrollment is very causing it to be only 150 students in total. The school spirit is horrible and highly recommend a different school.
Daniel hale schools of medicine as brought me great certifications and awards during my medical class, One thing I would like to change it more support it any way that someone needs support.
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They help prepare you for college and help you get a more inside like of the medical field. The medical program offers you opportunities to get certifications within the medical field.
What I like about my school is the classes that I take. I like the classes that I take because I learn a lot from them and we have fun learning.
Experience at Daniel Hale Williams was great, we became more than just staff and students,we became a family. During for years I had great teachers that stayed late and helped me when I struggled they also looked out for me when they knew i was falling off that what made Daniels Hale the perfect school for me .
I like that all of the teacher and staff are very helpful and I will come back to help other like they did for me. I want to show students it’s more to life than just sitting around under friends , I feel that everybody should do what makes them happy even if it’s not going to college you should do something good with your life
The teachers are amazing and they take pride in making sure every student learns each lesson. The staff members really help pay attention to students and keep them in order. They entire building works together as a team and it is amazing.
One of the main reason I came to Daniel Hale was because of the school size.Its a very small school therefore you are able to interact with all you teachers and be noticed as a individual rather than a number.
I would love to see more interactive activities at DHW. I love how theteachers will actually care about you and work with you.
All in all it’s pretty good. Wish the math classes were easy. What can improve is the medical part and student involvement in the school community.
This school helped me shape myself into the women i am today. i have been at this school for 4 years i have had a lot of ups and downs but they motivate you to do better and keep you going. the teachers are really nice the school is not to big and its fun to be around your peers and not be ashamed.
I started at Daniel Hale Williams just as freshman. I went to freshman connection and met many of my teachers and I learned the ways of the school and how to be successful in transitioning from elementary schools.
I love the medical program that we have here at Daniel hale it gives us the advantage to graduate as a certified Cna, pharmacy tech, or phlebotomist which is good because that is a guaranteed job we'll have once we graduate or even during school we can work at a nursing home, hospital, or pharmacy.
What i like about my school is that all the students get along and the staff tries hard to maintain that.What i would like to see change is letting the student have a voice or a say so.
I have attended this school from my 7th-12th grade year of secondary school. I loved everything about it. I was the second graduating class from the high school and I can say the school could not have brought my classmates any closer. Those teachers, office administrators, counselors, and security guards really cared from us and did all that they could to encourage us to be more than what we thought we could be.
My experience at Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine at DuSable was good.They don’t make you feel left out. They have a great medical program that I’m in. It’s a level one school. If you don’t understand something, teachers are willing to stay after school to help you.
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This time in dusable was one I would never want to do over ! It had a lot of bad and a lot of good and everything I learned from this experience I only want to take and move on
The teachers don't give up they do the best to make sure we learned something and on track to graduate they take there time with each individual and make sure we are ready for college.
Being at that school was a good experience nd i learned a lot the class schedules are flexible sports and athletics was cool i was a star MVP and i love that school .
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