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Great family like atmosphere in a small community, however counselors are useless and never push students to higher education.
I enjoyed the English department and the music department for the most part. The administration was just okay. The principal genuinely cared for his students and faculty but others within the leadership of the school did not unless you were considered an athlete. I believe I could have received a better education at another high school but I met some amazing people along the way.
Daniel Boone High School is a very average school. Nothing about it makes it stand out from other schools. However, the teachers at Daniel Boone High School were very effective. They all cared about every individuals' success. The food at Daniel Boone High School was not very appetizing. Many times the food was overcooked or had no taste. The facilities at Daniel Boone High School were definitely average. The bathrooms were kept clean most of the time. Overall the school isn't an extraordinary school to attend but it isn't a bad school either.
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I would change the guidance counseling program at Daniel Boone. The counselors we unreliable, but friendly. The overall environment is welcoming and felt like family. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to feel accepted and open to trying new things. My best memories were here, and it was great to share that experience with giving administration and staff.
I love Daniel Boone because it has already taught me so much. It has all just been book knowledge, it had been hands on too! They recently implemented Student IDs to help with safety in the school.
My high school is the perfect size. I have benefited from the classroom sizes and I have made many wonderful friends. DBHS offers a range of programs and caters to a variety of career objectives. My teachers have been supportive and have guided me along the way so I am set up for success after I graduate. I appreciate them for allowing the students to have fun without sacrificing our education. There are plenty of student involvement opportunities but I have focused on athletics. My coaches and teammates have been there for me all four years and are equally responsible for my high school success.
Pretty good academics that allows growth a plethora of subjects. Boone has welcoming atmosphere where there are many activities to get involved with.
The school has overall taught me so much about myself and others. The teachers are great and will help you emotionally and intellectually. Overall, the school itself is amazing, and I would recommend to many.
I loved everything about Daniel Boone. I loved the people, the teachers and administration, the sports, everything. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience!
I went to Daniel boone for four years and ran track and cross country all four years. I enjoyed the school and being on a team, and the teachers all genuinely care about your own individual education. As with all schools there are some issues, but mainly with it being a small town school and not accepting to all views.
Daniel Boone High School gave me an opportunity to get a job as a certified pharmacy tech right after I graduated. I am glad that I went to Daniel Boone, and many of the teachers there truly care for their students.
I was not prepared for college at all, the teachers don't generally seem to be super interested in their students.
Daniel Boone High School has been an incredible experience for me. I was involved in sports, clubs, and national organizations. I feel I am better prepared for college because of my high school career.
DBHS was a great and safe place for my kids to attend school. A lot of areas could be improved but overall it prepared them for college and gave them lots of opportunities to move on with their education. Their clubs were lacking but their administration was hard working and really seemed to care about their our kids. The counselors did a great job of preparing the upcoming freshman but could have done a better job of preparing the seniors. Athletics was a great bright spot and enjoyed by the whole community. DBHS is a great place.
I liked Daniel Boone because I had some very very good teachers. I disliked it because it smelled bad.
Great school. Variety of clubs, sports, and activities. I would like to see more involvement from the school in helping the kids with college applications and scholarships.
Daniel Boone High School has provided a positive learning environment. I believe it could put more effort into preparing the students for college applications and scholarships.
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I transferred to Daniel Boone, a county school, from a well-known and appraised city school, Science Hill. The learning and academic differences were astounding. The way the students and teachers interacted was different. The lack of resources and funding was extremely evident, at least to me.
Good school & good academics. Have great opportunities in band & Chorus. Decent athletics & teachers. Math classes pretty good. History was fantastic.
I played sports when I was there and I loved it, I thought it was a big part of our culture. My senior year we were without janitors for a couple months and that I hope is changed by now.
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