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It's a place that everyone knows everyone mainly because it's a small town. The school is well known for football. You are bound to click with at least one teacher since there are so many different personalities in each department. Many of them take their time to actually get to know their students and relate with them. And the new administration is great (Kevin Yates). Overall it's a great learning environment with fun school after school activities.
The staff is very helpful and accommodating. The building itself is outdated. and need to be redone. The athletics are top priority at this school.
Although I had a pleasant experience at Damascus High School, I know that some of my friends did not. The school has good teachers, but the curriculum could be more challenging. Also there should be more inclusion throughout the school.
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Damascus high school is what helped me become the woman I am today. I was supposed to enroll in a neighboring high school, but county lines were readjusted where I lived and this resulted in me unexpectedly going to Damascus. I am so happy I did. It was here I found passion for the arts thanks to dedicated teachers and peers. Mostly a sports-focused school, I was able to find refuge in the art rooms where I knew me and my friends could be ourselves. My artistic talents were built upon in these rooms, and eventually recognized when Damascus provided opportunities for students to participate in art-related competitions and campaigns (such as the annual Johns Hopkins art show). Had I not gone to Damascus, I would have never taken a step out of my comfort zone and entered one of these competitions. The staff who supported me are who really made it possible and I'll never forget that.
I liked the fact that I meant many people who were driven to be successful, and that I had a counselor who worked very hard to make us all college ready, and the fact that our security team always works hard to keep us safe. I had a very hard time with racism although, because many of the students like to be openly racist towards other students. The administration team has changed in the last 3 years I've been there, so they are bettering themselves as much as they strive to.
Damascus High School is a place where students can express themselves through art, music, academics and clubs. It is a great place to learn at. Teachers are reasonable and the school takes efforts to make sure students are in no harm. I would like if there were more opportunities offered, such as more extracurriculars / clubs offered by teachers.
The school is passionate about both their pursuit of academic excellence and school unity. The students treat each other with respect and share a sense of community. Teachers are passionate about what they teach and are always available to help their students whether it's before, during, or after school.
Damascus is not a very diverse place for students. It is dominantly white. This is not a bad thing but some students seem to have strong opinions on other races and they are not really open to learning about other cultures.
This school has so many great qualities. Some good ones are the connection of students. The student body is very connected. A lot of the students all know each other and they’re very welcoming. The sports are very easy to connect students. Some negative is mainly with MCPS not the school.
I moved from the Seneca Valley cluster to Damascus & it's a big change. I personally don't like this school due to the lack of diversity and ignorance/mentality some students have. Although there are some very good caring teachers, and some teachers who are very biased or cannot teach. This building is falling apart, it needs to be fixed. Mr.Yates is a very good principal, he made the school come back after everything happened, he is very involved too. The racial issues/tension needs to be addressed and fixed. Damascus has changed drastically over the years I've heard, but it still has a long way to go. I'll be a rising junior soon and honestly I cannot wait to leave this prison.
School facilities are a little run down, but the school overall is a very warm and welcoming place where anyone can find where they belong.
Everyone is truly so kind, resilient, and deeply determined here. Students are deeply passionate regarding the school community and reaching out to others. Best Buddies of our school chapter has been hosting coronavirus zoom gatherings every Wednesday at 4pm amid the coronavirus to connect everyone. I am also a peer buddy myself and have participated in kind activities such as a bonfire and Christmas parties as well. We also have many Tik toks hosted by the Best Buddies leader and dances which the kids can enjoy and participate in.❤️ There are many signs around our school that say “Damascus Cares” and hundred of volunteers ❤️❤️
It was an average experience, teachers could be better and safety was an issue. I feel like I wasn't super challenged in my learning.
Most of the teachers are very nice and the current principal is great but the building is falling apart.
I never got the high school experience I wanted. I was separated from my middle school friends and put in a school with a majority of white and athletic students whereas I’m the opposite of that.
I went to Damascus High School for 3 years and expect to graduate in May of 2020. My favorite part of Damascus is the culture and close-knit community. Everyone is extremely welcoming and the relationship between teachers and students is amazing. Extracurricular activities such as the football games are attended by nearly the entire student body and it is a big part of Damascus culture. I'm very happy with my high school experience at Damascus and I've made friends here that will last a life time.
Most of the classes were taught poorly and the school itself is not kept very clean. Some of the students are alright and there are a few great teachers, but other than that not many people are likable here. Also, the administration cares way too much about sports and not enough about academics.
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I have enjoyed all 4 years I have spent at Damascus High School. Academics are top notch and teachers build genuine relationships with their students and individualize instruction to meet all student needs. The building/facilities could use an update, but other than that, there is no high school I would have rather attended.
My High school has shaped me to the person I am today. I had many ups and down within those four walls, and made friends that I know I will have for a lifetime. I love Damascus High School, we are such a small school that it feels like we are all family. The students are really spirited and enjoy coming out and supporting events. Also over the years our school has become very divers and accepting of all people. The teachers are excellent and the extended lunch really give us time to meet with them and connect with them on a deeper level.
I loved the teachers. The people weren't the best but you just have to find your group and then you'll be alright.
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