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Dakota Valley High School Reviews

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Dakota Valley is a great school to go to if you begin going there at a young age. If you transfer there when you are a teenager, this can make it a lot more difficult to make friends. Since it is considered a rather small school and most of the students come from higher-classed families, this results in the students being very cliquey. I didn't have as many opportunities as I feel I would have if I had gone to a larger school, but I got a good education and liked my classes for the most part. This was just my personal experience. I know others that have had much different experiences here.
The teachers at Dakota Valley truly put the needs of students first. When you think of South Dakota schools, good school districts is not the first thing that probably comes to mind due to the state being the lowest paying teacher salary rate, but the teachers at Dakota Valley are like no others. They assure that the students are comprehending the information as well as making the learning process fun. It’s not everyday you hear of a high school student enjoying school, but Dakota Valley could sure change other students prospective on that.
I have had a wonderful experience at Dakota Valley High School. I have met many great friends, teachers, coaches and staff who have made the high school experience fun. The thing I would rate the best, other than friends, is the experienced and likable teachers and coaches. I have had so many teachers that I look up to and have helped shape my life. Our football coaches really made a difference in my life as well and their focus on team building, unity, kindness, and our character helped us to achieve a championship last year.
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There is excellent class opportunities in this school and a wide variety of extracurriculur opportunities, from sports, band, choir, debate, quiz bowl, and many other different types of clubs. Meanwhile, the students of Dakota Valley are rude sometimes. Still, the phenomenal academics are the main attribute of Dakota Valley.
When I came to Dakota Valley, I was in third grade. It was very different then my previous, very intense school that I had previously gone to. The academics were sub par, but the facilities here are amazing. I think that my time at Dakota Valley served me well here, but while I was here I had to be sure to do everything I could to learn.
Dakota Valley feels like a small town school, but with significant opportunity for our students. We have great team sports, great teachers, and are really growing our arts programs! The district is only 24 years old, so it has really grown quickly over that time period. Brand new modern facilities give our students a leg up!!
I was very lucky to go to Dakota valley high school. In my viewpoint Dakota Valley is a very fortunate school in the tri-state area. We not only have the highest grading scale, but our teachers thrive to make us better students. One thing that I loved about Dakota Valley was every teacher knew you by your name. At Dakota Valley you weren’t just a number but you were what made the school better. Another thing that I liked about Dakota Valley was the grading scale. In the tri-state area, (union, Woodbury, and Dakota county) Dakota Valley has the toughest grading scale and it made us work harder for what we wanted. Lastly, there is only one thing I would change about Dakota Valley and that is the diversity in the school. By all means it is getting better, but DV is mainly a white preppy school. In the future I would love to see other nationalities within the school district.
My experience at Dakota Valley High School has been amazing. First of all, there are plenty of choices for academics. I also love how there are AP courses available and how we are able to take college courses online starting out junior year. There are also a plethora of options for fun clubs to join. Some examples of clubs that are available are: FBLA, HOSA, Science Olympiad, Quiz Bowl, Theater, Spanish Club and more. One thing that I absolutely love about Dakota Valley is that they are always trying to make things better for us students. For instance, we just got a brand new high school that is absolutely amazing. Also, almost every year new courses are added that we are allowed to take. Another new thing that I am excited about is that they are going to offer an internship program starting next semester. Overall, Dakota Valley High School is an absolutely amazing high school.
I moved to Dakota Valley High School when I was a freshman, I have always felt welcomed. Teachers are willing to go above and beyond to make sure students succeed.
Dakota Valley High School is a good school. I wish it had is more college classes taught by teacher. I also wish that the school would fund for us to take college classes online rather than making us pay it ourselves.
Another thing about Dakota Valley is the diversity. The school is made up of mainly Caucasians. In total, about five percent of our school is not Caucasian. That is not an issue, but it shows how little diversity we have in our area.
The teachers do their best to help us learn, and I do think that I have great teachers. I hope that I will be prepared and have the knowledge I need to go be successful in college.
Some are great, but most are terrible.
Although the nurse is not always there, the office staff always helps when you need anything from the nurses office. The school feels extremely safe.
There are so many amazing activities and clubs!
Dakota Valley offers students a small school environment with large school opportunities.
Many of the teachers at Dakota Valley are extremely devoted to their work.
The school has a weight/fitness room that students can access at any time with reasonable working hours.
The teachers are very willing to help the students learn and to connect with the students on a personal level. I find that this connection with my teachers was very beneficial.
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While there are many clubs and organizations at Dakota Valley, the funding is somewhat limited due to it being a small school and for the most part, funding is directed towards the athletic department simply because they are the most likely to generate revenue for the school,
Overall, my experience at this school has been great. I have enjoyed all of the years that I have attended Dakota Valley.
Dakota Valley is a sport oriented high school. There are very few extracurriculars that are not sport related.
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