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Dakota Christian School offered me an education I believe I could not have received at any other school. The class sizes were small, so I was able to receive the one-on-one time I needed with teachers. The school also did an amazing job on adding a Christian viewpoint into each subject I was taught. The school pushed me in every area of my life. They pushed me in academic, music, service, and many other areas. I truly believe that this school cares about each individual student. Overall, it was a great experience.
I appreciate that Dakota Christian School is a smaller school. We are more like family, and we supportive to every event students are involved in. The teachers bring a Christian aspect into ever class. Teachers encourage students to discuss and ask questions. They want the students to form their own view points on our world.
I enjoy the closeness between students and teachers. A wider variety of classes and difficulties would be great, but that is challenging for a small school.
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Some times it's hard because it is so small, but I wouldn't have ever wanted to go to any other school. I love my class and the people I have gotten to know throughout my time here at Dakota Christian School. This school has helped my in my spiritual walk with Christ.
Throughout my high school career, I've never had a teacher that has stayed all four years, but my senior year has had some of the very best teachers. I can approach them with ease, and they are genuinely concerned for our physical and spiritual well-being
Our school building is only 8 years old. It isn't very large, but the facilities are quite nice. Sometimes you want to wear an extra jacket in the winter because the heat isn't always running effectively. We've gotten out of school a few occasions just because the heat is too unbearable in the summer, but that's South Dakota for ya.
Our school is very safe and secure. Bullying is rarely ever seen. Some kids, in their own time, go to parties and drink, but overall the Holy Spirit is very at work in many of the students here at DCS. Many of us make our own fun hanging out together. Our best friends are here at school. We see each other quite a bit.
Our school is small. Everyone knows everyone. We are a close little family going to school together in the middle of a cornfield. We can joke with each other, but there's no one in the school that we couldn't go to and talk to someone about something. It's easy to go talk to teachers if we have problems. We don't really have an on campus guidance counselor so for seniors, we're kind of on our own with figuring out college plans and such things of that nature.
Since Dakota Christian is a small school, there are many opportunities to participate in sports and organizations. You won't get turned away. This past year we have combined sports with a neighboring school. Basketball is everyone's favorite. Being here, I have enjoyed being a cheerleader, participating in different committees such as drama and student council. I've also really enjoyed being one of the few girl archery shooters here at the school.
I have attended Dakota all my life. It has been a great experience. I myself haven't had to worry about financial aid. My mom is a teacher here at the school, but the community is so generous and loving. Many members in the area are willing to help with financial aid.
I like the food sometimes
A lot of these people in the school will welcome you in.
This school is great, it does have to rules to follow though. Not all the students like it.
Some of the teachers know what they are talking about and others dont teach a whole lot. They give you an assignment and tell you to do it when you really havent gone over any material. They are fun to talk to but they shouldnt be teachers here.
We have a computer lab, laptops and kindles that we all use for class or just goofing off. Everybodys parents are involved in their childs school and everyone is very supportive of everybody.
We all are friends with eachother and nobody really does leave anybody out. But there are conflicts among the students. Everybody treats eachother with respect and kindness mostly that they deserve.
I have really enjoyed going to DCS because its a great christian atmosphere and its a small school so everybody knows eachother. I would definetly send my future kids here.
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Our schoolboard and principle handle and take care of any disciplinary acts well in a way that teaches the student to behave better the next time around.
They keep everything and everyone in line very well here. No body is treated bad inside the school walls.
They have very good food than they use to have.
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