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I have been a student at Zeeland West High School now for 4 years. I came from a small school and Zeeland seemed massive in comparison, but eventually I learned my way around and now it's no longer so scary. The opportunities at this school are endless. So many sports and clubs to join it was hard to limit myself. I also found that the teachers are amazing people! I took time to get to know them a bit better, but it is evident that they care for all of their students. Overall, my experience at Zeeland West High School was one that I am very thankful for.
Zeeland was a decent school when it comes to academics but when it comes to the students I feel their wasn't much care there. Some teachers really did care for their students but there was close to no help when it came to the kids mental health.
lol I'm home schooled there's just no homeschool option on here but ive experienced Zeeland a lot as I grew up right next to it and have a lot of friends who attend.
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I graduated recently. It was overall pretty good. It was a lot of fun. Sports were pretty good, some were better than others.
I enjoyed my time at Zeeland and loved my teachers. However, it's not a super diverse school and not many races other than white are represented.
I've always loved my teachers, but sometimes I don't feel challenged by them. I think the atmosphere created at Zeeland is amazing. I have always felt safe, and trust the adults that are at the school. Overall there isn't much I would change, but I think they should talk more about college. They talk to you as a freshman, but not super in depth. I think I would benefit from my counselors giving me more direct help as I went through high school.
I have been out of high school for a few years now but my experience and Zealand were above average. I had transferred school a lot when I was younger and I really felt like teachers cared about the students. I feel like this district does a good job of helping prepare students for college or life after highschool
I love being able to be myself here! Everyone is very welcoming and it is a very anti-bullying school! Zeeland offers all of their students very many opportunities, whether it is sports, the arts, extra curricular activities, and clubs!
I love the community feel of Zeeland and the school board's commitment to give their students their all.
I am a Zeeland East High School Alumni as of 2018. I feel that my education was greatly benefited by doing school of choice and coming here rather than West Ottawa. Most of the teachers are very nice and are always happy to help with no questions asked. They don’t judge you if you don’t understand something that is being taught. Not only is it a great place academically, but I also felt very safe being in the building, and I knew that if something were to happen, they would know what to do. It is such a great environment.
I had a good time here but I also know many who didn't. Zeeland is a smaller school so its easy to not enjoy you time if you are not trying to enjoy it. The varsity athletics for both East and West are competitive, lots of good clubs as well from band to robotics.
My experience at this school has been very good, most of the teachers genuinely care about you and your learning and I have found a home in my schools theatre program.
The overall feel of the school is amazing. Everyone knows you and you know everyone. They offer a large selection of classes available to take, and allow AP courses for college credit. They work hard at bringing awareness to mental health and safety. They are a Be Nice school and work to decrease bullying and social stigmas. Most of the teachers are hard workers who are very passionate about what they do. One thing I would like to see changed is the relationships between teacher and student. Many times, the teachers have 600 students a year and have a difficult time connecting with everyone.
I had a great experience at Zeeland. At any school I believe it is what you make of it and what you put in is what you will get out. I have noticed that sometimes things are easier to some students because of who they are/their last name, but it’s not hard to adapt and make your name known just as well.
Zeeland Public Schools has many different class options and all of them are preparing you for college.
I like that the people were kind, also the sports teams were great. My freshman year was my favorite just because the sports teams were amazing but now they have changed a little bit. I enjoyed my education there and it got my very ready for college.
Zeeland is continually expanding on their academics. Currently, at Zeeland West High School they are adding a new academic science wing. Zeeland Public Schools has come far over the years to expand education for all grades. They prepare you for college by offering higher education classes, also called AP classes (which are at a college level). They also offer online classes that you may take to help lead you towards your future career.
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I really liked how every teacher had my best interest at heart. They all would go above and beyond for me to succeed. I had teachers who would stay after school to go over test, talk, and help with homework questions. I was also member of a sport. My coach was a great leadership role to me and I will always cherish the lessons they taught me. I always appreciated the atmosphere of the football and basketball games. Going to Zeeland gave me so many life lessons, and taught me how to hold myself in a professional setting. If I could go back and change what school I went to, I wouldn’t.
My favorite thing about ZPS is that, since there are so many students, there are two high schools, Zeeland East and Zeeland West. This means that the classrooms are less full than they would be, there are twice the amount of staff, and there’s a better chance of being in a sport. While there is a bit of a rivalry between the schools, the students get along and their education thrives. My least favorite part of ZPS is walking to and from the high schools. While pleasant when the weather is nice, walking the path is a tortuous experience when it is cold, raining, or snowing. Thankfully it doesn’t take too long for us to warm up and for our clothes to dry, but I would still like to add something to the path that would better sheiks us from the elements.
Terrible! Zeeland public school are the worst! You got kids vaping in the bathroom, kids skipping class and you have to swim to pass gym. What am I a swimming instructor? Not even Grand Rapids, which is a worst
school need swimming to pass the class! Class is hard compared to other schools! Teachers are not even focused on you. They just say one or two things and next question. Then there on the computer texting their friends, and when you raise your hand they don’t even see you. You have to walk up to them and sometimes they say, “ Can you wait”. Then you have lunch. When you go and grab your lunch they take away 5 dollars from your account. You don’t even grab a lot and your already In the negatives! Then you have the lunch ladies who are the worst!!! You drop something for an accident and they make you clean the entire lunch room which is larg and big, yes “creek side middle school “ I’m talking about you!!! When it snows a lot and its 10 degrees there still school!
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