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Yosemite Unified School District Reviews

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Yosemite High School is a great experience for students looking to be involved with school. There's so much I could say about the teachers and the students. Each teacher as an individual is superb! I love the staff and faculty. I would recommend students who are looking for a nice school to attend where they are comfortable with anything. By anything I mean the classes and everything. There's always cart staff patrolling the school and we also have an on sight sheriff protecting the students. I myself was involved in many clubs and a couple of sports! It's definitely worth the experience, I wouldn't have changed it for the world! The office staff are great people over all. If you're looking to be an AG student, let me tell you Yosemite is the place to go! Our school is located in Oakhurst and we have a beautiful school. It's 100 square acres of buildings and trees. We also have our own farm and don't even get me started on the welding, auto, and woodshop!I hope this review helped you!
The small community environment provides lots of helpful and accessible resources. It has been full of lovely people who are providing their all for the education of these high schoolers.
Yosemite is a great school! The teachers and students (most) are amazing and extremely kind and friendly, but it has its downs like most schools. The reason why im rating a 3/5 and not a 5/5 is because the campus kind of is a mess, bathrooms are filled by juuling teenagers, and campus staff only dont hate their student friends!
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Yosemite High School is a small school in the beautiful town of Oakhurst. They have small class sizes and a wide variety of classes. Yosemite has an outstanding science department with many different IB and Ap science classes offered. They also have a great sports department with many championships in the Northern Sequoia League. The clubs that re offered on the Yosemite campus are outstanding. Many of them help local students have access to colleges and community service. There are lots of opportunities to create your own club if one you are interested in is not offered. One change that could be made is the food that the campus serves. The don't have much of a selection and the food seems very processed. Another change that could be made is the hours of the library. The library tends to open and close at different times which makes it difficult for students to get the resources that they need.
Yosemite High School is a great small town school. Everyone is friends with everyone and it is located in a very supportive community. The school is one of the few with an IB program which makes it very unique compared to the other nearby.
I am currently a student at Modesto Junior College which is under the Yosemite school district. My school is very helpful and very resourceful I don't know where I would be without MJC.
My family has been apart of this school district for 16 years. I was the first of my family to go through this district and I wouldn't change it for the world. The district taught me about team leadership, problem solving, and prepared me for college.
Most of the teachers are very nice and helpful. I like the schedule for breaks and school hours. It is a very comfortable environment that one can easily learn in.
I moved to Oakhurst, CA during my sophomore year of high school. I was super nervous about starting a new school, but the transition was made super easy thanks to the counselors and teachers on staff.
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