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It has been such an amazing to grow up in these past 13 years. You can really see the care and attention the staff puts into each one of their students.
My experience overall at Yorktown high school has been pretty amazing. I have made lots of friends through school. I have participated on the lacrosse and field hockey team which are lots of fun and very competitive. The teachers have all been very encouraging and nice. The best part about Yorktown is ¨the crop¨ this is one of the best student fan sections ever to have existed, we always go to all of the big sports games to cheer on our classmates. Having the crop at your game is a big deal and very exciting to all athletes. I overall loved the school and plan on raising my future children in Yorktown too!
Yorktown Central School District has some great teachers. The high school administration has lacked at times. Hoping to see an increase in diversity education and less emphasis on athletics by administration. Scholastic achievement should be the priority. Also, no air conditioning in the vast majority of the school, but they purchased a 3D printer when I was there. Hopefully this has changed since.
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Yorktown High school had some of the best teachers ever. They are hard-working and care about the students learning the material and not just for a grade.
I learned so much during my education at Yorktown Central School District. They offered plenty of opportunities for advanced courses to enhance our college applications and have us prepared for higher education.
I had a great experience! Obviously there are areas for improvement, but overall I can say that I had a rewarding high school experience through advocating for myself and reaching out to the resources available at my school.
This school is a terrible place to learn. The students and teachers alike provide an uncomfortable atmosphere, where it is impossible to ever feel safe or relaxed. The school focuses on sports, pouring so much money, time, and effort into their lacrosse team, that everything else is left behind. If a student is not particularly athletic, they are tossed aside by faculty, administrators, and other students. As a former student athlete here, I look back on these 4 years as the worst of my life.
I have been attending Yorktown Central School District since kindergarten and have loved every moment. Every teacher I ever had has always been so caring, involved, and most importantly passionate about teaching. All of the administration and staff is actively involved in every aspect of our schools community. Whether it's coming to a school play, dance show, music concert, sports game, or art show, they are always there supporting the students.
At Yorktown high school I liked the various after school programs related to stem such as robotics, science Olympiad, and environthon. The science research program is also excellent and is one of the best in the state, which I know being a member of myself.
Everything about this school district is amazing! Both of the Elementary schools have amazing teachers and great activities for young kids. The middle school has created it easy for students to transition to a middle school setting while still providing amazing academics. Lastly the high school is incredible! There is a huge amount of clubs offering each student the chance to feel connected in some way. The school spirit is insane and allows every student to enjoy the true “high school experience.” The school also offers a wide variety of AP courses that lets students excel and brings them to top ranked Universities after graduation! Overall the best school district in Westchester hands down!!
In the Yorktown Central School District all students, teachers and other advisors feel love, compassion and grow. The school district is a safe environment where all families are at ease knowing there kids and being well taken care of while receiving excellent education. Over the years, the district has won several awards demonstrating its well known achievements time after time. The school district at Yorktown is by far the best and exceeds all standards giving students the knowledge, responsibility and encouragement to be who they truly are so they can succeed.
I attended Yorktown High School for most of most of my high school career. The teachers care about their students and want to see them succeed.
My two daughters attended Yorktown schools since kindergarten. They have had many caring, dedicated and inspiring teachers over the years. They have been challenged so that they can reach their full potential. Although Yorktown is not the most diverse district, I have seen a change for the better in recent years. Both of my children are very creative and I love that these skills are acknowledged as well as their academics. They truly believe in educating the whole child.
I felt that I had a great experience in my 12 years of schooling. I was given ample resources to grow in my academic years.
The education I received at Yorktown Central School District will put me in a great place when I start college. The only thing I would change is their bullying policies. They made the victim feel as if it were their fault and not the bullies.
Yorktown Schools are a liberal's mecca. High taxes plague this district which spends a large fortune on nutritionists, LGBTQ groups / awareness, and fails to spend on building and grounds upkeep.

Most recently they ask kindergartners and 1st graders what gender they identify with. They push a liberal agenda at taxpayers expenses.
I love how Yorktown is so involved with our community and is always looking for ways to help others, whether it’s a food drive, toys for tots, etc. The teachers are amazing and always look to help their students. They made a period to go see teachers after school for extra help, which is very useful. The guidance counselors were extremely helpful in the college process, especially with Naviance and College Board. Our student fan section is very supportive of all our sports, even though football is the biggest time of year for us. Yorktown High School truly prepared me for my next adventure to college and I am forever grateful for that.
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Yorktown Central School District offers a small town community feel with high-end talented teachers.
Yorktown high school was great. The teachers were extremely helpful, intelligent. They prepared me for college. They taught me time management, along with how to excel on tests. The athletics also got my ready for Division 2 softball. It taught me not to procrastinate, showed me how to be disciplined and gave me forever friends.
Yorktown High School is a welcoming community filled with compassionate people. Everyone is kind to one another including the students, teachers and all the faculty.
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