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Worcester County Public Schools Reviews

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The schools in Worcester County Public Schools are the best around. They are big on safety and education. The education is top notch and I have enjoyed learning for 4 years at Pocomoke high school.
The quality of education from this county's school system is better than most surrounding counties. It has allowed me to pursue my interests in science and math and has also granted me access to technology that I could not get in other places. The school is usually clean and the attitude of the students is sub-par. The children are constantly fighting and using illicit substances both during and after classes. There is a definite need to change drug use in the school system and have a more efficient way of preventing this from happening.
I like my school because my experience there was great.
When I need help there was always someone there to help.
I am very greatful for the experience.
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Worcester County is one of the few areas that has limited discipline issues that are controlled, allowing teachers to teach. It's over zealous teacher evaluation pushes teachers to the next level; it's tough, but necessary. The staff and administration within my building holds high standards for students of poverty and are constantly exposing them to innovative practices to prepare them for the world outside of Worcester County. It is a place where you want your children to attend school.
I have gone to Worcester County Public Schools all of my life, and I have been grateful to have been afforded many opportunities during my time here, let it be with sports, extracurricular activities, or academics. I consider myself to have been an active member of my school environment, even serving as Student Representative on the Worcester County Board of Education. The administrators I have built relationships with prove themselves time and time again to be attentive and deeply devoted to the well-being of their students. When I am to come back to my high school in the future, I hope to see a further development of school culture and a greater sense of school pride. I also hope to see a community that continues to be interested in the growth of their young people, as they always have been.
Worcester County schools have teachers that care about their students and want to see their students be successful.
It is a great place to go to school. All of the teachers care about the students. I wouldn't change anything!
My overall school experience with Worcester County public schools is good. there are many sports teams and club activities that you can join. There is not much a diversity in the school. Most teachers are very good and care for their students. The Administrations rules are a little too harsh sometimes.
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