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Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District Reviews

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Woodstown gave me ample opportunity to become a better person. Due to the small size I was able to get plenty one on one attention from teachers in every class and participate in sports even if I was bad. This does not mean that the sports teams are bad themselves. Many college athletes come from Woodstown. My education here has also prepared me for the rigorous challenges of an engineering degree at Rutgers University. Sweat )range Bleed Blue!!!
The teaching is good. I have made good friendly relationships with many of them. They try their best to help you and truly want the best for you. The students aren’t very friendly,I mean their are nice people but most are kinda rude.
I’ve gone to school in the woodstown district my whole life. I couldn’t have imagined going anywhere else.
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This is a great School in a small town , everyone knows each other. This schools is extremely safe and well maintained .
Woodstown High School was a great school to attend. I went to Woodstown elementary school through Woodstown High School. The teachers were always supportive and involved with everyone. The school had many clubs and activities for any students to join. I feel like I learned a lot from Woodstown and hopefully my college resembles the same strong qualities that Woodstown does.
Woodstown is a small school district so they make learning very personal for the students. They provide many opportunities for extra help in any subject as well as a wide variety of electives and extra-curricular activities to make school more enjoyable.
I love the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District, due to the fact that it has helped me tremendously in my future aspirations. The community is generally small, so every teacher or faculty member and student maintain a very close relationship, which allows learning to be that much more exciting. I never felt out of place at any Woodstown school, and was never placed under too much stress. I felt nothing but love from the Woodstown-Pilesgrove School District.
Woodstown is a school that makes you feel safe and well rounded of different people and experiences. Also the community is very close, always coming together and getting things down that is best for their people.
Woodstown is like a big family and no family is perfect but everyone comes together when needed! The teachers are always there and willing to help, whether it be after school, before school, or during school. The student body is always supportive of each other for the most part. I wouldn’t want to be apart of another school!
I have had incredible experiences with English teachers through middle school and high school but I think that there could be more done to reassure college readiness.
Small town school, graduating classes are relatively small. Teachers are friendly, and counselors are very involved in college preparations.
Great English and Arts departments. I’ve had great experiences with many of the teachers in the middle and high school.
It's been a great experience and there's great teachers. They are always ready to help you. The new updates to the school has made the experience better. A lot of us students are glad theres finally AC in the school. I'm so glad I went there for my education. My family have been going to Woodstown since it was built. There's many of clubs to fulfill everyones likes. They really push kids to be in clubs so they get the full experience of high school.
Woodstown does a wonderful job overall with providing a riveting atmosphere and experience for all students K-12. I feel that throughout my duration at the school district, I was continually challenged, awarded, and appreciated through academics and extracurricular activities. Woodstown truly prepares its students for higher education and provides them with an exceptional global perspective prior to their entry into the real world.
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