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Woodland Joint Unified School District Reviews

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There's a lot of fantastic teachers who really care about your success! There are a lot of interesting and fun educational opportunities and field trips, and the district has a lot of useful resources.
I created many great relationships and memories during my time in this district. However, the overall experience was more negative than it was positive. Many teachers didn't seem to have the best interest of the students at heart. The students were not held accountable for many of their actions, those who disrespected teachers did so again and again, those who smoked blatantly smoked, and bullies bullied without a second thought. Many of the facilities weren't taken proper care of, the bathrooms were dirty and unkempt, trash could be found in almost every corner of the campus, and carpets were left un-vaccumed.
when i first came to the district it change my whole life. the school i went was Woodland Senior High and they help me to be successful for my future and set me up to go to college
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Woodland Joint Unified School District is very good. I have been in the district seen I was in kindergarten. There are very good teachers and staff on the campuses. They are friendly, easy to talk to you. They make you feel like they are your friends.
I have been in this school district for my whole educational career, and I have had many wonderful teachers. The problem with the school district is that it is hard to keep good teachers in the district because of lack or resources. While I say that I have had great teachers my experience has also had more than a few nightmare teachers.
In this school district all people are respected and welcomed with lots of opportunities. Safety is number one priority in this community. As a student I have always felt safe and my needs being fulfilled. The help every student needs till they are in college is provided without any delay.
I was a student in Woodland Joint Unified School District and now I have 3 children that have attended here. The administration is compassionate to the students and attentive to the parents. The teachers are great and the music program is fantastic. I would like to see more more computer technology programs in place. The ACES program was recently discontinued and I think that's a shame.
I feel like they really need to listen to their community more and understand what is really important for the students. Otherwise they are really good. We need more public participation during the district meetings.
I liked this district when I got to attend for all my school years. I feel like there should be better level of education because we are so close to Davis literally minutes away yet their education levels are much higher. For a student attending this district and to attend a competitive university is much harder than it would be for a Davis student.
I enjoyed the staff members and people who worked there. However, they can be slow at school functions. Such as when they took a total of 4 years to rebuild Woodland Highs Stadium.
I noticed there was a large number of teachers leaving for other school districts. But, the new teachers hired were very good at their jobs. It was difficult to accommodate and adapt to new staff so often. But overall, I had a good experience.
I have been in this district for the last four years in high school and everybody is friendly to one another. The school offers a lot of help for when you don't understand a subject in class. They offer a lot of activities and clubs and the sports program are very dedicated to do good in both sports and in class. All the teachers are very helpful and nice.
The experience your child has in this school district really depends on the teachers they are assigned to. My child has had some really outstanding teachers, but that was based more on the luck of the draw than my knowledge of the schools. By the time she was in high school she and her classmates knew which teachers/classes to avoid based on word of mouth. If SAT and AP test scores are any indication, I believe she has managed to get an above average education out of an average school.
Woodland high school is a very good school. Many kids in other school don’t get the opportunity that most kids in Woodland high school have. We have various different art programs, many ag mechanics and shop classes, we also have many classes for electives that many schools don’t have. My school isn’t a big school but our teachers are very supportive and guide us on the path to success. Our sports are always fun with all the parent involvement as well as all the students’ dedication. We have recently had multiple baseball scholarships awarded as well as a football scholarship last year. Overall this school is very interactive and a great school to attend!
I like some of the teachers at the school and some of the benefits of the college prep programs, and some things that I would like to see change is the opportunities that are provided for the students more, more college preporation, our school would also benefit from being Much cleaner, there is no real information for the students, not as reached out to, And my school does not have a lot of money, at all, and that means that we don’t have even the basic things that other schools have, such as, proper air ventilation, materials for the classrooms like better desks and textbooks, and better food to be offered to the students. But I do like the fact that there are teachers that will stay after school everyday to help the students, and I also like that there are counselors that really help the students when they reach out to them. I also like the college prep program that I am apart of, puente which is my English class, I am given a better understanding of colleges
I like the atmosphere in the schools, the teachers ive had are very encouraging amd supporting and there is various clubs and sports offered at the high school but there could be more.
The overall experience is good. The sports need to be improved. But lot of career and hands on classes.
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My experience at Woodland High School is very nice. The majority of students graduate and followed their career. The VPs, securities, and teachers are really nice.
I personally love my school. The students are very friendly and nice. Everyone pretty much talks to everyone. Our school spirit is over the top. We love wearing our orange and white, representing our school. Our athletics are over the top and our teachers are respectful and very polite.
I loved my schools and being in Asb. Icky day manygenuine and knowledgeable teachers but the actual school district was pretty bad. WJUSD is incredibly underfunded and biased toward schools with more money. I can attest to that since I went from a school with more money to two that don’t. Everything is run down and one of the high schools, my high school, hasn’t had a football field for two years now and nothing seems to be happening about it. Our women’s soccer team had an exceptionally good year this year, with our 4th consecutive win out of our league and we actually went to win regionals! Since there was no state championship tournament, we were not able to continue on, but if there were a state championship, we’d be in that.
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