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Woodbridge School District Reviews

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My experience at Woodbridge High School is very average. It’s the same routine everyday. But If I could pick my favorite thing about the school, it would definitely be football season! We are 2x state champions! The support we get for school sports and athletes is pretty cool. As a community we come together to support our athletes.
bad bad bad school i do not feel safe not save bad teachers crack head people i cant stand this school
This school district is pretty fun and you can learn a lot if you pay attention and focus on your work!
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My experience is good the teachers help when you need it and the sports are the best I wouldn’t change this school for the world
My experience at Woodbridge is very swell. I learned the atmosphere very quickly. What I would change about Woodbridge is let the students be able to wear hoodies and jackets if it is the uniform color or Woodbridge gear. Also let seniors to be able to do more especially if it is there time to shine.
The teachers at Woodbridge are the thing I like the most, they help out a lot when needed and help explain things further. The thing I dislike the most are the students and administration and how they do not intervene in certain situations and are oblivious to others. I would like to see a big change in the admistration caring more about the teachers and harping more on the bad students then letting things slide if they play a sport.
Woodbridge High School is an overall average school. It showcases the best of academic through a handful of driven students but most are focused on sports or other issues. The teacher-student relation tend to be helpful and eye-opening.
Woodbridge is not a bad school. I learned what I needed and had lovely teachers that prepared me for college and were always happy to help. Not everyone has this experience lately due to a change in administration, and there has been more focus on arbitrary rules and less on the kids as of late.
I went to Woodbridge from kindergarten until 8th grade, leaving this district was the best thing my parents ever allowed me to do. On am average day there would probably be 1 or 2 fights and teachers may hand out 1 worksheet of work and the rest of the time is for goofing off. This district is doing an injustice in more ways than one, nothing is being done to help their students academically and nothing is being done to enrich student lives. Most teachers seem to hate their jobs and their students,we barely do anything in class, admin are rarely ever interacting with or getting to know the students. If you are considering sending your child here PLEASE look again, your child would be better off being taught by a rock...
Woodbridge is a decent school. It is not the worst, but definitely not the best. I would like to see the administrators be less strict on the uniform, as long as it is not provocative it should be allowed. I would also like to see Woodbridge get their students more involved in sports.
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