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Wise County Public Schools have prepared me for anything in life. The school program has helped me excel in several areas such as academics, business and the Arts. I have been very impressed with the course curriculum and the support of the teachers and academic faculty. I have had several opportunities as FBLA Regional president, 4-H Virginia State president and getting to be a part of the thinsat-satellite program with Wallops Island NASA program. I would like to continue my academic career enhancing my public speaking skills . This might be a small town school system; however it is connected to the world.
There was amazing opportunities but there were times when the staff would pick favorites. The school and district was amazing!
Wise County Public Schools has always had top notch teachers that care about their students. Academically speaking, I feel like I have an advantage on other students that might have not got the chance to go to a school in Wise County. The only thing Wise County might be lacking is a strong fan base . However, the culture of the schools throughout the Wise County area is the best you will find anywhere. Wise County Public Schools will give you all the opportunities you might have in a big city or larger county with more funding.
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The school board within Wise County does not care about the students and they only care about how much money they make.
I enjoy going to the Wise County Alternative School which is great for me. But not just that, there are many more amazing schools in the county. Plus there is a great Career and Technical Center.
I moved from another school when I was a sophomore and everyone I met was extremely nice and were all willing to help me. I never felt left out, even though I was new.
Wise County Schools offer students a variety of academic and extra curricular options. Administration is helpful and personable.
They seem to care very little about student's well being. They only care about pushing people through school, without care for how well they actually do.
I like wise county public schools because they reward and encourage students to improve. However, I do not like that some teachers do not teach very well or just chose to not teach at all. I had an amatomy teacher and she did not want to teach that class and it wasn’t an SOL class so she just didn’t teach us much. It was bad for me because I want to be a nurse or doctor someday and I really wanted to learn about anatomy.
They have built all new schools but the plans were rushed and the schools do have flaws, most of the teachers are nice but there are a few that are young and try too hard to get some of the "cool kids" to like them. over all a good school.
Wise County Public Schools offers a stable education for the low income children in the area. I am extremely impressed with the teachers of Wise County and the opportunities for dual enrollment in the local community college and university; however, the Wise County school board should listen to the county's citizens more often than they do.
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