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My experience with Winton Woods High School by far has been the best school experience I've ever had. To be more specific, the school faculty are caring and cater to your educational needs. The counselors work with students to aquire the academic requirements students must have to graduate, while simultaneously offers essential advice. Furthermore, they work with teachers and parents to figure out what are the best ways to help students succeed. Another component that I find fascinating about Winton Woods is the system they use. The school uses group based learning, which gets students ready to work in a group environment. Also, they offer therapy and accommodations to students the need it. Personally, I find the clubs/activities at Winton Woods astonishing. I have always wanted to participate in after school activities. The students are not only nice, but some students that I have encountered are driven individuals. All-in-all, I would say Winton Woods is an exceptional school.
Overall experience of Winton Woods would be average. School is currently academic failing, I feel the school fail to have students apply their full potential. Kids are only expected to give the bear minimal and they are giving the credit to pass along grade levels. Older school building in need of renovation within the schools.
Like every school, Winton Woods city schools have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. There are areas where they excel and areas where they lack deeply. Many students feel that sports department is more important than their own education which leaves plenty of room for error. By error I mean lack of care for their school work. That is one major problem with this district. Other than that, most teachers do not care for their students and it is pretty noticeable. Out of the many teachers that work there, there are about five of them that consistently do their job, putting the students education first and foremost and it is because of these teachers, students thrive. However, if you are part of the students who do not get into these teachers classes, then it is extremely hard to be motivated and devoted into doing their work.
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Hands down the worst school district, poorly ran . Students destroy the school each day as well . I would hate to be a tax payer in this school district. Arrogance runs rampant there .
I've been with Winton Woods City School District my whole life. I have enjoyed every minute of the experience here at Winton Woods.
I love Winton woods my children’s teachers have been phenomenal along with the Staff. I think the school is what you child makes of it. My boys liked it there and I’m glad they were Warriors. The only thing I don’t like is their grading system the content points are RIDICULOUS. That is my only complaint.
Winton Woods City School District is among the top 20 percent of most diverse schools in Ohio. The district focuses on academic excellence and artistic creativity. The high school has excellent sports, music and arts programs. The only flaw is the facilities and resources.
Besides the music program & athletics, Winton Woods is a decent school. I wish I had better opportunities offered here academically. There's no IB classes, only AP. Most CCP classes are at college campuses. Therefore, having transportation is a problem. Food isn't great, there's not much variety but it's somewhat an improvement since I started. There's a lot of favoritism in sports especially. Our New Tech system and Academy of Global Studies program offered here are basically the same and not much of a difference.
The school is really old, we have to where uniform everyday even on the last day of school. We cannot where jackets and the lunch is horrible, so are the teachers. WWMS sucks.
The office workers for enrollment are disorganized, lost everything, then found it, then lost it again... all a few days before school started. I was told I would be at the mercy of the school they’re transferring from in order to be enrolled on time. Spent 3-4 hours on the phone reconciling fax confirmations as the middle man between the 2 school districts. I was told by another, “I have a pile of papers to process and I have no idea when they will be officially ready to begin school.
The transportation for the first day of school was not figured out until halfway through the first day of school. The teacher told me that I would receive a message from them when they were able to reach the bus garage. I received a rude phone call from the secretary whom told me to figure it out and call them back and let them know.
Winton woods has a pbl environment or project based learning environment. This means that all of the content being learned are now set up in projects. The school has a very collaborative environement. I like that the workload is shared. However I wish there was a stronger consequence system for students who don't add an equal amount of work to the project groups.
My experience at Winton Woods High School was the best that it can be. The staff is great and the school itself is being rebuilt to give students better materials and resources.
It was a really great school with the additional of project-based learning preparing us for college.
I love everything about winton Woods we have an amazing football team and teachers are great. I’ve been going there for awile and I love it
school is very laid back hopefully with new buildings we can boost test scores and provide some safety , resources and better food so that kids can stay focused on school work and not so much worrying about other things that doesnt really help them graduate
really good schools, I love hove they get you ready for college and future career. you have a question just ask you will always find help available to you
I graduated from the Academy of Global Studies and it was awsome. The faculty and the environment is outstanding.
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I loved the music department at Winton Woods. They give you the tools you need not just in music, but also as an overall student. Being apart of the music department helped me gain time management skills and good work ethics. The Winton Woods Music department has changed my life for the better!
I started school at Winton Woods in the 6th grade. And I actually recently graduated May 24th, 2018 from there. I was in a program that we have at our school called “The Academy of Global Studies”. In this program we learn about issues and important things happening throughout the world through projects. We work and collaborate in groups and with partners . It was actually a pretty good for me to go in the program because I learn by doing hands on things. Winton Woods Woods offered a lot of diversity and experiences, which made me very proud to have graduated from Winton Woods High School.
The staff there have a really strong support system for their students. They wnt to see all students succeed and you can always go to anybody for help it’s amazing. I also liked the coaching in all sports. They keep us athletes on top of things rather in the classroom or on the field/court.
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